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For the last few weeks, I have been randomly getting print ARCs in the mail. I didn’t sign up for them or ask for them, but for some reason I have been put on some sort of glorious mailing list and voila! As someone who never really had access to ARC copies very much, it is like Christmas – I never know what’s coming, and they are all books I have been excited to get. But guess what? I am the most horrible person in the world, because I haven’t even read one of them yet. Yes, you heard that right. NOT ONE. I start to take a peek, then I catch myself reading little bits here and there which will just ruin the story, so I slap some sense into myself and put them down. Then do it again. Sigh. I really am weird.


I have them very prettily organized on my keeper shelves, all ready to go. But between my diving into a Mercy Thompson series re-read and my determination to get the In Death series caught up by the end of the year, I haven’t gotten around to much else. Isn’t it always the way, though? When you are desperate to get your hands on a book early, you just can’t pull it off. But when you do? You don’t get around to reading them. Or is that just me?

What upcoming books are you on the hunt for ARCs for? Anything you would sell your soul to get your hands on early?

19 thoughts on “My Haul

  1. Douglas C Meeks says:

    I have 2 of those and I have not read them yet either, too early, about 2 weeks before release is the best time for me so I can talk intelligently and not forget things LOL. Hanging on to “Sapphire Flames” for over a month before reading it was almost too much 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      It always made me wonder when you mentioned before that you had ARCs that you didn’t get to for a while – kinda blew my mind. I now understand. Plus, you get so many that it would be hard to fit them all into rotation, I would imagine.

      • Douglas C Meeks says:

        It gets REALLY hard when the ARC you are reading is mediocre and you know you have 5 Star books just waiting on you LOL

  2. Deb says:

    I’m almost done re-reading the Archangel series so I guess it’s pretty obvious what book I’m obsessing over to be released! LOL!

    • kaleigha says:

      I am on a re-reading kick, too – there are so many that I want to go back and tackle again. You get so much more out of it the second (or third) time around.

  3. Charleen Bailey says:

    Based on the books you’ve received, I’d have read all of them! There is only so much restraint in my life and at my age; I might not get to read them, if I don’t do it right away!
    Do it today, remember — “TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED!”

  4. library addict says:

    I would love to read the two Nalini Singh ARCs in your haul above (I’m weird that I would read A madness of Sunshine first). The other 2019 books I’m really looking forward to are Jeffe Kennedy’s Orchid Throne and Jessie Mihalik’s Aurora Blazing.

    I’m not a reviewer so have never been on a list where I receive ARCs. The closest I’ve gotten is winning a Nora Roberts ARC many years ago so I got to read it two weeks early. Also in the days before digital sometimes the grocery store would put out the next In Death book on Monday before the official Tuesday release. Even the not-quite-24 hours early access always felt like winning.

    I’ll admit I feel jealous when I see in a review that someone had an ARC and just “didn’t get to it before the release.” Especially when there are so many fans eager to read the book in question. It seems like a wasted opportunity. But your not talking about not reading them at all, just not at the moment. Still, I wouldn’t have the self-control when it comes to my favorite authors. If it was for a book I wasn’t eagerly anticipating I could easily wait.

    • kaleigha says:

      Honestly? I used to be so amazed at those who had an unread ARC laying around. It blew my mind. I always swore that one would barely make it out of the envelope before I would be reading. Then, it happened to me. I am so in the swing of Mercy Thompson, that it is hard for me to pull away to read something else. And when I do? It is the In Death books. Weirdly, even my new releases have fallen way, way behind – but I can’t seem to care. I figure I will get caught up eventually, right?

  5. Lynn Latimer says:

    I feel your pain as an ARC myself. I have read both Nalini’s and the Faith Hunter, all very excellent. I generally try to read my ARC’s in the order they are to be published but that goes out the window when I have ARCS by those authors. You will love, love, love ARCHANGEL’S WAR.

  6. saidahgilbert says:

    When I received the email of this article, it showed up with the numbers at the end of the link as the title. It’s only when I clicked to open the article in a new tab that I saw that there was an actual title.

    Back on topic, I wouldn’t like to receive ARCs. I prefer to read it on the release day because that would be the official version. I don’t like the idea of getting an unfinished product even if it’s just formatting or aesthetic issues that are omitted from the ARC. Also, if it’s a book that I want to collect, I don’t want it looking different from all the other books in the series that I’ve collected. I make sure to collect books from the same publisher just so there would be uniformity in my collection.

    • kaleigha says:

      Oh, trust me, the size issue would bug me, too. But I still buy all of the books, too. Always in digital, and in hardcover if available (like Sapphire Flames. I got both the kindle and hardcover versions). My shelf-OCD wouldn’t let me do anything else.

      • bfmason50 says:

        The first two books were really good it has a flavor of Ancient Time but in a fantasy way. I think his writing is alot more New Adult then the YA rating it has. I wouldn’t let a Middle School student read the book if I had children that age range. But it is a very interesting book series should give it a try.

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