The Savior Cover Reveal and Excerpt

Even though we haven’t seen more than a glimpse “in person” of Murhder, he was one character that intrigued me from the start. Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting my hands on his story, The Savior, when it is released on April 2nd. I have been stalking my regular sources looking for any JR Ward info, and today I finally hit pay dirt. You can find the official cover reveal and an excerpt over on the Entertainment Weekly website, found HERE.


5 thoughts on “The Savior Cover Reveal and Excerpt

  1. Lidy says:

    I have the feeling Murhder’s relationship with Xhex will be brought up, and while the idea of John throwing a fit is interesting, I don’t see myself reading it.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, I think so, too. Xhex is even a part of the excerpt, so you can tell it isn’t going to be long before the fireworks start.

      • Lidy says:

        Exactly. Murhder’s still in love with her (or he thinks he is, enough to create issues). I don’t like it when a hero/heroine gets a significant other with unresolved feelings for another, makes me feel like they are second best.

        Another thing I noticed is that Murhder saved Xhex from being experimented on. I thought he was tracking her to the colony, like the sympaths sold her in retaliation for leading Murhder there.

        • kaleigha says:

          I don’t remember about Xhex being experimented on. I swear I am getting old, because the details on so many series are foggy at this point. I am looking forward to the re-read, that’s for sure.

          • Lidy says:

            You aren’t the only one, I’m getting old too. LOL I remember a vampire book character being experimented on, and I think it was Xhex.

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