Chronicles of Nick Character Guide

The world of the Dark-Hunters is unlike anything you’ve every seen before. It’s dark. It’s gritty. It’s dangerous…And it’s a whole lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

My name is Nick Gautier and this is the story of my life.

– Dark Hunter World Reading List –

*Dark Bites is a print collection of all of the novellas listed above.

DHW = Dark Hunter World
CoN = Chronicles of Nick
*This is a breakdown of all of the characters in Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s young adult Chronicles of Nick series, complete up to Instinct While I have tried to keep things general, this is a reference that may include spoilers. All credit for this guide goes to PhoenixFyre.

This is alphabetical by first name, with main or vital characters highlighted in blue.

DH = Dark-Hunter; WH = Were-Hunter; DRH = Dream-Hunter; HC = Hellchaser


Acheron “Ash” Parthenopaeus – DH/Ancient Atlantean god/Charonte

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 8
  • Born in 9548 B.C. Which makes him an 11,000 -year-old omnipotent immortal
  • Leader of the Dark-Hunters
  • He’d been the first Dark-Hunter Artemis had created
  • He appeared to be in his late teens but was actually 21 when he’d died
  • His powers are: Listens to voices it the ether, Telekinesis, Teleports, can wipe memories, can see in the future unless it will impact his life, infinite powers, necromancy, psychic abilities were fierce and scary
  • One scary SOB, extreme charisma and glamor, dry tone, sarcasm, patient, offbeat humor, not arrogant or condescending
  • When Ash had been human, not even other gods had been able to detect his real nature
  • He didn’t like talking or even thinking about his past and is very secretive
  • Nick always treated him like he was human
  • Known Kyrian for over two thousand years and was one of his best DH pupils
  • Sweet Home Alabama played on the jukebox at the Sanctuary whenever Acheron showed up
  • Wise, know lots of things, exuded lethal authority
  • Has an aura of lethal power
  • Anyone with a drop of paranormal blood in them knew he wasn’t what he seemed
  • In the land of Bad Ass, Acheron reigned supreme
  • Favorite saying is “Power without control is worthless
  • He knew everything about past, present, and future
  • Savitar, had been a mentor to Ash over the centuries
  • Deep, rumbling voice that’s thickly accented that he can throw out
  • Lean hard muscles, has humongous large hands covered with fingerless gloves
  • Dresses in black Goth gear and wears dark wraparound sunglasses so people will leave him alone
  • True god form: fangs, mottled blue skin, black lips, and horns.
  • Simi, his Charonte, is a tattoo on him
  • Acheron is absolutely beautiful and every feature is perfectly sculpted
  • His eyes, swirled with a deep glowing silver … like mercury, he’s embarrassed by them
  • Different colored hair every day that fell to the middle of his back
  • Identical twin brother, Styxx whose life force is bonded to his

Acheron, Little – Demigod

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • 5’
  • From Alternate Universe
  • Preternatural power emanates the air around him
  • A geek in High School at ST. Richard’s
  • With a wave if his hand he can take pain away
  • His mother was the goddess Katra and father was human
  • His grandfather went crazy when his mom was killed and declared war on the world
  • Short brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • His sister is Simi and Grandfather is Acheron, who is overprotective

Adarian Malachai – Elder Malachai

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • A Destroyer
  • 6′ 6
  • Born 5666 B.C.
  • One of the most powerful demons ever spawned
  • Sent Caleb to train and protect Nick
  • Chose to live in Angola Prison since he feeds off the cruelty and evil of others and cloaks his presence
  • Being near Nick weakens him
  • Jared the Sephirii is the only being capable of bringing him down
  • Was Noir’s slave until he tricked Seth into freeing him
  • His mother had purposefully conceived him and sold him to Noir to buy her freedom
  • Found humor was torturing others
  • Conceived in violence to do violence and to die violently, is the Malachai symbol
  • Tried to kill his son Nick twice to steal his powers
  • Adarian has lived the longest out of all previous Malachai’s
  • He tied Caleb’s geist to his own so, whoever has his powers owns Caleb
  • The majority of the gods, exist in a state of absolute fear of him. Even Noir
  • Tears demons apart with his bare hands
  • His summoning name is Adrius
  • Noir fed from Adarian, but Noir couldn’t control him
  • On the day they met Cherise, she had stolen his heart
  • Cannot kill the ones who created him
  • No Malachai before Adarian had ever placed the needs or welfare of anyone above himself
  • Adarian sacrificed himself for the protection of Cherise and past his powers on to Nick
  • Demon Form: A mixture of gold and black that swirled in a beautiful pattern and his eyes bright gold
  • Appeared to be Mid-thirties even though he lived for centuries
  • Tall, handsome man, a giant hulking beast of a man, covered in heavy tattoos
  • Found out he had another son who was grown and who has the blood of two gods
  • Short, military-cut jet-black hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Parents were Xarex Malachai and Teras
  • Son and heir is Nick Gautier
  • Adarian was in love with Cherise Gautier

