Love Me, Love Me Not

xA while back, there was a bit of drama here on my little blog. There was an author (who shall remain nameless so their fans don’t show up with the pitch-forks again) that I skipped over on a book of the month poll. I only put 10 books on each poll, and this particular author was one I had never read before and I really didn’t think much about not listing her new release. Well, there was an influx of rabid fans and questions about my competence, both of which are fine, but it did make me push that particular author up my TBR list. I figured with that many die-hard fans, I must really be missing out.

Nope. I picked up the first book of her first series, and had to DNF it. I did make myself get to the 50% mark before I quit, but it was tough going. And I spent most of that 50% wanting to slap the female lead. Repeatedly. The dude didn’t do it for me, either, and I wasn’t even interested enough to see how things wrapped up. So, I figured that it must be just me, and I picked up the next book. And it was more of the same. I am not saying that they are bad books, but for whatever reason they just don’t work for me. And believe me, I am in the vast minority on that one, since this particular author is very, very well liked.

Just when I caught myself getting ready to buy the third book, figuring that this would be the one, I put the brakes on. I was feeling guilty for not enjoying the works of said author, which was silly. To each their own, and this one just isn’t for me. Have you ever been in the same boat, trying to make yourself like something that just doesn’t work for you because you feel you should? How many tries to you give it before you cry surrender and move on? What popular series just don’t work for you?


Discussion Forums?

Hey everyone, just a quick post to see if you can help a gal out. Kim is looking for places like the old Amazon book discussion forums that focused on genres like new adult, suspense, contemporary romance, that sort of thing. A place for discussion and to get some book recommendations. Do you have any suggestions? Redbutterfly suggested the Romance Book Lovers forum, but do you have any other ideas?

Site Updates

I am just dropping a quick post to say that I am in the process of updating and editing a few of the character guides, especially the Sea Haven one, so things are what you might call disorganized. And wordy. Editing is my friend. Sorry for any inconvenience.

New Series Alert

There is only one new series starting up this week, and it comes to us from Christine Warren. Well, there was a prequel novella available earlier this month, but Baby I’m Howling For You is the first full book of the Alphaville series.

baby i'm howling for youSynopsis…

Renny Landry is a wolf on the run. Pursued by a shapeshifting stalker and his slobbering pack of killer coyotes, she is forced to flee her job as a librarian to find sanctuary in the wooded hills of Alpha, Washington. A well-secluded safe space for troubled shifters, Alpha is Renny’s last hope. But the first person she meets there is a gorgeous alpha male with fiery eyes, fierce tattoos, and one ferocious appetite—for her…

Mick Fischer thought he left his past behind when he moved to Alpha. But fate has a way of biting him in the tail when a female wolf shows up on his property. Wounded, desperate—and disarmingly hot—Renny brings out the snarling, protective alpha beast in Mick like no other woman he’s known. Can these two haunted, hunted wolves manage to mate for life…even as the deadliest past demons howl at their heels?


Christine Warren was an original favorite of mine, but over the years I parted ways with her after a spell of books that just didn’t match up to the early stories that I loved. That said, I did enjoy the Alphaville novella from earlier this month, so I have hopes I can get back into Christine’s books.

Sponsored Content?

Amazon-Logo-frownAm I the only one that gotten kinda annoyed by Amazon slipping in a bunch of “sponsored content” books into every search? I use Amazon a lot to keep track of new release dates, and having as many as four random titles show up in each list is bugging me. And from the little I have seen, all of the books are Amazon-published titles. I understand the importance of publicity for there own in-house pubbed works, but this is a bit much. If you click on an individual title, you still get a whole side-scrolling list of “sponsored products related to this title” (a full 250 of them, no less), but it is at least out of the way. This added onto a search thing just gets in the way. Or is it just me?

New Year’s Resolutions

New-Years-ResolutionHow are all of you getting along with this busy, busy season? Have all of the shopping and cooking and cleaning stuff done, if you are into that? Mine is honestly pathetically easy, since I just buy for my father, the people at work, and my best friend’s daughter. All done, given out, and paid for already. I don’t decorate or bother with a huge meal, so I am pretty much set. Yay.

But now is time to start to think of what I will be trying to target in the new year. 2017 was all about getting the TBR down to virtually nothing, which I would consider a success. For 2018, I have a bunch of weird resolutions, and a few of them are “entertainment related”. For one, I plan on striking some of the biggies off of my TBR list, as per the usual. But I also plan on going back and doing some major re-reading of my old stuff, too. I know it sounds a bit strange, but in the long run I figure it could be a treat. It might help get me more into some of those series that I have always been a bit meh on, like the Lords of the Underworld. And it would be great to revisit an old favorite like Mercy Thompson.

I would also love to get caught up on some tv shows I have either started or always wanted too. Sons of Anarchy, The 100, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are up there. So is getting a start on Outlander and a few others. On the movie front, I am actually going to watch the Star Wars movies – never seen them. Well, parts of them here and there, but I have never actually sat down and watched one. Strange, but true. And I want to do a re-watch of the Lord of the Rings movies, which will take a while. Heh.

There, those are my goals. What do you have planned for 2018? Anything you would like to do, or redo? What big movie franchises or tv shows do you feel like you are the only one who hasn’t watched yet?

Keeping the Torch?

Sigh. Made-up mind unmade?

Here’s what I am thinking. Time is a bit scarce, but I really hate letting all of the years of work go. And I still have to keep track of my own crap, anyways. I will still be hunting down books, still looking for covers and blurbs, and I still have to have a place to put them. So what I might do is maybe just post less..ish. Updates here and there. New series and book of the week posts. Maybe the reading wrap up stuff every couple of weeks. Just what catches my eye, I guess.

I am strangely enough quite able to keep up on adding to the new release pages, which is weird. The character guides? Ummm…well. I will see how it goes. Maybe if I can get back to my routine of working on them for an hour a day, I might be able to get caught up. Eventually. Or at least working on it.

Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be overly dramatic when I said I was letting this place go. I have been thinking about it for a while, ever since my work schedule went to hell in June, but it just isn’t setting right with me. I have dropped a lot of other stuff, rearranged a bunch more (er, learned to live with a messy house, that sort of thing). My problem is I have always had trouble with doing things half-way. If I can’t do something right, I don’t like to do it at all. I think I just need to get it into my head that this is a hobby, not a job, and I will do what I can. So, if you can, bear with me while I get my crap figured out.

Passing the Torch

So, I had hoped to hold off until the end of the year, but I think my blogging time has come to an end. As sad as it is for me, work constraints have made it impossible to keep up on everything, and there doesn’t look to be any changes in sight. I am only doing the bare minimum around here, and even finding the time for that can be difficult.

I would ideally like to turn the blog over to someone else, if there were any takers. It is set up and ready to step into, and he or she could take their time to customize it to their own style. If anyone is interested, just hit the “Contact Me” button and let me know.

Either way, I would really like to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment, contribute reviews and favorites, and just generally show up day after day. I would like to stay in contact, so if there are any great PNR/UF discussion groups you could recommend, I would be much obliged. I want to stay in the loop, I just don’t have the time to do the behind-the-scenes stuff anymore. Thanks again to everyone, and I hope someone does keep things going. A lot went into it, and I would like to see someone take over who can give it the time it deserves.