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I don’t really have much to mention, but there are a couple of little things I found on a recent scouting party, and I thought I might share.

  • Ilona Andrews has finished writing the final Kate Daniels book, Magic Triumphs. They have been on a big push to get this one finished, and I am happy for them. But on the other hand, I am a bit bummed, too. I don’t believe that they are finished with the Kate Daniels world, but to see “final” in regards to a favorite series is always bitter-sweet. Although I am happy that they can concentrate on maybe more Hidden Legacy, or Innkeeper Chronicles. And I got the vibe a while back that they were plotting a new series, too. They have never written anything that I haven’t loved – nothing – so I am pretty much happy with whatever comes.
  • Speaking of something new, I noticed that J.R. Ward is apparently starting up another contemporary series since her Bourbon King trilogy recently wrapped up. I haven’t seen much in the way of detail yet, only that it will focus on Firefighters. The first as-yet-unnamed book will be released on September 27th.
  • And Gena Showalter also has something new in the works. Shadow and Ice is the first book of the adult Gods of War series, and it will be released on October 30th.
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout will start a spin-off of her Lux series that focuses on Luc. The Darkest Star is the first book of the Origin series, and it too will be released on October 30th.
  • And this next one is a bad news/good news situation. Chloe Neill has had to push back the release of Wild Hunger – but only by a month. Not too horrible, and the new release date is August 14th. The good news? She uploaded a small snippet from the prologue over on her Facebook page, which can be found HERE.

Have you heard any news on upcoming releases? Any changes or pushbacks or new series?


10 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Lidy says:

    “Ilona Andrews has finished writing the final Kate Daniels book, Magic Triumphs”
    Good, now maybe there’s going to be news about Hidden Legacy (I’m going to start KD as soon as they publish this and finish… Hugh’s (?) book. I can’t handle the wait)

    • kaleigha says:

      I am actually jealous – once you get through the first KD book, which is heavy on world-building, it is awesome. I would love to be reading it again for the first time.

      • Lidy says:

        Thank you for letting me know. Nothing tops the feeling of getting acquainted with a book/character, right?

        Now, please, write Augustine’s book. And Catalina’s (with that Italian Instagram hottie as her hero).

        • kaleigha says:

          Yes. I don’t have the need for a Bern book – yet – but more Rogan and Nevada, Augustine, and Catalina would be top of my wish list.

  2. Jan says:

    No news or updates but I agree with you. I haven’t read anything by Ilona Andrews that I haven’t liked. They are my all time favourite authors. Thanks for the update.

    • kaleigha says:

      A while back, I would’ve said top spot was a solid tie between Nalini and Kresley, but Kresley has dropped way down the list, and Nalini is now a solid second behind Ilona. Close, but still second.

  3. Bradley says:

    According to Ilona Andrews website she posted a date for Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels 10), and a season for Hughs book. Bellow copy and pasted information from Ilona Andrews website.

    “Magic Triumphs has been pushed to August 28th.”

    “To clear things up: Kate and Curran have earned their HEA. But we are not planning to retire KD world. It will continue with Hugh’s book, which will likely be released this Spring, because it is best read before Magic Triumphs, and possibly novellas or books from other characters’ points of view. They may or may not be self-published. (They will probably be self-published.) We are planning to continue Innkeeper and we may resume talks with Avon regarding the future of Hidden Legacy. We will let you know when we have something definite.”

    • kaleigha says:

      I just read that…and it makes me happy. Anything they write is fine with me, as weird as that is. Usually for an author, I have a favorite, or I get whiny when things are up in the air. Not for them, though – I love it all.

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