Adidiron – Nasaru/Arelim

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Guards Time and Order
  • 6′ 4
  • Charged with ensuring that the human world didn’t end
  • Born to his position
  • Ancient bronze armor
  • Muscular and so beautiful that it was hard to look upon him
  • Scar down his face
  • Long blond hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Closest friend is Suriyel

Aeron – Ancient God of War

  • First Appearance in Instinct
  • 6′ 2
  • Púca
  • Nick’s New General
  • A god of war that was tricked and trapped by his own kinsmen and who stole his powers
  • Has a secret past with Thorn
  • Helped save Nick’s life with Nashira by taking a little of his blood and became corporeal
  • His name means carnage and slaughter
  • Closest friend and ally is Xevikan and both imprisoned in the Nemed together
  • Has battle scars and a stylized Celtic raven tattoo
  • Deep, masculine voice and a thick, lilting brogue accent
  • Glowing, tawny complexion
  • Dark blond hair in human or god form, white blond as a púca
  • Pale eyes
  • Related to Cadegan
  • Son of Morrígan and the Dagda

Aimee Peltier – WH Arcadian Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 6’
  • DOB: 6/6/1502
  • Waitress-Bookkeeper at the Sanctuary
  • Only daughter of eleven brothers and they tended to be a little overprotective of her
  • Soft, hint of a French accent
  • Gorgeous, tall, all legs and built with the kind of curves men dreamed about
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Parents are Papa Bear & Nicolette Peltier

Alan – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Hoodlum that hustled and scammed locals and tourists
  • Age 19
  • Almost killed Nick

Alex Peltier – WH/Arcadian Bear

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6’
  • Busboy at the Sanctuary
  • In High School at St. Richard’s
  • Has preternatural powers
  • Age 27
  • Tall
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes

Amanda Devereaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 5′ 10
  • High School Student
  • Part of Kyrian Hunter’s future
  • Sorceress and has the power of telekinesis
  • Sedate personality
  • Dark Brown hair with auburn highlights
  • Blue eyes
  • Identical Twin Tabitha

Ambrose – Dark-Hunter/Malachai

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 4
  • Age 24 when he died and became a Dark-Hunter
  • DOB: 12/21/1982
  • Nick’s future self from hundreds of years in the future
  • Destined to become a Dark-Hunter and the catalyst has always been the death of our mother
  • Artemis brought him back from the dead and unleashed his powers
  • A Destroyer and the last of a cursed race
  • Ambrose is even more powerful than his father was
  • Goal is to keep Nick from making some really bad mistakes and to save their mother
  • He knew what would become of his friends and loved ones, if he didn’t alter history
  • Gave Nick the gift of perspicacity, so no one can fool him
  • Unlocked Nick’s powers early for his protection
  • That dark power inside him was an all-demanding power that was getting harder to fight
  • Blames Artemis and Acheron for playing a major role in turning him into the Malachai
  • He already knew how the world would end, the date, the moment
  • He is awakening powers and bringing new players into his past from messing with time
  • His father died when he was 10
  • Every time he’d tried to kill himself, something had prevented it, all because of Acheron’s curse
  • Warns Nick to never touch Simi
  • Bred to be a soldier for the darkest of powers
  • Tried three times before to change and prevent the deaths of every one he loved
  • Told Nick to find the Eye of Ananke to reset time
  • Thought he was going to be a fancy uptown lawyer and have a wife and kids
  • His powers are infinite and is using a ‘Black Scrying Mirror’ to watch the past unfold
  • Found out he has an older half-brother
  • Dark-Hunter double bow-and-arrow mark on his face
  • Long dark brown hair and trimmed goatee
  • Eyes were black but can change to blue
  • Parents are Adarian Malachai and Cherise Gautier
  • In relationship with Artemis

