Bring the Heat Review

We don’t have long to wait for the next Dragon Kin book from G.A. Aiken, but Larissa has kindly sent over her early review of Bring the Heat. This is the story of Brannie and Aidan, and it will hit the shelves on the 29th.

bring-the-heatWhat Larissa said…

5 stars
G. A. Aiken, also known as Shelly Laurenston, is a master writing paranormal romance with exciting plots, incredible world building, hilarious moments and off-putting characters. Bring the Heat is a perfect example of that and it was a joy to read.
I confess that I have a bit of a hard time remembering all of the returning characters, but I did a quick check on the blurbs of previous novels in the series and I was all set. I love how much page time we got with all these past characters and couples, it made me so happy.
The main couple in Bring the Heat is Brannie and Aidan, they are so amazing together. However, their romance is not one of those full of obstacles, other than maybe their own resistance. Therefore, we get to spend more than half of the book with a bunch of other fantastic characters and story lines specially with the newest generation.
All in all Bring the Heat is superb and an awesome addition to the Dragon Kin series. Yes, the romance could have fit into a novella, but giving us a full-length novel was a brilliant move, specially in a novel that feels like the end of an arch for the series. That way we got some closure from other characters and it opened up new opportunities for new story lines and books.
If you enjoy Aiken and Laurenston sense of humor, writing style and books, you will absolutely love this book!
I am looking forward to this one, and it seems like we have waited forever to get Brannie’s story. Aidan has long been a favorite, too, so let the countdown begin.

7 thoughts on “Bring the Heat Review

  1. Book Twins Reviews says:

    OMG I felt the same. It was soooo long ago since I read the last one, and catching up with everyone took a while. I loved all the returning characters but there are so many – it’s easy to lose track. But I love her writing so much!!!! She is really special and her dragon books one of a kind. Can’t wait to read her Badger books.

  2. Cassandra B. says:

    I always enjoy the Dragon Kin books, glad to know we get to revisit so many of the great past characters. Thanks for the great review!

    I am also really excited for the upcoming Badger books. I read the preview chapter in the Buzz promo thing that came out last month (Shelly mentioned it in last newsletter). I only read the preview for the Badger book and enjoyed it a lot.

    • Larissa Piva Benoliel Diogenes Carvalho says:

      Im so looking forward for the badger series! I got an ARC and I am having to contain myself to not read it too soon lol

  3. Larissa Piva Benoliel Diogenes Carvalho says:

    Thanks so much for having me! =)
    I got so into it seeing old favrites that I re-reading this series lol

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