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From the Author Pages

Time for my weekly check into the authors that have their own sections of Wicked Scribes, and that means time to post an update, as well. There isn’t a ton for this one, but there are a couple of tidbits to share…

  • The cover has been released for the next Branded Packs book from Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan, which is called Buried and Shadowed. It will release on July 12th…

buried and shadowed

  • Oooh, title alert! Title alert! The 11th Charley Davidson book from Darynda Jones will be called Eleventh Grave in Moonlight, and it is due out next January.
  • Speaking of title alerts, it was just hours ago that Kresley Cole confirmed that Immortals After Dark #18 will be called Wicked Abyss. Ok, seriously. Can anything with Abyss in it be about anyone other than Furie? I guess we will find out…when it is released next March.
  • Oh, and the cover has also been released for the next novella in Jennifer Estep‘s Elemental Assassin series, Unwanted. It is due out on July 18th…


  • And on the Black Dagger Brotherhood front, J.R. Ward‘s next book will be called The Chosen, and it will feature…Layla. Hmmm. Not my favorite character. Probably my least, actually. I care about her so little, I don’t even know if I spelled her name right. Bummer. If everything holds to the usual schedule, it should be released next March.
  • Totally neither PNR or UF, but the next Casey Duncan book from Kelley Armstrong will be released next February 7th, and it will be called A Darkness Absolute.
  • Ok, this isn’t an update, but a rant about lack of updates. I wish authors all the best, and I want them to do whatever works for their careers so that we will continue to get the books we love, but why is it when some authors go self-pubbed that you just can’t seem to find out any info on upcoming releases? Seriously. Alexandra Ivy is great about keeping her readers in the loop about what she has coming out, but so many others seem to just fall right off the radar. I want to do my little part by maybe making a post, or at least putting their upcoming works in the new release pages, but I can’t find any info. Ok, I needed to vent before I go back to trying to find out what Thea Harrison is working on now. Oy.

So, which of these are you looking forward to the most? Who do you predict the next IAD book will be about?

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J.R. Ward Q&A Recap

20248Every year, Pheonix very kindly sends me over a transcript of the the Q&A session J.R. Ward does with her fans. And every year, I am not quite through the last book, so I have the whole “trying to read it without spoiling myself” thing going on – which I failed at this time. Yep, I saw things that I would’ve liked to have been a surprise, and I quickly stopped. So, if you have not as yet finished The Beast

Look Away! Spoilers! Save Yourself!

Still Spoilers! You have been Warned!

Q: Who is the next book?

A: Xcor and Layla. The title will be “The Chosen.”

Q: Do the stories ever change on you as you’re writing them?

A: They’ve corkscrewed on me. I’ll think something is going to happen and then the way the story unfolds contradicts what I was expecting.

Q: Last year you told us that Murhder was making more of an appearance. When????

A: I will be in Nashville again, but I don’t know if it will be on a weekday. It will be around the release of The Angel’s Share. (Bourbon Kings series)

As for Murhder, I expected him to show up in this book. One of the problems is, when I start a book, I have no idea how far the story will go. We didn’t go far enough this time. I’d like to promise he’s in The Chosen, but I can’t.

Q: What is the next Legacy book about?

A: It will be about Axe. You haven’t met his heroine yet. But I’ve outlined and I’m going to be starting it soon.

Q: Will you write another Insider’s Guide?

A: I’m having trouble with my schedule right now. It’s so packed. But it is about time. We’ve had enough books, so there’s enough information. It’s just about finding time in my schedule to do it.

Q: In the next Bourbon Kings book, The Angel’s Share, do we find out who killed the old man?

A: Mmmm. Yes. Maybe. A little bit. Keep Reading.

Q: Will Jo Early transition in the next book?

A: Keep Reading…………

Q: Will the Scribe Virgin come back?

A: Can’t answer that.

Q: Is Markcus, the blood slave significant?

A: I would say everyone in the books is significant.

Q: Will Eddie and Adrian (The Fallen Angels) make an appearance. When?

A: Yes. Keep reading for when.

Q: Do you know who replaces the Scribe Virgin and do you know them?

A: Are you $%*$ing kidding me? It’s Lassiter.