Ameretat – Arelim Winged Soldier

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • A tall winged soldier
  • Brutal and under the command of others
  • Reddish-gold armor
  • Long pale blond hair to his shoulders

Ana Devereaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • Owns Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo Shop
  • Tall, beautiful and graceful
  • Brown haired
  • Blue eyes
  • Aunt to Devereaux sisters

Angelos “Angel” Santiago – WH/Leopard

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Lead singer for The Howlers
  • Lean build
  • Dark hair
  • Brown eyes with flecks of gold

Apollymi – Atlantean Goddess of Goddess of Life, Death & Wisdom

  • First mentioned in Illusion
  • 6′ 4
  • Was Braith, a primal dark god
  • Used the Magus Stone to remove a soul from a body to create the Daimon race
  • Blond hair
  • Swirling silver eyes
  • Mother to Acheron
  • Significant other is Atlantean god Archon

Ari Anaxkolasi – Demigod

  • First Mentioned in Illusion
  • His parents were overprotective of him
  • Has the power to shield from demonic pursuers
  • Fierce and skilled warrior
  • His soul is imprisoned by a creature who lives to torment him
  • Brother to Urian and Belam
  • Parents are Styxx & Bethany
  • Killed by the malachai

Artemis “Artie” – Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Childbirth, Fertility & Plagues

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 4
  • Basically retired now
  • Created the Dark-Hunters
  • Healer, and a protector of children and women
  • Artemis could and did tap into Acheron’s powers and the only person who could control Acheron
  • Artemis had once ridden Kody through the skies in her golden chariot
  • Made a bargain with young Nick to heal Kody and taking a small amount of his blood
  • She had always put her own well-being over those she loved
  • For the first time in her existence she found bravery
  • In the distant future, Ambrose Malachai kills her entire family
  • For centuries, she had been Nick’s sanctuary and sheltered and protected him
  • Ambrose kept her caged, stripped all of her powers and left her to suffer at the hands of his army
  • Heavy accent
  • Long red hair with fat curls, fell all the way down her back to her waist
  • Green luminescent eyes
  • In relationship with currently Acheron; and in the future Ambrose

Asmodeus – Demon

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • Talkative and high strung
  • Trapped in the ‘Nether Realm in Azmodea’ and was named after it
  • Got bullied a lot as a small demon
  • Spiked white hair that frames an impish face
  • Gray eyes

Azura – Primary Dark God

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • Firstborn of all evil
  • Negative god with Noir and Braith
  • The goddess of water who seems harmless, then she lures you in and then drowns you horribly
  • Draws her power from Jaden
  • Likes to make people suffer and is the originator of darkness and death
  • Imprisoned in Azmodea
  • Trying to restart the war they’d lost
  • She seduced Verlyn, in an attempt to control and manipulate him
  • Azura keeps Verlyn sterile for fear he will father a child who can kill or enslave her
  • Voluptuous and blue skin tone
  • White hair
  • White eyes
  • Son Xevikan, Verlyn


Balder – Demon

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • From Helheim
  • A giant man
  • Bids against beings in the gladiator ring

Bane Zafar – Pestilence

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • 6′ 6
  • One of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse
  • Ušumgallu for Adarian Malachai
  • Sends misery to everyone, everywhere he rode
  • Good friend of Grim & Laguerre
  • Aligning himself with his enemies and is done with the intrigue
  • He killed both his parents so that he could absorb their powers
  • Greenish-silver armor
  • Weapon is fire
  • Muscular and fierce looking and has sharp, angular features
  • Dark brown dreadlocks and goatee
  • Eye color changes, but is usually green

Barbara St. James, Dr. – Human Squire

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Physician
  • Zombies held her family prisoner
  • Kids are Ian, Madaug & Eric
  • Husband is John St. James

