New Series Alert

Hey again, it looks like there are a couple of new series to take a look at for this week – one finishes things off for July, and one sets the stage for August. On July 30th, Abigail Owen will release The Rogue King, which is the first book of her new Inferno Rising series.

the rogue kingSynopsis…

Kasia Amon has spent her entire life in hiding, knowing who and what she is makes her a mark for all sorts of creatures–a treasure to be taken and claimed. All she knows for certain is that keeping her secrets safe means avoiding dragon shifters at all costs.

As a rogue dragon shifter, hunted by his own kind, Brand Astarot has only survived thanks to a dangerous reputation as a mercenary. Giving a phoenix to a Dragon King would guarantee him a place in a clan, taking him one step closer to the revenge he’s waited centuries to take.

But getting his prize to the King is a test of their lives, his skills, and their white-hot chemistry, forcing Brand to have to rethink his plan. Is giving her to the king the right choice? Or should he claim her for himself?

And August 1st is the release date for The Time Traveler’s Magic, which is the first book of the Magic Bound series from Anna Applegate.

the time traveler's magicSynopsis…

A stranger thrusts Ember Brighton into another time, where she learns her crumbling life has a greater purpose. Pursuing this new life, however, will leave her loved ones in danger until she realizes who she is and what she’s capable of. If she fails to work quickly enough, her mother’s deadly fate will be sealed.

When the confident and mysterious Rane Andersson shows up at all the right moments to help, Ember can’t help but distrust his motives. Without him, though, she’s left with more questions than answers, and more people trying to kill her than she can fight off alone.

Despite her reservations, she’s forced to put her faith in him. Now Ember’s running out of time to find her way home, save her mother, and fix the balance of time itself.

Will her run-ins with rogue vampires and evil shifters prove to be more than she can overcome? Or can Ember face her destiny head on?

It looks like the second Inferno Rising book will be called The Blood King, but there is no other info available at this time. And the next Magic Bound book is called The Time Traveler’s Vampire, which has a release date of October 1st.

3 thoughts on “New Series Alert

  1. library addict says:

    I still need to read Abigail Owen’s The Rookie, but will try this spin-off (?) concurrent (?) sister (?) series as well.

    As an aside what do we call separate series that take place in the same world at the same time? I’ve read lots of authors who end one series that segues into another* or call their series spin-offs or sequels, but publishing two related series at the same time seems like a lot of work.

    * like Feehan’s Drake Sisters to Sisters of the Heart to Torpedo Ink

  2. kaleigha says:

    I started The Rookie, but honestly? My attention drifted off pretty early on. I plan to go back to it, but not sure when that will happen.

    I just stick with spin-off as my catch-all term for anything that has any overlapping characters at all. Sometimes I think “sister series” would almost work better, depending on how much overlap there is, though.

  3. library addict says:

    It took me a while to get through The Rookie. I didn’t dislike either of the main characters, I just didn’t care about either of them. The secondary characters were the only reason I kept reading.

    However, I loved The Rogue King. It’s easily my favorite of the two series so far.

    FTR, there is a significant amount of background information/set-up for the rest of the series given in The Rookie (as well as the answer to who the informer is in the group) so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend skipping it. On the plus side, I am looking forward to the next Fire’s Edge book.

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