Q: When Vishous makes the comment that he remembers Jane slumping in the crumpled Audi, when she died, that didn’t make sense because she didn’t die in a car accident. So why was the Audi crumpled?

A: Yeah, because Jane died from a gunshot wound in the car. (Checking the book) Okay, that’s an error in the book. It’s supposed to say ‘crumpled body’ instead of ‘crumpled Audi’. Sometimes, corrections don’t make it through the editing process and into the final copy of the book. I’ll fix it, promise!

Q: s’Ex is a boy? *

A: Yes, s’Ex is a boy. You’ll see more of him.

Q: Did you purposefully choose Lassiter to take over the SV? *

A: That would have been awesome, but the stories don’t work like that. But isn’t the irony great?

Q: If you could choose one Brother to be yours who would it be?

A: It’s like a box of chocolates: why choose only one? But there’s only one for me. Zsadist.

Q: Why wasn’t Boo in the book?

A: Because every time Boo is in the book, Lassiter puts on the Borat thong and sings, “What’s up pussycat?” I wasn’t putting that in the book.

Q: Is Axe related to Naasha?

A: Keep reading.

Q: Does Lassiter get someone?

A: Lassiter absolutely gets his own book. He’s too fabulous not to.

Q: Will see more of Devina?

A: Devina is definitely returning. And I think Devina and Lash are a couple made in hell. Sooooo…

Q: (The question was difficult to hear, so we tried to piece it together) There seems to be some discrepancy between what we know of Butch and Manny and their father and what we learned about Jo Early’s father.

A: Their father has a very convoluted storyline. There are secrets that Manny doesn’t know about himself or his mother. Manny’s age, and other things are not what Manny thinks he knows. Things have been hidden, and there’s a surprise about who they’re related to. Butch has a lot of healing to do over his sister who died, so there’s a lot of possibilities to his relationship with Jo. But it will take a while.

Q: Will the way Lyric was revived by Payne, twice, have a magical effect on Lyric?

A: Payne is losing the ability to revive and heal people. I suspect that the SV didn’t burden either of her kids with that role as a way of showing her love. But, no, I don’t expect it to have an effect on Lyric.

Q: Did the Creator tell Lassiter that this would be his destiny?

A: No, I feel that it was the SV’s role to choose her own successor.

Q: What was Vishous’ role in Lassiter’s life so that they ended up hating each other?

A: It’s very complex and convoluted. Vishous played a role in the loss of the love of Lassiter’s life. But it will take us a while to get to where we can learn the whole story.

Q: Does Lassiter have a name?

A: Yes, but I’m not telling you.

Q: How far in the future (of the stories) do you see? Do you see the young and their future?

A: I absolutely see LW and Nalla and the others. I would love to write Nalla’s book but it would have to step out of the timeline and go thirty or forty years in the future.

Q: Does Saxton get a Happily-Ever-After?

A: Keep reading.

Q: Is there a book for the SV?

A: No, she doesn’t get a book. And neither does Fritz.

Q: Is Marisol coming back?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Marisol pregnant?

A: What? No! It would be a surprise to both of us if she is.

Q: When will they know that Lassiter has taken over for the SV?

A: Power has been transferred. He’s waiting for the worst possible time to reveal.

Q: In Dark Lover when Wrath agrees to take the throne, what was the favor he owes the SV? And will that transfer?

A: Keep reading.

Q: Will Blay and JM be inducted into The Brotherhood?

A: Yes. I can’t say when. My question is, will they induct Payne first? And how will that work with her being a female and they do the ceremony buck-naked.

Q: What is the next Legacy book?

A: It is called Blood Vow. Axe’s heroine is the sister of the cousin who died in Blood Kiss.

Q: At the showdown at the old school, I was expecting all the fighters to be there, including the Shadows and Xhex and Payne.

A: Payne is doing something. I wasn’t seeing her, so she’s up to something but I don’t know what. Trez is depressed and isn’t doing well and needs to stabilize. I think he’s been off with the s’Hisbe trying to get his shit together. Xhex has been at the clubs.

Q: Was there anything significant to Vishous stumbling?

A: Yes, there is. If you noticed that Payne was also complaining about weakness, not related to the twins’ birth. So, there’s something happening.