Bathymaas – Goddess and Embodiment of Justice

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • 5′ 10
  • The first and original goddess of justice
  • She would never condone the murder of an innocent Malachai
  • Caleb was her most trusted and loyal general
  • Weapon is a bow
  • Bathymaas is also Bethany
  • Athletic figure
  • Dark Brown hair
  • Greenish-gold eyes
  • Significant other was Aricles

Bethany Agriosa – Atlantean & Egyptian Goddess of Wrath, Misery & the Hunt

  • First Mentioned in Inferno
  • 5′ 11
  • Had been the great Bathymaas, the original goddess of justice
  • Unbelievable power and courage
  • Urian was taken from her as an infant
  • When she and Styxx were finally reunited, Urian was grown so they had Ari right away
  • Many centuries later after Ari was grown and married, they had Belam
  • Her symbol is a bow and arrow
  • Black hair
  • Gold eyes
  • Menyara’s niece
  • Kids are Urian, Ari and Belam
  • Husband is Styxx

Biff – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Became a zombie
  • On the at St. Richard’s High School Football team
  • Bully who picks on Madaug
  • Tall with brown hair

Bobbi Jean Burdette, Dr. – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • 5′ 1
  • Top pediatric surgeon in the country, and have written several defining works on genetic links to diseases
  • Former Executive Board member for the World Health Organization and is a living legend
  • Gone to war torn and worst natural disaster areas to do volunteer work to save children’s lives
  • Saved Nick’s life twice when he was an infant
  • Bobbi took nothing from anyone, and that included lip from her only son
  • Talks fast
  • Hates her son’s nickname
  • An attractive and slender lady with a thick Tennessee accent
  • Dark auburn hair cut in a chic style
  • Hazel Brown eyes
  • Raised in the middle of four brothers
  • Son is Michael/Bubba

Braith – Primary Dark God

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • 5′ 10
  • Negative god with Azure and Noir
  • Goddess of metals, who taught mankind how to forge weapons out of the earth’s raw materials
  • A war goddess that taught mankind how to fight
  • Rezar made and gave her the Magus Stone, a sun medallion as a peace offering after the war
  • Her symbol is a yellow sun and Rezar’s considered its protector
  • Had a forbidden affair with a Sephiroth because she wanted a baby
  • Braith had birthed the first Malachai
  • Cursed by the gods of light, that demanded the Malachai’s wife and child be sacrificed to appease them
  • Heartbroken, Braith vanished and left her son to become the property of her evil siblings
  • Is the Atlantean goddess, Apollymi
  • Her color is gray
  • Black hair
  • White eyes
  • Mother to Monakribos

Brian Murrey – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Became a Zombie
  • St. Richard’s High School jock that is a little dumber than most
  • Tried to eat best friend Scott Morgan arrested for it and later didn’t remember anything

Bricis – Fringe Hunter

  • First Appearance Invincible
  • Nasty-Smelling, Bulbous Creature
  • Slicing open its arm, manifested into demonic helpers

Bristol – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • High School Student at St. Richard’s
  • Nick’s study partner for several subjects
  • Accused Nick of claiming he was gay and beat him almost to death

Brynna Addams – Human Squire

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 7
  • 8th generation Squire in training
  • A High School Student at St. Richard’s
  • Best friends are Casey Woods & LaShonda
  • Brynna is one of the few people Nick could count on whenever it mattered
  • All-around sweetheart, never said a mean thing about anyone
  • Dina Quattlebaum tried to ruin her reputation
  • Her parents are divorced
  • Is secretly in love with Nick
  • Started an Anti-Bully Brigade at school with her friend LaShonda
  • Sedate in her wardrobe choice
  • Very pretty and thin
  • Dark brown hair with red highlights
  • Her father Ed, is the Squire for Xander

Bubba – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Triple B Computer Programmer & Gun Store Owner/Zombie Executioner
  • 6′ 4
  • DOB: 4/17/67
  • IQ was off the charts
  • Had a football scholarship to MIT and graduated top of his class with honors
  • Has several Ph.D.’s in computer science, robotics theoretical nuclear and particle physics
  • Bubba could hack into anything, legal or otherwise
  • Zombie hunting was just another service he offered
  • Favorite TV show is Oprah
  • Someone broke into his house and killed his wife and two year old son, 12 years ago
  • He had a nervous breakdown and he quit his high-tech, high-paying job
  • Asks Nick for permission to take Cherise out on a date
  • Tough as nails and loyal to the end
  • Hates mornings
  • Interesting mix of redneck and Goth
  • Bubba was well muscled and humongous
  • Thick Tennessee Southern drawl
  • Short black hair and goatee
  • Dark brown eyes
  • Mom is Dr. Bobbi Jean Burdette


