New Series Alert

Since another Monday has rolled around, it is time to see what new series are coming our way this week. We only have one, and it comes from Lexi Ostrow. Her new series is called Hexed in New Orleans, and the first book is called Once Hexed, Twice Shy.

once hexedSynopsis…

Lita Perrow’s love life went nowhere fast for the past few centuries, and it was about to get a whole lot worse. Her upcoming 500th Halloween meant she needed to find herself a husband or lose her powers forever. She’d last dated a human and knew not to make that mistake a second time – which left the Witch’s Tavern her only option to find a husband if she didn’t want to leave New Orleans.

Sam Carson hated magic users thanks to a pissed off ex who’d hexed him – which made his current predicament all the more ridiculous. As a detective, he didn’t get to pick and choose his cases, so he found himself staking out a magic bar watching for magic deals gone awry. Or at least he was until Lita Perrow crashed in and destroyed his life for a second time.

When Lita enters the Witch’s Tavern she stumbles straight into a magic deal gone south. Now, on top of needing a husband, she also needs to rid herself of a hex, or find herself very dead. Sam is the only man she can trust, but when all the right moments lead them into each other’s arms, they’ll both have to decide if old hate can be put to rest.


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