Q: Will the name ‘The Brotherhood’ change one females are in?

A: No, I don’t think so. It’s traditional. But, it’s not up to me. Do you really think that the women who get in there care what it’s called?

Q: When John Matthew gets inducted, he already has the scar? (so does he need to get another one?)

A: They’ll punch him again. He will want that. That’s a lot of tradition and history behind the BDB. He won’t want to just rely on his birthmark.

Q: Will it come out that JM is Darius?

A: So many people ask that. But, you can’t have that out. It was a deal made and it doesn’t matter if the SV isn’t in charge. The core issue was that he bargained, so he gave a token of his faculties. You can’t rewrite the rules because the SV is gone. But it would change all the relationships. Tohr would go from being a father figure to his best friend.

Q: 90% of the Lessening Society has been taken out and the only way to end it is to take out the Omega. Have we met the person or weapon who can do that?

A: (choruses of Butch, Butch) What we don’t know is, what is Butch waiting for? That’s a Keep Reading.

Q: Assail talks about his no-good brother and sister. Have we, or will we, meet them?

A: We haven’t met them, but I don’t know if we will. I suspect they’re still in the Old Country. But I don’t know for sure.

Q: I just read Tohr’s book. I don’t care about spoilers. Will we ever get to know more about Darius’ backstory?

A: You will see some of that as you go further into the series. I would love to write a couple of books that go back and give us the Brotherhood’s history.

Q: Will Novo have her own book?

A: Yes, and she is definitely bisexual. I know who she ends up with but it’s not a female.

Q: Will Assail have his own book?

A: Assail will absolutely have his own book.

Q: Is Murhder Bitty’s uncle?

A: No, he isn’t. It be addressed before the end of the six months so that will be addressed in Blood Vow.

Q: Will Ehric and Evale share a mate?

A: No, I don’t think so. If one of them fell in love, they wouldn’t want to see his love being banged by his brother.

Q: Is there a way for Xcor to redeem himself with the Brothers.

A: There absolutely is, and he’s already done it. It’s in the books. Think about it.

Q: Will we see Ahgony, Phury’s son? (in future books)

A: Yes, we definitely will see more of Phury’s son.

Q: How do you shut it off? (The stories and characters)

A: You don’t.

Q: Do we find out what is in the coffins?

A: Yes, you will find out

Q: Is Murhder, Butch, Manny, and Jo’s dad?

A: *JR walks away.

Q: Are Butch and V ever going to get it on?

A: There are some things that should remain behind closed doors.

Q: Will Marissa and Butch have kids?

A: I haven’t seen it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Q: Will Havers have a mate?

A: No, Havers will not have a mate. I can’t stand the fool. I wanna throat-punch him.

Q: Are there more babies coming?

A: I don’t know.

Q: From the Story of Son, will we see Michael come into The Brotherhood.

A: I don’t know about Michael, but I would like to think his daughter might.

Q: Could you give us a hint of where Assail’s story is going? How does Sola fit into his story?

A: Assail is having a bad week. He’s on his way to rehab. Sola has met a guy, but Assail doesn’t know it yet. Yes, Assail and Sola end up together, though.

Q: Will either JM or Xhex get revenge on the guy who raped JM when he was a pretrans?

A: I think he’s already met a bad end, but we’ll see.

Q: Phury was persecuted more than the others, who all had their own problems.

A: Because it’s the nature of addiction. You have to, at some point, say, “It’s sink or swim.” His problem is different than all of the others’ issues. Phury eventually got to that place where he asked for help, but when you compare it to Assail, who pulled his own ripcord, you have to realize, it’s not Phury that was different but the nature of his problem that was different.

Q: Assail seemed to have an immediate bond to the blood slave he rescued. Is that true?

A: 100% true.

Q: Is Vishous losing his power?

A: No, but I think when his mother opted out of the time-space continuum, I think there’s a power shift. And I want to be the first one to see Vishous realize that Lassiter has taken over for the SV. If there is one m***er f***er who you would not believe is in charge of everything, it would be Lassiter. No one’s going to take his word, so there’s going to have to be some kind of definitive proof.

Q: Will we learn more about Craig and Paradise in other books?

A: Yes, I think we’ll see more of them in other books.