Cadegan – First Mentioned in Illusion

  • 6′ 4
  • Was once Thorn’s right hand and together had been an invincible team
  • Athletic build
  • Dark Blond hair
  • Vibrant Blue eyes
  • Related to Dagon, Xevikan, Noir and Thorn

Caleb Malphas – Ancient Daeva demon/Demigod

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 4′
  • Thousands of years old
  • Nick’s Guardian and Protector
  • The New Malachai’s General
  • Caleb’s other form is that of a raven or crow, but prefers the raven
  • Quarterback, Captain and star of their high school football team at St. Richard’s
  • Enslaved by Adarian Malachai
  • A midlevel class of demon that is not innately evil
  • He was a feared general who is still capable of summoning, leading and commanding legions of demons
  • Led his army against the first Malachai
  • One of the strongest and fiercest generals in the Primus Bellum
  • Fought for Jared in the Primus Bellam
  • He personally carried the banner for Verlyn
  • The fight with Adarian’s father had cost him everything
  • Out of all Bathymaas’s generals, he was the one she prized and trusted most
  • Wasn’t big on sharing anything about himself or his past
  • In the far distant future the Malachai Ambrose kills him
  • Caleb was part ancient god, and a major one since he can siphon off his father’s powers
  • Looked so much like his father that it was hard to tell them apart
  • His father betrayed him and their people
  • He had an uncle who protected him, taught him how to fight and to shield himself and his powers
  • Adarian tied Caleb’s geist to his and whoever takes his powers takes his servitude with them
  • His wife had turned him from an instrument of absolute destruction into a noble hero
  • She died protecting him and only been granted three years together
  • Considers Nick a brother, and he would die to protect him
  • Malphas, real summoning name is Cabal
  • Demon form: His skin is dark red, long orange hair, yellow serpent-like eyes with their diamond-shaped pupils, black leather-like wings
  • His black battle armor appeared to bleed on its own as camouflage
  • The symbol of Dexaria Belam emblem adorned his battle shield
  • Hollywood-slick good looks, perfect body, great wardrobe, money and a deep accent
  • Enemies kill, Friends betray was tattooed across his back beneath his demon’s mark
  • Dark olive skin
  • Black wavy hair fashionably cut
  • Brown eyes
  • Brother is Xevikan
  • Father is Verlyn
  • Lilliana was his beloved wife

Cam – Primary Light God

  • First Appearance in Instinct
  • Goddess of white and gold, the sun goddess and her gift was love and light
  • Positive god with Rezar and Verlyn
  • Keeping the peace – original god in Primus Bellum
  • Close with Rezar (Set)
  • The divine guardians of humanity and the ones who created the Chthonians … the Sephirii
  • Set-up Cherise’s parentage and conception, to eventually set a trap for Adarian
  • White hair
  • Yellow eyes
  • Related to Bethany, Xevikan, Dagon, and Kody

Carl J. Samuel – Human Squire

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 10
  • Comes from multigenerational Squires
  • Mastermind behind the DH Site & Network with Tad Addams
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes

Casey Woods – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 5
  • DOB: 3/3/1984
  • Head Cheerleader at St. Richard’s, popular and homecoming queen
  • Best friend is Brynna Addams
  • In advanced classes and is one of the hottest girls in school
  • Self-absorbed and lives for shopping
  • Zarelda possessed her body but has no memory of it
  • Father’s a surgeon and mom’s a philanthropist
  • Beautiful face and has a lot of curves
  • Long wavy dark hair
  • Blue eyes
  • On-and-off boyfriend is Stone

Cherif Peltier – WH/Katagaria Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Bartender at Sanctuary
  • Cherif is Mr. Serious
  • A Quad to Dev, Remi and Quinn
  • Lean
  • Long curly blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Parents are Nicolette & Papa Bear

