Duh of the Day

gray wolf mateSometimes (well, more often than sometimes), I mess up. This one really made me snicker and shake my head at the same time. Dianna Love has a new book coming out this month called Gray Wolf Mate. Sounds easy, right? Yep. And it is the first book of the League of Gallize Shifters series. Except I thought it was the League of Gazelle Shifters series. Gazelle? Seriously? Where did that even come from? And I had turned my nose up at it because I didn’t want to read about Gazelle shifters. That it has GRAY WOLF in the title didn’t even clue me in. It was about Gazelles, dammit, and I wasn’t interested.

The best part is that I have double checked the release pages, edited the listings, and read over the blurb probably close to a dozen times and never caught it. And now it sounds interesting, so I will be picking it up on its release day of October 23rd. That was my duh of the day (well, probably 2 months, but who’s counting), what was yours?


6 thoughts on “Duh of the Day

    • kaleigha says:

      I was actually a bit annoyed by it. Gazelles? Seriously? Next will be bunnies or turtles or something. Eh. Me no read good.

  1. Monika says:

    She posted the first chapter a while back and it starts in medias res and sounds very intriguing…
    I am also wondering what we would do if Nalini ever decided to write a story about a non-predatory changeling…just thought of the bull-shifter (forgot his name) in Kate Daniels; for a non-predatory shifter he comes across as pretty militant…
    Sometimes titles can be very off-putting (especially if mis-read). I didn’t want to read about some Kraken King, for instance. Somehow I saw a type of Davy Jones before my mind’s eye and that was the opposite of sexy…

    • kaleigha says:

      Nalini had the swans, too, which for some reason I thought sounded interesting. Different, but had potential. But I guess I am a shifter-snob, because like you say there are some that just don’t sound all that appealing.

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