Pick of the Week

Well, this might be my pick of the week, but it is always hard to see a favorite wrap up. I have never made any secret of my love of Kelley Armstrong‘s Cainsville series, and this week’s Cruel Fate will be the final story of the series. Sigh. What can you do?


Three years after discovering that her biological parents are convicted serial killers, Olivia finally has her life back, and it’s better than ever. She loves her new job, as investigator for notorious defense attorney Gabriel Walsh. She has Gabriel, too, as they settle in together, dividing their time between Chicago and Cainsville. Olivia’s also settled into her role as the legendary Mallt-y-Nos to Cainsville’s fae population.

The only dream unfulfilled is seeing her father freed from jail, where he’s been wrongly imprisoned for over twenty years. Now that wish is finally coming true. Todd Larsen is a free man. Someone, however, doesn’t want him to stay that way. Todd may have been in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, but there’s one he did—the murder of a serial killer, whose death launched the chain of events that led to Todd’s incarceration.

Before Todd can settle in with Olivia and Gabriel, the body of his one and only victim surfaces, along with planted clues directing the police to their doorstep. Does someone have a personal grudge against Todd? Or is it a fae targeting Olivia with the one threat she can’t ignore? Olivia needs to find out who’s behind this, before her father is ripped from her again…for good this time.

That is my pick of the week. What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Week

  1. Omoye says:

    I need to a start this and Mercy Thompson for crying out loud!

    My pick of the week is Eternal Darkness nub Stacy Reid (The Amagarians series). Omg I’m nearly done with the second book in two days. I’m in love with her world.

  2. Jean says:

    Thank you for the Cruel Fate pick! I thought this was just a comic book, didn’t realize it was a novel. (Face in palm)

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