Cherise Nicole Gautier – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 2
  • DOB: 5/8/1968
  • Dropped out of school since she was pregnant at 15
  • Never dated, never married, and never been in love
  • Very grateful for having Nick and feels he was the only thing she did right in her life
  • Fearless when it came to protecting Nick and deplored violence for any reason
  • She sacrificed her life and dignity to give Nick things so that he wouldn’t know how poor they were
  • Best friend is Menyara, Nick’s godmother, who also delivered him
  • The kindest person who only saw the good in people
  • For a tiny, little woman, she could be scary
  • Working at the Sanctuary she’s making four times the money she did as an exotic dancer
  • Fierce in her beliefs that you take nothing from no one without earning it yourself
  • Hated Adarian till Nick was born because, he gave her the greatest gift of her life
  • Pure of heart, incorruptible and is incapable of seeing the evil in others
  • She’s like a beacon that calls out to so many who need kindness, like a spiritual balm
  • Beautiful and petite
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Natural daughter of Jared

Chronus – Primal god of Order

  • First Appearance in Instinct
  • Cloaked demon lord
  • The majority of the Malachai’s generals called for judgement and thought Nick to be unfit to lead them
  • Nick proved himself worthy of his bloodline and Order was restored
  • Tall and deadly and Scars covered his weathered face
  • Peculiar tarnished silver vambraces his forearms embellished with an elaborate snake-and-egg design
  • Tendrils of dark hair framed his angular face

Coach Walter Devus – Human

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Coach for St. Richard’s High School Football Team
  • The thefts at the school hadn’t started until the coach had come on board
  • The coach used who he could, then killed them off to keep them from telling on him
  • Had a face that hadn’t changed in decades
  • Killed and gathered teenage souls for his master, Trys
  • As punishment he was sucked into a vortex
  • Deep blue eyes

Colt Theodorakopolis – WH/Sentinel Arcadian Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Lead Guitar for the Howlers
  • Dark hair
  • Brown eyes


Dagon – Ancient Akkadian God of Seasons, Magic & Time

  • First Appearance in Instinct
  • 6’ 6
  • Was a war god
  • New Malachai General
  • Unsheathed a curved, flaming sword
  • He, alongside Cam, judged the dead
  • Was one of his father’s best generals during the Primus Bellum
  • Served the Malachai army well, and slaughtered everyone who came near him
  • Taught king Lycaon how to save his cursed sons and use sorcery to create the race of Were-Hunters
  • Was punished and condemned for almost five thousand years
  • Found out Shala’s dead and his father killed her after he swore never harm her
  • Aura of absolute malevolent and has no sense of humor
  • Took Nick to Tartarus for The Eye of Ananke and showed him how it functions
  • One serious accent, huge muscled girth and sharp, perfectly chiseled features
  • Long, jet-black hair
  • Related to Xevikan and Thorn
  • Parents are Noir and Hekate
  • Significant other was Shala, the goddess of compassion

Devereaux “Dev” Peltier – WH/Arcadian Ursulan Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Sentinel and Strati Warrior
  • Bouncer at the Sanctuary, but mostly at the door
  • A Quad to Remi, Cherif and Quinn
  • He’s always laughing, has an easy dazzling smile, the eternal charmer
  • Cracks sarcastic jokes, easygoing and fun to be around, has a wicked sense of humor
  • Extremely gorgeous and has a double bow and arrow tattoo on his arm
  • Long curly blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Parents are Nicolette Peltier & Papa Bear

Dina Quattlebaum – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • High School Student at St. Richard’s
  • Posted photos, and who’s been running the trash site about her classmates with hate-filled postings
  • A demon possessed her, by being invited in
  • After her public apology over the loudspeaker at school, she was going to jail
  • Because of her lies, her father almost killed Nick

Duff Portakalian – WH/Panther

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • 6′
  • Student
  • Best buddy is Alex Peltier
  • Silent and moody, an aura around him of a street punk
  • Lean
  • Short black hair
  • Vivid blue eyes
  • Parents are Justin & Patrice


Ed Addams – Human Squire for Xander

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • A large tall and muscular man
  • Divorced
  • Brynna and Tad’s dad

