Bookish Bucket List

PrintIt’s funny how things change. Over the last few years, I have done pretty massive purges of my books (both read and unread), to the point that I couldn’t even begin to guess how many hundreds I have gotten rid of (probably around 1000, or pretty close to it). I was going over my bookshelves the other day, looking at what I had left, and it made me realize that I don’t really have a ton of stories left on my reading bucket list – or books that I want to read before I die.

My beloved Cainsville series from Kelley Armstrong has wrapped. We finally got the Dani O’Malley/Ryodan story I had been waiting for for what felt like forever in the Fever series. I would’ve legit offed someone to get my hands on books two and three of the Hidden Legacy series a even a few days earlier. Another person (or two) would gladly have been sacrificed if it brought me closer to Heart of Obsidian. And any book that featured the Ghostwalkers was automatically on the list. I am talking about those books that I honestly was nuts about getting my hands on. But now, while I have several books I am very much looking forward to, I don’t have any that inspire that same kid-at-christmas feeling as I used to have. And I miss it.

Well, there are still a few that I would consider to be on my bucket list (and a few of them are already in the works). Jeanine Frost‘s next book will feature Ian, who has been on my wish-list since he was first introduced in the Night Huntress series. And William from the Lords of the Underworld will get his story in 2019 (and then I can pull the plug on the Lords). I have heard rumors that Ilona Andrews will be writing Roman’s book sometime after Hugh’s trilogy (another must read), but I still am whining about more Derek and Julie books, too.

At this point, the top 10 characters I would love to have stories about would look something like this (in no particular order):

1) Illium – Guild Hunter

2) Aodhan – Guild Hunter

3) Malachi – Psy/Changelings

4) Alexei – Psy/Changelings

5) Janvier – GhostWalkers

6) Dane – The Breeds

7) Ben – Mercy Thompson World

8) Roman – Kate Daniels World

9) Derek – Kate Daniels World

10) Lor – Fever Series

What does your bucket list look like? What were your original stories that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on?


22 thoughts on “Bookish Bucket List

  1. Omoye says:

    GURRRLLLLL!!! I’ve been begging for some characters to get their light. This is ultimately my character / story bucket list!

    1. Illium. I expected Book 11 to finally his story. Honestly I think when Singh closes the curtain for Raphael and Elena, Illium will star in his own series. Can’t you imagine it!? Like how Elder Races is transitioning.

    2. Aodhan. Absolutely want to see the story of the man with wings of shattered glass. His entire presence is ethereal. He’s got that whole Sasuke vibe about him. Too good.

    3. Ciara and Blane from Fae Chronicles. I have a feeling their stories will be my type of ride.

    4. Ransom Winterwolf- I remember thinking why doesn’t he have a novella? We kept getting peeks of his life through encounters with Elena but surely he has a short story we can indulge in.

    5. Alexander in Elder Races. I’m a fan of the series for the most part. I stopped at Book 7 because I lost steam for the series. But I wanna read about a Pegasus. No doubt.

    6. Lor. For. Sure. I would love for him to lead his own book. But I’d also love a short novel on the 9’s origins.

    7. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want Christian MacKeltar to become the next biggest anti hero. I’m not ready to let go the memory of Cruce and Christian has huge potential. I think he’s definitely going to the a lead in the next Fever books. And I’m ecstatic if my predictions are true.

    8. Lastly Max from the Night Prince series. Vlad is my number one but I rooted for Max the whole time. He was utterly loyal and I just want to see where he is now!

    Ok I’ve rambled enough. This was cathartic lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      A series for Illium would be awesome, actually. Especially if he does evolve soon-ish to become the next Archangel – maybe with his own seven? I would be surprised if Ransom doesn’t end up with a novella – and Keir, too. Those are my most wanted novellas, for sure. I had forgotten about Christian, somehow. I have some hope his story will be up in the near future. Maybe even the next book, if we are lucky. Max would be a great idea after Ian’s arc is done, too.

    • alex says:

      Now that you mention it I could totally see Ilium with his own series. I thought Singh would have told his and Aodhan’s stories by now and I think as the more traumatized of the pair Aodhan’s book will go first because Ilium can’t have his HEA until his friend is okay? If that makes sense.

