New Series Alerts

Happy Monday, everyone. It’s time to take a look at what new series are starting up this week, beginning with one from Carina Wilder. She will be releasing Southern Alpha in serial form, with the first part being available today.


After finding a mysterious flyer summoning her to a midnight party in one of New Orleans’ most secret locales, Sierra can’t help but satisfy her curiosity. But little does she expect to discover that one of the party’s guests will turn out to be the most attractive, intriguing man she’s ever met.

When a fortune teller issues her a warning to stay away, she starts to wonder if there’s more to the man and this strange place than meets the eye.

Trick is vying for alpha of the Southern Pack in a few days, and his competition is looking fierce. The last thing he needs is for a beautiful woman to walk into his life and distract him.

But maybe, after all, she’s the only thing he needs.

Next up is Stone Heart from Ariel Marie. It is the first book of The Gargoyle Protectors series.


An unknown entity, an unexplained power source… Earth was in danger.

Gargoyles, a winged humanoid race of warriors, had spent thousands of years ensuring the survival of the planet. Rhodack Gahnoth, leader of Clan Gahnoth, demanded his gargoyles defend the realm against a new threat. Sending his most trusted warrior to investigate the unexplainable, he was left speechless when the warrior returned with a little wisp of a female with golden hair by the name of Rina Smith.

Her powers were the strongest of any being, and something was hunting her down. To make matters worse, she was under a powerful spell, believed herself to be human, and she was Rhodack’s mate.

Once the spell was removed, Rina’s true identity was revealed, and no one was more shocked than her. She would need a crash course in the world of paranormal to bring her up to speed. One thing she didn’t need help with was her attraction to the tall, brooding gargoyle. He didn’t hide the fact he wanted her. Her hesitance was met with his persistence.

What Rhodack wanted, he claimed.

Because of who she was, a war that had no place on Earth would spill into the realm. It would be up to Rhodack and his gargoyles to meet this new enemy head-on. Rhodack vowed to protect Rina, but as fate would have it, she wouldn’t need his protection after all—he would need hers.

And finally, on October 10th, Jenn Stark will release The Red King. It is the first book of the Wilde Justice series.


New world order, new job, new mission.

As the first Justice of the Arcana Council in two hundred years, Tarot-reading Sara Wilde is tasked with taking out the most dangerous magic-wielding criminals on the planet. Her first assignment? A killer known only as the Red King, who’s systematically picking off the world’s most gifted magicians in the rollicking streets and storied canals of Venice, Italy, on the eve of Carnevale.

Amidst the festival’s music, masks, and brightly colored costumes, Sara must unravel the truth about a brutal murderer from Venice’s own murky past, navigate the twisting political currents of magicians who seek to rival her own Council, and keep one costume change ahead of a conjurer whose lethal spells could end Justice–permanently. Good thing the diabolically sexy and deeply powerful Magician of the Arcana Council has Sara’s back…if only he didn’t hold so much of her heart as well.

The canals of Venice will run with blood when you deal in The Red King.

There you have it. Will you be picking any of these new series up?


7 thoughts on “New Series Alerts

  1. Bobbie says:

    I’m intrested in the Red King. Will be my first time reading from this author. Hopefully there is a good plot,action,magic or anything paranormal and of course some romance.

    • kaleigha says:

      I haven’t read anything of hers, either, but I did pick up a few of her earlier titles a couple of weeks ago. I think this one is a spin-off of her previous series, and the first book of the first series was on at Amazon for free (just in case you want to give it a shot first).

  2. library addict says:

    I’ll give new-to-me-author Ariel Marie’s book a try since it’s 99¢ Looks like it’s a novella.

    The Gargoyle names seem OTT, but I read the sample at Kobo and want to know more.

    Can I also go on record as saying I loathe Vellum formatting. Maybe in renders better in Kindle, but for epub it’s always a mess. (I know this was just a sample and they are often wonky, but every Vellum formatted book I’ve purchased regardless of what store has been messed up).

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