Spotlight – The Rogue King

Last year, author Abigail Owen started up a new series called Fire’s Edge which I quite liked. When I was looking to see if there was any info on the second book (which there wasn’t, darn it), I noticed that she has a new series in the works. The new series is called Inferno Rising, and it is described as “A modern-day Game of Thrones meets JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood”. Huh. I could handle that. The first book is called The Rogue King, and it will be released on August 27th.

the rogue kingSynopsis…

Kasia Amon has spent her entire life in hiding, knowing who and what she is makes her a mark for all sorts of creatures–a treasure to be taken and claimed. All she knows for certain is that keeping her secrets safe means avoiding dragon shifters at all costs.

As a rogue dragon shifter, hunted by his own kind, Brand Astarot has only survived thanks to a dangerous reputation as a mercenary. Giving a phoenix to a Dragon King would guarantee him a place in a clan, taking him one step closer to the revenge he’s waited centuries to take.

But getting his prize to the King is a test of their lives, his skills, and their white-hot chemistry, forcing Brand to have to rethink his plan. Is giving her to the king the right choice? Or should he claim her for himself?

Does this sound like something you might like? I thought it looked interesting, but I am still looking for an update on the next book of Fire’s Edge series, too. Has anyone heard anything about that one?


4 thoughts on “Spotlight – The Rogue King

  1. library addict says:

    I hadn’t planned to read it (I am not a fan of Game of Thrones or Black Dagger Brotherhood so that description didn’t tempt me). However, according to her newsletter: “Fire’s Edge and Inferno Rising series share the same world with a few cross over characters and plot lines.”

    So I will probably read it eventually, but not sure I will rush to do so on release day.

    It is annoying the way Entangled doesn’t seem to have information about upcoming books until release day (or just before). Isn’t The Rookie due out in April? That’s very soon in publishing terms, sheesh!

    • kaleigha says:

      My true, undying pet peeve in terms of blogging is the lack of presale time. Honestly, I have no chance to track down half of the stuff before it is release already. That is why I am so bitchy when an author goes self-pubbed, too – usually, you get a few days notice when a new release is coming…if you are lucky enough to stumble on a post on facebook or something. Snarl. I didn’t even know about The Rookie. I was trying to find some info out about it since it seemed that Fire’s Edge just dropped off of the radar. There are a few that I got into last year that are like that, though. I might just have to be ballsy and start emailing the authors directly, even though I don’t like to bother anyone.

      • library addict says:

        What irks me is that I subscribe to author’s newletters and many don’t even mention upcoming releases in their own newsletters. Lately, many of the self-pubbed authors I subscribe to seem to be into sharing other author’s books more so than their own.

        Also, authors need to update their coming soon pages on their website. There’s one self-pubbed author I enjoy who has a page saying she’s working on two books which were both already released last year. Why have a coming soon page if you aren’t going to update it?

        I can’t remember how I learned the title of the second full-length book for the Abigail Owen’s series, but I’ve had it on my To Buy List since around the time I read the introductory novella and first book. And I found out about those from your site, so…

        • kaleigha says:

          I did try for a while to subscribe to the newsletters, but like you I found that a lot of the time it just wasn’t worth while. And where I try and keep track of so many author? It was just a nuisance. It’s like with Kresley Cole – every couple of days, I made a point of checking her Facebook page to try and find out about her next release. But when she went something like 5 months without a post, I stopped. It was like why should I keep trying when she didn’t? I know that sounds bitchy, but I figure if I see any info, fine. If not? Fine too.

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