      • omoye says:

        I hear you! I honestly am not surprised that neither Aodhan nor Illium haven’t had their book because there is too much potential for Illium to carry his own series. Illium is transitioning in ( a couple thousand years) or a few book years to an Archangel which gives time to wrap up RaphElena’s arc. ( imma miss tf outta them). I think Aodhan’s story, the painful origins were too similar to Jason hence why Singh probably felt like spacing them. Plus, I can imagine Aodhan being part of Illium’s Guard which means he will definitely have his own story told but with a different frame. Dreams, dreams, a girl can dream! Also Illium will be paired with a human woman (we can predict) and we wouldn’t want that to be clouded by perpetual comparisons to Raphael and Elena.

        While I was writing this, I had a fleeting thought. I remember thinking what if ilium was paired with one of Elena’s sisters- the hunter-born. I vaguely remember thinking that lol… hmmm. At the end of the day, I’d love to see another human-turned-angel!

        • alex says:

          Ahh you keep putting these thoughts into my head! I always assumed his thing for humans was backstory/character development to make him sympathetic (the angel you can “relate” to). I never considered that pairing would be a human because it seems so impossible, but I like it. I really like it. And I really like the idea that it could be Elena’s sister Eve. I’m definitely gonna need an entire series devoted to Ilium now, complete with lots of Aodhan bromance.

          • Omoye says:

            Yassss honey! Do you see?! Aodhan would such a seductive Second! It’s almost unfair to us to get this far ahead! I hope Singh can hear us! I can nearly taste it. I know there was an interaction between Eve and Illium because he makes everyone feel so comfortable with his jovial essence. Did he fly her? Yes I think so..

  2. serepink says:

    1-Bran- From the Mercy Thompson/ Alpha and Omega series. The question was asked and Patty said that Bran is a man of mystery. Its on her FAQ. I would kill for a couple of Books with Bran as the main character. The Marrok will forever be my beloved.

    2- Derek and Julie- Derek and Julie, Derek and Julie. Did I say Derek and Julie? Just wanted to make sure. (Kate Daniels)

    3- Roman- I LOVE this guy. (Kate Daniels)

    4-Dane- The Breeds. I have been salivating over this one since we first read him.

    5-Cassie- The Breeds. We will get this one sometime in the next ten years… The date keeps moving. Even if it appears on my Kindle I have a feeling the file will be blank so no celebration till read. The wait has been long and tedious. Over 10 years, folks.

    6-Stefan Uccello- Mercy Thompson. sigh…. (insert lots of little heart emojis here)

    7-Alexander Archaengel of Persia- (Guild Hunter Series) I love me some warriors.

    8- Illium- (Guild Hunter Series)- is this one not on everyones list? He should be!

    9-Nucking Futs Nix (Immortals After Dark) – I think we have waited long enough already.

    I am sure I am forgetting a few others, but this is a good start.

    • kaleigha says:

      Bran would be on the top of my list, for sure, and I honestly thought that maybe one day we would get his story until I saw that whole mystery thing. I would be so, so happy to see Bran kick the current old bag to the curb for a true HEA. Stefan would be a blast, too – and nice to have a change and focus on the vampire side of things for a change. My thought is that Nix will end up with, uh, the dude that heads up the Morior. Orion! Had to look that one up.

    • Omoye says:

      Do you see something with Alexander and Caliane?? I fantasize them in some Ancient romance. I love warriors too and gosh if these two came together? Imagine, where Alexander falls to madness and Caliane had to fight that again! That would be 👌

  3. Jan says:

    My list top 10 characters I would love to have stories about would be:

    1) Illium – Guild Hunter
    2) Aodhan – Guild Hunter
    3)Nix – Immortals after Dark
    4) Nick – Dark-hunters
    5) Ascanio – Kate Daniels World
    6)Stefan- Mercy Thompson World
    7) Ben – Mercy Thompson World
    8) Roman – Kate Daniels World
    9) Derek and Julie – Kate Daniels World
    10) Lor – Fever series

    • kaleigha says:

      We have a lot of overlap. I really liked the Chronicles of Nick NIck, but the Dark Hunter Nick threw me off. If we could get CoN Nick as an adult, that could be a fun story.

