I Got “Fan” Mail…Or Maybe Not?

giphy.gifFor some strange reason, I have what I think is more than my fair share of behind-the-scenes weirdness around here. Don’t get me wrong, 99.9% of the Wicked Scribes readers are great, and I am very grateful for you all. You comment, you send me info when you get it, you stay in touch, and sometimes if I mess something up you give me a shout to let me know. There are a few others that take some offence, though. Like the ones who got annoyed when I “favored” particular authors – or didn’t favor theirs. There was such a complete rampage when I didn’t include a Lindsay J. Pryor book in a poll that I thought I was going to have to go into witness protection. The ones who were angry that I didn’t gush about a book I had never read because their librarian recommended it (?) and I was somehow disparaging that librarians life choice or something was another good one. And there are a few who think I am lazy and slow and don’t do enough to keep them updated, that sort of thing. I call it my fan mail. Most of it I keep quiet, some I like to share. Add another to the list…

This is in response to my last post, about my ARC windfall. Behold, the glory of the fan-mail. Not sure how cool it is to re-post someone’s email to me…not sure I care. Name withheld, though.

“I’m not sure if you realize how many people there are out there who would practically sell their first born for an ARC of those books. To hear the you haven’t even read them is a little annoying. The only way I’ve seen to get an ARC of any of them was a Scattered Bonds ARC that was shared. You got it in the mail, you had a certain amount of time to read it then you had to send it on to the next person. For all you know the next person lived in New Zealand and the postage would cost you your next week’s groceries. So, books published by the big houses are like gold. How about you treat them with some respect and actually read them? Or, if you don’t want them, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands. I read ARCs, beta and alpha read for many self published authors, but those big houses just don’t like to share with anyone that isn’t well known out there in the book world. Seriously, show some respect and read the books.”

So, first of all, sorry if anyone took my post out of context. It wasn’t intended to be disrespectful or gloating at all. In fact, I was actually mocking myself and my usual “I am SOOOO behind” thing. As one who really doesn’t “get” much out of my time I spend blogging, I am very thankful, and I don’t want it to seem otherwise. But honestly? This made me laugh. A disrespectful email…about respect. Sigh. Another fan. What is a girl to do?

16 thoughts on “I Got “Fan” Mail…Or Maybe Not?

  1. Sanam Khangura says:

    Wow that’s ridiculously hilarious! You’re doing an amazing job! I love your blog. Hey, even Ilona Andrews’ mentioned your blog in one of their emails (my favorite author duo). That’s crazy cool. Keep up the among work and lucky you with those awesome ARCS. You’ll get to them eventually. Btw, I do an annual reread of Mercy Thompson and Alpha Omega series (another favorite author). Thank you =D

  2. cheryl says:

    I feel your pain, Mine wasn’t as rude but as a vendor who is sub contracted to do a job — I get some crazy stuff from customers.
    One person who was mad at the front office and their policies called me (one of those polite things I used to do– let people call me direct if they have a problem) and proceeded to cuss and yell at me and even though I had no control told me no matter the rules that whatever happens- it is my fault because I should know what he wants. Makes me thing I would never want to have an ability to see the future because you couldn’t win whatever you did to try and save the day.
    You do your blog because you love to read and share not because you get the big bucks (haha)— so as crazy as some of those “everything is about me” people can be remember there are more of us that appreciate what you do.
    Thanks and thanks for sharing on the nutty people because sometimes I just need to know other people get the weird stuff, too.

  3. Douglas C Meeks says:

    Well I can’t speak for you but in my case it would be “Come see me when you have written over 2000 reviews” and in your case the amount of work you do here is amazing, I have to assume idiots have no idea how much work goes into doing something like this as a hobby, it becomes work really quick (as I am finding out with my recent foray into product reviewing). At the end of the day my Southern roots always just say “Well bless your heart” 🙂

  4. Jan says:

    Wow, harsh. Nobody’s business but yours whether you review a book or not. We all know life is busy and “we all know” you don’t live on this blog or review books 24/7 but we sure appreciate what you do Kayleigh and are so grateful you keep this blog up and running.

    It is so good that now you are being sent books to review without even requesting them. Awesome! Doesn’t mean you have to review those books. There is no obligation there. Cool they were sent though because it means your blog is getting noticed. That’s it bottom line. You wanted to share something good that happened. Thank you.

  5. Lisa says:

    Lord have mercy friend, you don’t deserve this crap. I have been so delighted you have continued to connect with us. You have worked hard for the honor of unsolicited ARCs; tell the jerk he/she work as hard as you do for free and they too might get unsolicited ARCs. Keep up the joy you bring to us.

  6. kaleigha says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. The person in question was kind enough to send back another email that apologized for her previous comments, which I thought was very nice. Most people don’t have the nerve to do that.

  7. Redbutterfly says:

    That’s what happens when you’re famous K., the crazy follows lol

    Jokes aside, it really amazes me that some people spend their time writing these things, just to share the hate. Just don’t give a damn about all the haters K., I am really greatful for all the amazing work you do on this blog. BTW I agree with Doug.

  8. Charleen H Bailey says:

    I’m really glad that you got an apology. There’s still hope for some of us. I think that laughing was the best thing you could have done and kudo’s to you for handling it that way. I usually chalk it up to the world we live in, where people think its okay to go on a rant and let anyone know how they feel about something that has nothing to do with them. I long for the days when we weren’t so public in our opinions. But this is the world we live in. Great work you’re doing, keep it up, you are appreciated. And as a person who has a certain amount of OCD, I understand your reasons for not diving into the horde you have. When you do — Enjoy!

  9. Shira says:

    You totally deserve those books. I decided to start reading many of my favorite authors because you mentioned something good or intriguing on your blog. Thank you for keeping this site going.

  10. Kristi A Haftorson says:

    I hope you delete people from your group when they send you negative stuff. Just deal with the positive! Thanks for everything you do!

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