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Some months it can be a bit of a struggle to find 10 interesting books, but September has almost too many. There are a couple of really big releases, and a bunch of “smaller” ones that look just as good. Time to vote and see what book will be chosen as the book of the month for September. If none of the titles listed below appeal, just select “Other” and leave your choice in the comments section. A complete list of September’s releases can be found HERE.


I have already read Nalini Singh‘s Archangel’s Viper, and there are quite a few more that might be finding their way onto my ipad, too. Not so sure how excited I am for Christine Feehan‘s Dark Legacy, though – I have completely lost track of the characters and storyline at this point. And I am pretty sure a re-read of the series isn’t in the cards, either.


18 thoughts on “Book of the Month

  1. Dawn says:

    It was hard to choose between Archangel’s Viper and Blade of Darkness…I ended up voting for BoD simply because I KNEW everyone else would vote for AV and wanted to make sure it got some love!

    And I didn’t see Her Dark Half (Paige Tyler X-Ops #7, Sept 5) or Hooked on a Witch (Zoe Forward Keepers of the Veil #4 – I think – Sept 11) on the list of releases?

  2. Judit says:

    Ben Aaronovitch’s The Furthest Station releases Sept 21!

    British urban fantasy, following a police detective named Peter Grant who solves supernatural mysteries, with cool connections to things like the waterways around England and mentions of architecture.

  3. library addict says:

    I voted for Secrets in Death since I don’t read Singh’s Guild Hunter series.

    Did you see the title for the next Psy/Changeling Trinity book? I’m excited.

  4. bfmason50 says:

    I voted for Archangel Viper, then I realized that also the release of Sarah Maas book Tower of Dawn in the Throne of Glass series.

  5. saidahgilbert says:

    I voted for Archangel’s Viper but another book that I’m looking forward to is The Ruin of Angels from Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence. It is a sort of urban fantasy but there are hardly or no romance elements in it.

    The Dark series… I’m just reading that by habit now. I am interested in how the Carpathians will save their race, nothing else. However, the last few books had no progress on that point. They just kept finding new Carpathians for humans to bond to.

    • kaleigha says:

      Sigh…and each new Carpathian is the most feared of them all. Until the next one…who is the most feared. Of them all.

      • Emily says:

        Seriously! Can’t imagine who’s going to pop up after these monastery freaks, oops “bad asses,” get their books. lol. Oooh, maybe the very first Carpathian, ever, is hiding out somewhere.

  6. Barbara says:

    I am really looking forward to read Nalini Singh’s book but Cecy Robson’s Of flame and Fate is my choice: I love Taran, she is a hoot!

  7. JoAnne says:

    This month it is so hard to choose. Archangel’s Viper won out, but like others I can’t wait for Secrets in Death, Tower of Dawn and The Hunt. And of course it is a horribly busy month at work just to make finding reading time more difficult!

  8. Monika says:

    I also voted for Archangel’s Viper; sounds like lots of fun, I love the glimpses of the relationship between Venom and Holly we got from the excerpt. I’m also looking forward to the new In Death book and of course to Dianna Love’s Belador Cosaint (UF) on September 28, 2017.

  9. Emily says:

    Yeah, totally iffy on Dark Legacy. Even though the last couple of books have been back to her good writing (possibly fired the ghost writer?), the memories of the bad ones are lingering to strongly for me to get excited. That’s going to be a long recovery period- years in the making.
    I voted for Archangels Viper. Been waiting on that for a long time. Also, pretty excited for the new Immortal Guardians book. Seems like it’s been a long time since we got one of those.

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