Q: Is Throe’s sister dead?

A: I’ve never said one way or another. He has the ashes, but you’ve never seen them have you?

Q: Will we see some of the original Brothers in other Legacy books?

A: You will see some of the original Brothers in Blood Vow. There is an unaddressed issue about Bitty’s uncle. That has to be addressed before the end of the six months so that will be addressed in Blood Vow.

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From the Author Pages

Updating time again, and there are a couple of things to mention from the author pages…

  • The fifth (and I believe final) book in Anne Bishop‘s The Others series now has a name. Etched in Bone will be released next March.
  • And next March will also see the last Chicagoland Vampires book from Chloe Neill, which will be called Blade Bound.
  • Jeaniene Frost‘s third Broken Destiny book will be called The Brightest Flame, and it will be out next July.
  • There will be an Elemental Assassin novella from Jennifer Estep released this December, and it will be called Nice Guys Bite.
  • Nihcki sent over word that the second Black Dagger Legacy book from J.R. Ward, Blood Vow, will feature Axe and Elise. It has a release date of December 6th.
  • Probably coming as a shock to no one at all, Lora Leigh‘s next Breeds book has gotten a quite hefty push-back. Originally due for release on October 6th, it looks like Wake a Sleeping Tiger won’t hit the shelves until next March.
  • Ooooh, the official blurb for Nalini Singh‘s next Guild Hunters book, Archangel’s Heart, is now out. And wow…

One of the most vicious archangels in the world has disappeared. No one knows if Lijuan is dead or has chosen to Sleep the long sleep of an immortal. But with her lands falling into chaos under a rising tide of vampiric bloodlust, a mysterious and ancient order of angels known as the Luminata calls the entire Cadre together to discuss the fate of her territory.

Accompanying her archangelic lover Raphael to the Luminata compound, guild hunter-turned-angel Elena senses that all is not as it seems. Secrets echo from within the stone walls of the compound, and the deeper Elena goes, the uglier the darkness. But neither Raphael nor Elena is ready for the brutal truths hidden within—truths that will change everything Elena thinks she knows about who she is…

Nothing will ever be the same again.

  • And finally, the title for the next Mercy Thompson book from Patricia Briggs has been announced, and it looks like the 10th book will be called Silence Fallen.

So, that wraps things up for today’s post. Are you looking forward to any of these (duh)? Have you got any new info to share?

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Spotlight on Kresley Cole

There hasn’t been much word from Kresley Cole lately, but today she sent your her newsletter with not only an updated (tentative) release schedule, but a bit of info on her next novella. Day Zero, which will be released this summer, will be a story set in the Arcana Chronicles word, and it will focus on not only new arcana, but tell the story of how some previous characters survived the flash. There is a draft of the cover to take a peek at, too…

day zero

The release schedule is shaping up like this…

THE PLAYER – The Game Maker Series, April 12
DAY ZERO – An Arcana Chronicles Novella, Summer
BLOOD RED KISS – Anthology with Gena Showalter and Larissa Ione, Sept 20
SHADOW’S SEDUCTION – A Dacians/Immortals After Dark Novella, Feb 2017
IAD #17 – March 2017 (Title TBA)
While I am very happy to get back to the Dacians, I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed that it will be in the form of a novella. It has been quite a while since the first book, so I was pretty sure that we had a full novel coming. But I guess we take what we can get, right?
So, which of these are you most looking forward to?
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From the Author Pages

So, there aren’t any new series to spotlight this week (or any book of the week pick, either, but more on that in a bit). Instead, I thought I would do a little updating in things I found while updating the author pages. And maybe whine a bit…