  4. library addict says:

    I will behave and limit myself to 10. I used mostly Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series since many of the others on my “bucket list characters” are from contemporary series that aren’t paranormal. (FWIW I could easily pick more from the Psy/Changeling series – lol.)

    1) Adam Garrett – WindHaven falcon changeling first introduced in Branded by Fire (NS)
    2) Finn – RainFire leopard changeling first introduced in Beat of Temptation (NS)
    3) Kiya Teague – IceRock lynx changeling first introduced in Allegiance of Honor (NS)
    4) Lily Knight – Human Alliance first introduced in Branded by Fire (NS)
    5) Rina Monaghan – DarkRiver leopard changeling first introduced in Slave to Sensation (NS)
    6) Matthias – SnowDancer wolf changeling first introduced in Play of Passion (NS)
    7) Mitch Wilson – Veronica Scott’s Sectors series first introduced in Escape from Zulaire
    8) Thom Curran – Veronica Scott’s Sectors series first introduced in Trapped on Tolonque
    9) Captain Fleming – Veronica Scott’s Sectors series first introduced in Start Cruise: Outbreak
    10) Willow McCann – wolf shifter in Elizabeth Hunter’s Cambio Springs series

    Okay, cheating a bit but my bucket list would be incomplete if I didn’t wish for a proper novella or simply more page time for Noelle & Riordan and Jaya & Abbot from the Psy/Changeling series.

    I would also love to see more resolution for High Queen Ursula & Harlan in Jeffe Kennedy’s the Twelve Kingdoms series. They definitely had a HEA in their book (The Talon of the Hawk), but the political situation so far remains one where they aren’t free to marry and I would like that to be resolved on page. She did write a later novella for the couple from the second book (The Tears of the Rose) and I never thought there were unanswered questions about them at the end of their book. So far Ursula and Harlan have been featured in the spin-off/continuation series (Uncharted Realms) so my fingers are crossed.

    • kaleigha says:

      If I had extra spots, I would add Remy and Adam from the Psy Changelings, too. And a few of The Breeds – like Dog, for example. That could be fun.

  5. Bradley Mason says:

    Here are mine no particular order.
    1. Jill Mastrano/Dragamir Vampire Academy R. Meade
    I just see great character with much patential.
    2. Derek and Julie Kate Daniels world ENOUGH SAID!!!
    3. Jessamine (SP?) the librarian of angel history from Guild Hunter.
    4. Book 2 of the Host by Stephanie Meyer.
    5. Please dont tar and feather me but I always like Renesmae from Twilight. She cant as egotistic as her mother?
    6. Kasandra and Ascanio would be a Hilarious pairing in the Kate Daniels world.
    7. Lisandra in Glass Thrones series by Maas a strong independent, loyal polymorph.
    8. Voron novella from Kate Daniels world with the service to Roland, rasing, training of Kate.
    9. Bran Cormick the Moroc himself!! Mercy Thompson.
    10. Bones and Kats child cant thing of her name. Frost.

    • Omoye says:

      I definitely agree with 10.
      Jessamy has a novella – Angels’ Dance. Unless you mean you want another story with Galen which I would absolutely love as well!!

    • kaleigha says:

      I would’ve bet money on there being a Jill and Eddie series after Bloodlines wrapped up. I was honestly surprised when it didn’t happen. It seemed like a no-brainer. I did so enjoy The Host, and I can’t believe how long the second (and third) books have been rumored for with no payoff.

    • kaleigha says:

      Amara could be awesome if done right, wouldn’t she? It would be hard to find a way to humanize her, but it would be interesting. Bo’s story is up next in Ocean Light, and his gal isn’t Amara (but I very much liked Kaia, who is a BlackWater changeling). BlackWater is awesome – so hoping for more stories from there, too.

      • library addict says:

        Do you mean BlackSea? Or have they changed the name?

        I would like a story for Amara, but she’s not in the top half of my obviously too long list.

        Can’t wait to see how the problems with the implant are solved. And looking forward to meeting Kaia and learning more about BlackSea and the Human Alliance. Only three more weeks!

        • kaleigha says:

          Duh, yeah. BlackSea. I have to admit, I got not just one, but two ARCs for Ocean Light. There was some sort of mix up with the publisher, and they sent me a duplicate. I got spoiled, I know.

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