Reading Wrap Up

This should probably be sub-titled “new to me and a change of heart”, since that is pretty much what I have been up to. I have been on a bit of a roll with some new to me authors, which has been great. I picked up the first two books in the Guardian series from Rayanne Haines, Fire Born and Magic Born, and ended up liking both of them. Honestly, I grabbed them strictly for the covers, but ended up sticking around for the story. Definitely looking forward to whatever comes next.

real men howlAlso new-to-me are Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix, the authors of the Real Men Shift series. Again, shallow as it is, the cover for the first book caught my eye and made me do the “one-click” thing before I really thought it through, but it was another success. Both Real Men Howl and Real Men Snarl are quick, easy reads and I found myself finishing each of them in one sitting. There is one brother’s story left to tell, (Real Men Growl – due out this August) but I do hope the series continues on after that.

hunt the moonAnother great find was author Kari Cole. I picked up the first book of her Mated by Fate series called Hunt the Moon, and I ended up enjoying it a lot. I liked the world building and both the main and supporting characters, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the second book, Touch the Sky, when it comes out in September.

I had decided not to pick up the latest Gena Showalter book, The Darkest Warrior, not because I was mad about who Gilly ended up with or anything but just because I didn’t really have any big excitement for the book. I think my enjoyment of the Lords books is really hampered by the fact that I just don’t remember much about the series at this point. I always seem to enjoy them when I read them, but then I promptly forget everything as soon as I close the Kindle. Well, that didn’t hamper me at all this time around, and I very much enjoyed The Darkest Warrior. It felt almost stand alone (except for William, who is the only character I seem to remember), so I just got to happily read a really good story without trying to remember who is who and what happened before. Definitely glad I changed my mind on this one.

rough justiceAaaand I might’ve been pretty quick to grab up Rough Justice from Kelley Armstrong. Anything Cainsville related is an automatic win for me, and this decent length novella story is no exception. I am very glad that there wasn’t any Olivia-and-Gabriel relationship drama…well, not much and not serious, anyways. Ideally, I would love to see a spin-off or something featuring Ricky getting his HEA, but I am not sure that is in the cards.

iron and magicFinally, though, there is the jewel of the lot, and that is Iron and Magic from Ilona Andrews. I don’t have much to say about this one other than that I absolutely loved it. Love love love. Loved Hugh. Loved Elara. Loved the fact that the whole world-building felt different enough from Kate Daniels to really stand on its own while still making me giddy thinking of future crossovers (Hugh and Elara must show up in Magic Triumphs, right?). I so need a re-read of this one since I was a greedy brat who devoured it way, way too quickly, but that won’t be a chore at all. Not sure where or when the next book will be, but I will be there.

Your turn. What have you been enjoying lately? Anything exciting?


8 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up

  1. Omoye says:

    Just bought these books. I bought Born in Fire after sampling since your previous blog post. If these books ain’t good, I’ll bill you for the refund lol. 😂

    • kaleigha says:

      Ha! We’ll see what we can work out. I was just glad to find some new-to-me authors that actually interested me after a spell of…not. So not.

      • Omoye says:

        Same! I haven’t been reading PNR for a hot minute! granted I still have to read some big ones like Mercy, Kate, Psy/ I’m not desperate yet. But I would like to be a part of new conversations and witness new writers blossom! =D

  2. Dawn says:

    I LOVE Celia Kyle’s shifter books, from back when she first started the Ridgeville series. They are – usually – hilarious (although a couple in the series did deal with a darker set of issues, due to the overarching arc), and every once and a while, when I want something to perk me up I will go back to some of hers because they make me laugh out loud while I am reading them. (Get weird looks from my family, but what can you do?) So of course I picked up RMH right away, loved it, and then got lucky enough to get added to the ARC list for RMS. I have a feeling this one’s only meant to be a trilogy, but these authors have worked together previously (Howlsromance books, can’t think of the name right now) so even if it’s not continued I’m sure they will have more collaborations down the road.

    If you enjoyed these, I would suggest the Ridgeville & Grayslake series by Celia, and she has a bunch a stories she wrote with Mina Carter (another great author). All of these are pretty cheap, and nice quick reads. The Shifter Rogues is her current on-going series, and those books are more standard book length – the next one is out in November. She has some other series (alien dragons, urban fantasy, MFM), but I haven’t tried those yet.

    I haven’t read anything by MM that she wrote on her own – yet – but I’m thinking of trying So I Married a Rockstar.

    Speaking of, have you heard anything about the next Hard Play book from Nalini Singh? There was an unedited excerpt in the last newsletter, but no title, no tentative date, nada.

    And Slaying It came out today, so Heirs of Chicagoland is coming soon. Maybe I can finally read the last book without feeling like it’s the end now.

    • Omoye says:

      Thanks for the plug! sounds like Celia and Mina are great writers! Auntie Singh said her next newsletter should disclose the release of Hard Play (Aug 16).

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks for the recs. I’m looking for new authors to try. I’m waiting for the Darkest Warrior from my libraries Overdrive system. Now I want to read it because most people seem to be liking this one. I’m with you, anything Cainsville is always on my list, so i’ll be picking this one up.

    Loved Iron and Magic. This writing duo can’t seem to write a bad book. (thank god!). I’ve been in a reading slump lately. Not much has been grabbing my interest so I’ve been doing series rereads. Kate Daniels and Psy-changling are a couple I’ve reread.

  4. Monika Wernli says:

    I finally managed to finish Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse, the first UF featuring a Native American (Dineh Navajo) written by a Native American, although Native American heroines seem quite ubiquitous (Mercy Thompson, Jane Yellowrock, Janet Begay)…
    It’s the first in The Sixth World series and it’s off to a bit of a slow start, but I really liked the world building, the mythology and the characters, it also has a feeling of magical realism: on the one side with have a post-apocalyptic world portrayed with almost mundane realism, on the other hand it’s invaded by these fantastical, mythological elements, but sometimes we cannot say – at first glance – whether there is a scientific/rational explanation for them or whether they are truly magical. It’s like blurring the lines between different worldviews/ontologies.
    The ending is not a cliffhanger precisely, but nevertheless I wanted to throw the book at the wall, and I would have if it had been a paperback instead of my Kindle 😉 because of what happened to the male main protagonist. Luckily I then realized that there is a preview of the next book at the end and the most important question gets answered there. But the next installment, Storm of Locusts, will only be out next spring…

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