Ocean Light Review

Well, we are almost at one of my two big reading-related days this month (the other being the day Iron and Magic comes out, of course). Tomorrow is the official release of Nalini Singh‘s latest Psy/Changeling book, Ocean Light, and to mark the occasion Doug Meeks was kind enough to send over his review.

US Ocean Light Cover - CopyWhat Doug said…

Well one of the reasons I don’t write books (outside of that no talent and no imagination thing) is that I have no patience, I would have all bad guys dead by page 10 and wonder “where do I go from here”. Fortunately Nalini Singh does not suffer from any of those afflictions and we have a story that manages to have drama, romance, loyalty and my favorite, violence all thrown together in a story to warm the heart while making the blood boil for those who suffer and takes us along on a pace that changes to suit the scene.

First of all my memory is terrible and I spent several chapters while reading trying to remember if Bowen had been thought dead in any previous books but since I was too lazy to go back and research it I finally decided it really did not matter (and it did not). Suffice it to say he was pretty much dead when we start this book and some medical miracle are the only thing keeping him alive and those might not be enough.

Then Kaia enters the scene and pretty much hates him on sight which always makes for a good story in the hands of a talented writer. We have a slow romance with a touch of insta-love thrown in but not too heavy handed (meaning there is no “MINE” moment just minutes after they meet). He will have to work at this one IF he manages to live long enough which does not look all that promising.

Enter a subplot of some residents of BlackSea disappearing over the last few months and it looks like humans (specifically the organization Bowen heads up) might be behind it.

Throw in a couple of hints, some red herrings, a bevy of suspects with a good mystery and along with an excellent romance you have a 5 Star story (which I actually rated 4.5).

We do get a slight bit more than a cameo of our favorite Psy – Kaleb Krycheck (who I personally love because he pretty much kills anyone who ever did Sahara wrong in any way LOL) but we do get a cameo of Sahara also towards the end. They obviously add to any book they are mentioned. We also get a really short cameo of Hawke just to add a bit of flavor into the story in how outsiders actually see him which I found interesting since we all still have Kiss of Snow in our heads which warps out viewpoint a bit.

My only minor complaint (go back and read paragraph 1) is that everybody I wanted to kill was not dead at the end of the book . I am assured there will be justice for all since this is actually book #17 of this series it is also book #2 of a trilogy with a bit of an overarching plot, so I can hardly wait to see where it goes from here. I did love the way she handled everything so there is nothing that resembles a cliffhanger but does leave a thread or two to make you want the next book immediately.

Oooh, and I am so patting myself on the back right now. With a whole couple of hours to spare, I got the Psy/Changeling character guide updated with the info from Silver Silence before Ocean Light comes out. I might’ve cut things a little close, but I did get it done in the end. Yay me.


One thought on “Ocean Light Review

  1. library addict says:

    I loved the book.

    I wish that the kidnapping hadn’t been in the blurb since it happened so late in the book. I guessed one of the baddies, but there were twists and surprises.

    I am confused as to why you think this is part of a trilogy though. I know Nalini only contracts for a few books at a time. And she has an end plot point in mind, but doesn’t know the exact number of books it will take to get there. But I am sure the “season 2″/ Trinity arc will be more than 3 books.

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