Book of the Month

Yep, this is coming way late, but it is time to take a look ahead and see what is heading our way for July. Honestly, unless I missed a whole bunch of books, there just isn’t that many titles coming in July. There are a couple I am looking forward to, and one big, big release, but other than that it will be a catch-up month. As always, I have picked a few titles to add to the poll, but a complete list of July’s releases can be found HERE. If you have a different choice for book of the month, just click “Other” and leave your selection in the comments section.


Yeah, so I am just going to go ahead and say that it is a pretty sure thing that Wildfire will be the monster winner. At this point, it might be smarter to ask what other book are you looking forward to. My second favorite would have to be Fury of Surrender from Coreene Callahan – it feels like forever since there has been a new book from the Dragonfury series.


4 thoughts on “Book of the Month

  1. bfmason50 says:

    I voted for Wildfire. I can not wait for Kate 10 and I am actually looking forward to the Hugh book. I would really love a new lone wolf book for Julie and Derek. I guess you can say you guys know my favorite authors are!!

    A few months ago their were posts about a Baba Yaga series did anyone read that and have the name for that series?

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