  • Alexandra Ivy will have a third Dragons of Eternity book coming out this December, and it will be called Taken by Darkness.
  • This isn’t directly book related, but it looks like Shadowhunters, the Freeform show based on The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, has officially been released for a second season. I have to admit, I am surprised. I have been faithfully watching it, but it can be a bit painful at times. I actually don’t mind most of the changes from the books, and most of the cast is pretty good, too. Jace doesn’t have quite the snark and arrogance of Jace from the book, but I can deal with that – what is throwing me off is the actress playing Clary. She just isn’t working for me. I find myself rolling my eyes a lot when she is on, which isn’t ideal, but hopefully she will come more into her own in season two.
  • Chloe Neill will release a Chicagoland Vampires novella next January, which will be the second to last story before March final book. Scary thought.
  • On a personal note, Christine Feehan‘s Dark Promises comes out tomorrow – and it is the first Feehan book I haven’t bought. Seriously, I have never before not pre-ordered one of her new releases, but I just didn’t feel like it this time. Between the fact that I have two great books waiting for me (Fire Touched and Marked in Flesh), my disappointment with her recent stories, and my strange distaste for Grandma Trixie (not to mention my dislike of Gabrielle in the excerpt that I read), nothing made me want to pick this one up. At least not yet. If I have a free week coming up somewhere down the line I might break down and get it, but I am in no hurry at all.
  • On the publishing front, it appears that Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb is switching publishing houses. Recent behind-the-scenes changes at Random House prompted  the move, and now Roberts/Robb will be signed with MacMillian-St. Martin’s Press. I guess sometimes that I forget that books are not only pleasure, but a business, too, and in business things sometimes need to change. While there might be some tweaks to the publishing schedule, it looks like everything will pretty much carry on as before. So, no end to Eve and Roarke in sight, thank God.
  • Ok, I gave myself a concussion rolling my eyes on this one. Last December, J.R. Ward published the first book of her new Black Dagger Legacy spin-off series, Blood Kiss, in paperback format. There was a whole write up before it was published about how it was a return to the old-school mass market romance style of the first Black Dagger Brotherhood books. And I really enjoyed it. Fast forward to book two, Blood Vow, which is due out on December 6th in – wait for it – hardcover. Yep. Unless Amazon has totally screwed up, this one is going to be hardcover. So, one whole book in paperback, then a format switch. Unless they re-release the first book in hardcover, I am going to be annoyed. Seriously.
  • Kelley Armstrong‘s next Women of the Otherworld collection will be called Otherworld Chills, and it will be released on October 6th.
  • The cover for the upcoming Rachel Morgan/Peri Reed novella mash-up from Kim Harrison has been released. Waylaid will be available on April 4th.


  • Also on the cover front, the art and blurb for the 24th Argeneau Vampires book from Lynsay Sands, called Immortal Nights. It will be released on September 20th.

immortal nightsAbigail Forsythe’s life hasn’t been easy lately. Still, if there’s one thing guaranteed to take her mind off an empty bank account and abandoned dreams, it’s a naked man locked in a plane’s cargo hold. A very big, incredibly gorgeous naked man. And when instinct prompts her to free him, Abigail must rely on this stranger for survival…a stranger who leaves her thrumming with need every time they touch.

Tomasso Notte knows he’s found his life mate in Abigail. Now he just has to hold on to her. They’re miles from civilization, hunted by his kidnappers. Abigail has no idea of Tomasso’s abilities, or of how intensely pleasurable their unique connection can be. But he’s about to show her, beginning with one wild, hot, immortal night…

So, that’s about it for this batch. Are you watching Shadowhunters? Are you surprised it got picked up for a second season? What do you think about the new Ward books going to hardcover already?

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From the Author Pages

I just finished my weekly update of the author pages, and there are a couple of little things to mention…

  • It looks like the second book from Gena Showalter‘s new Everlife series will be out next year, and it will be called Lifeblood.
  • Book #44 of the In Death series from J.D. Robb will be called Echoes in Death, and it is scheduled for release next February.
  • The second book from J.R. Ward‘s new Blood Dagger Legacy series will be called Blood Vow, and it will be released this December.
  • Also due out this December is the next Immortals After Dark book from Kresley Cole. No word on title or who it features as yet, though.
  • And finally, Kim Harrison‘s New Peri Reed Chronicles was in danger of not continuing after the poor sales of the first book, but it looks like the second installment is a go. The only change, though, is that The Operative will not be released in hardcover, but go straight to mass market paperback when it comes out on November 22nd. But before that, Kim will release a novella called Waylaid on April 4th. Interestingly, this one is a Rachel Morgan/Peri Reed mash-up. I love it when two series collide, so this could be fun.

That’s it for this batch, anyways. Have you heard any info about any upcoming releases? Anything exciting to share?