Cover Lover – High Voltage

I have a few covers stockpiled to upload, but honestly? I am way too lazy for all of that tonight. Sad but true. But I did have to make an exception when I saw the cover for the next Fever book from Karen Marie Moning, High Voltage, was out. It is…not what I expected. Not a monster fan of the title, either, but now I am just being picky. So can’t wait for Dani’s story, and I sincerely hope Mac is way back in the background for this one. She has already had her turn, and then some. This one has a release date of March 6th.

high voltage

So, yay or nay on the design of this one? It is a new direction from the previous books, but that might not be a bad thing. There were some awesome covers early on in the Fever series, but then it went sort of young adult looking and lost me a bit. Are you excited to finally get an adult Dani story, or are you more on the Mac and Barrons side of things?


2 thoughts on “Cover Lover – High Voltage

  1. Jan says:

    I think the cover is beautiful but in my opinion doesn’t reflect who Dani really is or the world she lives in. KMM did explain what everything meant on her Facebook page but I still think it’s too pretty. I’m really not a fan of faces being put on covers. Readers have their own idea of what a character looks like. Cover faces rarely do the character justice. I think of Dani as much tougher than this girl. Also the Fever world is harsher and darker than the cover suggests. I think they are limiting their reader base with this particular cover.

    I’m really excited to finally!!! get a Dani story. I think she should have continued on from Iced. I feel we lost all those years of Dani coming into herself by having her pop out of the mirrors years older. Uggg. That being said it’s the authors story and I love her writing so I’ll read everything she puts out regardless. I think she was on the right track with Iced but got a lot of flack from readers over Dani’s age. She also mentioned some personal issues. I’m definitely a Dani fan. Such a cool different character with a complex personality. I feel Mac and Barron’s story was told many books ago.

  2. pals20 says:

    Honestly, I am still mad about Dani morphing into Jada (Jadi?!). And also mad about Dani’s story morphing into Mac & Barron’s story.

    To some extent, I think Mac & Barron are like Elena & Raphael from the Guild Hunter series. There will always be a story there. But not if the blurb talks about some other characters. As long as a book is marketed as a Mac & Barron story, I am all for it.

    The book covers don’t really bother me much. Once I know and follow an author, I buy their books based on the story. The cover really only comes into play for me for a new author.

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