A Bit of a Bummer

One my recent internet tour of all things book related, I discovered that there has been another pushback for the 13th and final Charley Davidson book from Darynda Jones, Summoned to the Thirteenth Grave. I believe it was originally scheduled for release in early 2018, then was pushed to October, and now it is showing a February 1st, 2019 date.

Part of me is a bit bummed, but the other part isn’t. At this point, as much as I enjoy the series, I agree that is feels like it might be time to wrap it up. I am way more interested in what comes after, like a Beep and Osh or Quentin and Amber spin off, that sort of thing. For that reason, I am sad things got pushed back because that means more of a wait to find out future plans. But the other part of me doesn’t mind because I don’t do well with a series ending.

Off of the top of my head, I don’t remember any of Darynda’s other books ever being rescheduled, so not one but two pushbacks comes as a bit of a surprise. But it really can’t be easy trying to wrap everything up, either, so I don’t blame her. Here’s hoping for a great end to a really good series, and the start of something new.


4 thoughts on “A Bit of a Bummer

  1. cheryl says:

    When there is a long delay for a follow-up book it creates two scenarios for me:
    1. I will no longer care and 2. I will totally forget about how the story went that went into the last book.
    Sounds harsh but I tend to find other authors to read and then forget about one’s with a long wait time between books. I once waited 4 years for a follow up book and I told myself I wouldn’t work that hard to find the next book or the updates about it. (drove me nuts and I actually emailed the author about updates and also got the its in the works and would be released in the next season)
    I know life can get in the way for writers and that I would understand but it is tough.

    • kaleigha says:

      When there is a push-back here or there, I don’t mind. I figure life and crap happens, and I get less disappointed than I used to for some weird reason. But when it becomes one, then another one, then then things seem to go into limbo, I get…not annoyed. That isn’t right. Maybe left out of the loop? There are a few authors that push-backs are a given, and it has gotten to the point where I pretty much don’t believe the titles will be published until I actually have them in my hand (or on my ipad). I don’t like to be a cynic, but I really don’t even go to a ton of trouble to list them in the new release pages, either, because I know they are just going to go pouf again, anyways. Like Evil Eye from Alyssa Day. I love the Tiger Eye books, but after something like three pushbacks (before it completely disappeared) the last known to be released date was last January. And the wait goes on…

  2. cheryl says:

    I loved the TIger Eye books and forgot about it after only 2?or 3 books and the next was delayed until it slowly disappeared from my brain … now it is a dead duck.
    Kind of happens more often than not these days. I don’t know if it is lack of sales or just lost interest in writing the story. One of my favorite authors went in a different direction and left the h of the story pregnant for years I waited and the next book eventually came out and now the next has been on hold again. (kind of a meh and cliff hanger ending combined in the last book) I figure I need to give up and just make up my own ending in my head and let the series go. Her new direction of writing is out of my wheel house in what I like to read… I get it kind of.
    It is like Julie Garwood wrote awesome historicals and then quit writing them and went to myster y/suspense instead. I like her contemporaries but sure miss the other genre. Her others are good but don’t have the humor and snark that her earlier writing did. I miss that.

    • kaleigha says:

      I liked the Warriors of Poseidon books well enough when they first came out, but my interest seemed to drift off of them after a while. I only really stuck around for Jack’s story, and I was more than a bit miffed when his own book Shifters in Atlantis was scrapped and he got second billing in Alaric’s book. I followed him to the Tiger’s Eye stories, and loved them. They are really different for me, more like a cozy mystery with a little paranormal thrown in, but they quickly became a favorite. And now I wait…and wait. I know Alyssa is writing a book every month for the Poseidon’s Warriors series (and I hope she manages it, because like I said before you can’t really have a pushback and release March in Atlantis in September or anything. I don’t see how she can manage to squeeze in Jack’s next book in there, too, but I have seen over on Facebook that she is planning for Evil Eye to be released this spring. Eh, I hope so, but I honestly don’t see it.

      *EDIT – Welp. I just checked, and February in Atlantis has a new release date…of March 12th. Yeah.

      I did the Julie Garwood historicals back in the day, too, and loved them. But I didn’t know she had switched to more contemporary suspense, though.

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