New Series Alerts

Let’s be completely honest – not too many of us are thinking about much reading-related stuff other than tomorrow’s release of Wildfire from Ilona Andrews (on a side note, I got my hardcover copy this morning. Beauty). But, there is a new series starting up this week as well, and it is from author Carole Mortimer. I remember her from way, way back, but I don’t ever remember her publishing anything with a PNR bent until now. Nathaniel is the first book of the Dragon Hearts series, and it will be out on July 28th.


Warriors, from the mists of time?
Dragons, of myth and legend?
Or both?

Taking a much-needed holiday in North Wales, journalist Chloe Evans discovers a castle not listed on any of the dozen or so maps she has of the area. The nearest thing she can find is the remains of a castle that used to be there but crumbled into ruin many centuries before. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Chloe decides to find out more about this imposing grey stone castle and anyone who might live there.

The locals, she discovers, call it Pendragon Castle. When Chloe asks them more probing questions some say there are half a dozen male members of the original family still in residence, and that they’re brothers. Others claim there to be more, or less, than that number. But all, without fail, describe those men as being big and muscular, more handsome than any man has a right to be, with eyes capable of mesmerizing and seducing any woman who falls under their spell. Some of those people add a knowing wink, others a warning not to venture too near the castle, and to certainly keep her distance from the men living there.

Visitors staying at the same small hotel as Chloe talk of seeing bright lights and helicopters landing on the mountain late at night, and of hearing strange noises that sound like the roars of wild animals.

There was a story here, Chloe was certain of it.

Whatever the mystery is regarding Pendragon Castle and the men who live there, Chloe decides she isn’t leaving Wales until she’s discovered exactly what’s going on.

While exploring the area around the castle, Chloe is challenged by the dark and taciturn Nathaniel. A man who fits the description of the castle’s inhabitants exactly: well over six feet tall, handsome as sin, with shoulders wide enough to fill a doorway, and eyes the colour of the clearest emerald.

The moment she gazes into those mesmerizing green eyes Chloe realises she should have run while she still could.

Book two will be called Deryk, and it will be out this September.

Did anyone else read Carole Mortimer Harlequins? It has been years, but I do remember picking up every one of hers that I could find. I would probably grab this one just for the nostalgia factor, but unfortunately I completely loathe female-reporter lead characters in a story. It might be irrational, but they drive me nuts – usually to the point where I can’t even enjoy the rest of the story. What makes you nuts in a book? Any particular character type or setting that you just can’t get past?


3 thoughts on “New Series Alerts

  1. Redbutterfly says:

    “Did anyone else read Carole Mortimer Harlequins?”
    *Cough* I did lol I used to love her HP novels. To this day I still read HP (not all the time, mind you), God knows why, because the heroines are (almost) all spineless and frustrate me to no end but… I still love it

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, I went through a stage where I couldn’t get enough of them. I think there were four a month released at that time, and even though you could tell what was going to happen from a mile away, they were fun.

      • Lidy says:

        Guilty +1

        I must confess, though, that my 2017 (reading) resolutions including giving up on most of my once-favorite Harlequin authors; I like my alphahole heroes just fine, but CM’s are too OTT for me. But two of the best books I’ve read were written by her, so I’ll always reread them.

        And as RedButterfly put it, the HP heroines are frustrating and bordering on cowardice, and I have no use for either. LOL

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