Sapphire Flames Spoiler Thread

I promised a while back that I would set up a thread where we could discuss the latest release from Ilona Andrews, Sapphire Flames. I haven’t kept my love of this puppy under a rock, so I am completely biased. Unfortunately, because of time constraints, I am STILL on the re-read for it for the character guide. I figured I would have it done in the first day or two, but nope. Sigh.

What did you think? What direction do you see things going? When I first got my ARC way back when, I hinted a bit that I doubted many people would guess the direction Alessandro’s storyline would take – was I right? Favorite part? Least favorite part? What did you think of how Catalina became Head of Household? Sound off below!

17 thoughts on “Sapphire Flames Spoiler Thread

  1. Rosa says:

    1-Favorite part?
    Linus, Captain Heart, how Catalina accept her immaturity and flaws (?)

    2-Least favorite part?/ wait for a year for another book ,

    3-What did you think of how Catalina became Head of Household?/ I need a novelle from Nevada y Rogan POV

    I really enjoy this book,

  2. Tiger Lily says:

    Awesome read. I love how the authors keep everything so fresh and they do not just regurgitate the same plot time book after book. They are awesome.

    • kaleigha says:

      I really didn’t have a clue what direction they were going to take it, at all, which was great. Usually you have a hint of what is to come, but I went into this one completely blind.

  3. monadh says:

    I really liked the the authors didn’t try to make Alessandro more powerful and badass than Rogan (although he is plenty badass), like some other PNR authors I could name where each “hero” is progressively more powerful than all the others that came before him.
    That being said, is it just my impression, or is Alessandro also a dual prime? I am a bit miffed that Alessandro is shrouded in so much mystery!

    One of my favorite scenes (because it is so powerful and poignant) is when Alessandro walks away from Catalina, to show that he can, even though it almost tears him apart…

    • kaleigha says:

      For me, they kind of made Alessandro as powerful, but with a completely different feel. Like Rogan is the hammer, but Alessandro the scalpel, if that makes any sense. That whole each on more powerful than the last thing makes me nuts. Like in the Dark series from Christine Feehan? Each one is more ancient, more powerful, more tortured than the last one. Nope! New dude is. But wait?!? Could it be…THIS one is the man. Makes me laugh, actually. I just can’t get a handle on Alessandro’s powers, either. His antistasi range didn’t seem that far for being the most powerful one on record, but then who knows what the standard range is. And what caught my attention was his jumping out of the windows, too. Could he manifest himself onto the ground the way he could manifest weapons? So many questions.

      • monadh says:

        Yep, that was a dig at Feehan’s Dark series; it just gets tiring after the 20th or so installment. As with the manifestation, I thought it was things he could manifest, so maybe more something to break his fall (jumping out of the window). But I also got the impression that his manifestation powers were very intuitive and sometimes a bit hit and miss, until he settled on the right implement. I also really liked that he didn’t just depend on his powers, put learnt and practiced regular fighting techniques (e.g. sword fighting).

  4. kaleigha says:

    Ok, this isn’t going to make any sense since I am half asleep, but I have so wanted to mention it for so long. What the hell is the connection between Linus Duncan and the Baylors? From Alessandro’s reaction to seeing Catalina and Linus, it was like there was a physical resemblance of some sort. Ok, but how would they be related? Could he be Victoria’s younger brother, or perhaps her son? Not much is known of Linus’s history, except I think he was supposedly exiled from a house in Scotland when he was young? But I didn’t get a familial vibe between Linus and Victoria, so I am thinking no. And since Catalina’s Prime powers came from her paternal grandfather, that rules Linus out. For a hot minute I thought maybe his weapons-based powers could mean that he was somehow tied to them from Frida’s side, but that didn’t feel right, either.

    The only other thought I have is way, way out there, but maybe he has a connection to the surrogate – the Beast of Cologne? Usually what wouldn’t provide a blood tie, but then Arabella’s powers did get passed through her so who knows? Does anyone have any clues or theories?

    • library addict says:

      Oops, I meant to reply to your comment. At least the link worked,

      I haven’t started this series yet, but have them all in my TBR.

    • monadh says:

      Actually there is speculation in one of my Goodreads groups that Linus might have been the sperm donor. And for a power to manifest the parent doesn’t necessarily have to exhibit that power, as was the case with Nevada, Catalina and Arabella’s father who carried all these various powers which he then passed on to his daughters, but he himself had none of them…

  5. Jan says:

    I loved this book. The Andrews team just keeps producing great stories. I like the angsty ending when Alessandro walks away because you know there’s going to be an explosive reuniting in the next book. So fun. I enjoyed watching Catalina come into her own as head of the household. Now I need the next book! I want to see Catalina and Alessandro team up in more ways than one:) I really hope Alessandro’s going to join team Baylor. I love the idea of the male sacrificing position for a change and I think Alessandro’s the man to do it. lol

    • kaleigha says:

      Since he seemed to hold most of his family in some contempt – except for the mysterious sister – I hope he becomes a member of team Baylor, too. That way Catalina doesn’t break her word to Victoria, but still gets her man.

  6. cheryl says:

    I had the crazy thought that Linus was somehow the father of Catalina.
    Do you think Linus was setting up Catalina to have to become a secret member of the watchdog group? and Is Linus really a bad guy in cahoots with Victoria and is the secret leader of said bad guys ( like a version of the Illuminati?)
    It felt like Alessandro was on a personal quest to avenge something and wanting Catalina was not in the cards.
    Sergeant Heart and the secret dates with Penelope were my favorite snickers on the family group along with Bern and Leon and everyone’s reactions to the news.

    • kaleigha says:

      I got the vibe that he was maybe the grandfather…but not sure if that works out. I thought maybe he was a bad guy, but then sometimes I get the feeling that maybe he was playing one for Victoria. Hard to say. There was something about Alessandro’s family not being what everyone thought, and one former girlfriend said he was a liar. And from what Alessandro said to Ragnar about getting strong and staying alive so the bad guys don’t win, it made me think he has experience with that. I love Heart and Penelope. Now we just need a love interest for Frida, which would be amazingly awesome.

  7. Lidy says:

    Favorite part: seeing Catalina and Arabella work as a team. Alessandro. Grandma Frida, as usual (I want each one of them to get books so she’ll be like “Penelope, the baby…” while they correct her, “Grandma, I’m not a baby”). And Augustine. Also, I like how the Baylors are willing to open up and make room for strangers. Creepy villain.

    Least favorite: the temporary abandonment of Caesar plot. I should’ve seen it coming, after the way Kelly was handled in the short story. Not enough Augustine.

    My feelings on Catalina becoming head of the house: I didn’t care for it. I mean, it was obvious that Nevada was jeopardizing her health. The way she took her family’s worry for distrust after the suffering they endured after her father’s death was an exaggeration I hadn’t seen coming.

  8. bfmason50 says:

    Ok I loved the book but I had one minor issue with it which was all the offhand digs at firearms in USA. So it is ok for the primes and houses to have guns and Alessandro to summon guns, flamethrower, Linus armor suit out of thin air. But for a normal American on a freeway to have a gun is bad and evil because they might shoot Alessandro when he is driving like a bat out of hell on a freeway.
    Sorry this is just a major pet pieve of mine, and no I don’t own any guns but I support the 2nd Amendment. Alessandro broke several firearms laws btw when he summoned them out of thin air!
    Favorite part any time we get the Beast of Cologne.

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