Eric St. James – Human Squire in training

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 11
  • Vampire slayer
  • Goth appearance
  • Long black nails, wore black makeup, black blush, and both ears pierced
  • Black hair worn spiked with a blond streak in the middle
  • Brothers are Madaug and Ian
  • Parents are Barbara and John St. James
  • Girlfriend is Tabitha Devereaux


Father Jeffrey – Human

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Priest for St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans


Grim “Death” Muerte – Reaper

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • One of the Four Horseman
  • ‘Ušumgallu’ general for Adarian
  • Can take any form he chooses & can pose as anyone
  • Sent to teach Nick the art of divination but has a higher agenda
  • His horse can turn into a Mustang or a tattoo & is always with him
  • His two companions are Pain and Suffering
  • Laguerre is his best friend
  • He doubted their ability to corrupt Nick
  • Grim wanted to see the Apocalypse he’d been created for
  • His cold throne was made from the bones of fallen heroes
  • Relied on War to feed him a steady diet of victims
  • Used a large crystal skull for scrying because he was born without foresight
  • Called for a judgment against Nick, as unfit to lead his generals
  • Nick chose his new generals and Grim wasn’t one of them
  • Personality: Not long on patience, extremely OCD, no sense of humor, massive superiority complex
  • Grisly skull tattoo in the center of his chest
  • He appears as age 20
  • Dressed in black armor
  • In Reaper form, his skin is the color of bronze or he is a glowing purple skeleton
  • Athletic build
  • Dark blond as a human, long black in reaper form
  • Gray eyes as human, red as the reaper


Hekate – Greek Goddess of Necromancy, Magic, Spirits, and the Night

  • First Mentioned in Instinct
  • She hooked up with the lord of all darkness
  • She always had a thing for bad boys
  • Dagon is the son of Noir and Hekate

Hel – Norse Death Goddess

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • Owns the Mara and Hel Hounds
  • She was exquisite and ethereal
  • Helheim is her icy realm
  • Long, white-blond hair over a perfect body except from the waist down, she has legs of a rotting corpse

Holler – Norse God

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • Taken from Grim and imprisoned by Thorn


Ian St. James – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5’
  • DOB: 1/21/1987
  • A zombie took his family as prisoner
  • Big brothers are Madaug and Eric
  • Brown hair
  • Brown eyes


Jared – Sephirii

  • First Mentioned in Infinity
  • Leader of Mimoroux/Shiori
  • The gods of light created the Sephirii
  • A warrior of light
  • Betrayed his brethren to Malachai and watched as they were all slaughtered
  • Protector of the gods and man, the consort of the primal gods
  • Imprisoned and kept as weak under the vicious guardian, Zephyra
  • The only other being capable of killing the Malachai at full strength
  • One cursed Malachai, one cursed Sephiroth, tied together for eternity
  • Doesn’t know he was used to impregnate a human woman, to have a daughter as a trap for Adarian
  • Lean
  • Red hair
  • Eyes vary from yellow ringed in red with orange or can turn golden amber
  • Grandfather to Nick
  • Father to Cherise

Jasyn Kallinos – WH/Katagaria Gerakian Werehawk

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 6′ 3
  • DOB: 4685 B.C.
  • Bouncer at the Sanctuary
  • Muscular
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes

Jill Becker

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • New student transferring to St. Richard’s
  • Jill seems drawn to Nick
  • The church took up a collection to help her parents with the tuition
  • The elder Gautier’s are sponsoring her and paying for everything
  • Brother Joey

Joey Becker

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • New student transferring to St. Richard’s
  • The church took up a collection to help their parents with tuition
  • The elder Gautier’s are sponsoring her and paying for everything
  • Sister Jill

John St. James, Dr. – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • Scientist
  • Kids are Madaug’s, Eric and Ian

Julian of Macedonia – Demigod/Oracle

  • First Mentioned in Infinity
  • 6′ 3
  • DOB: 1/3/182 B.C.
  • The most feared Macedonian general of his time
  • Trained Kyrian of Thrace and helped change Kyrian’s life
  • The toughest SOB you’ve ever met on a battlefield, no one ever defeated him in a fight
  • Together he and Kyrian were the scourge of Rome
  • Regaled as Greek heroes, and his story was told for centuries
  • Long blond hair
  • Blue eyes

Julianne – Human

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Coach Devus murdered and she wants her soul to be freed
  • Xenon helped Nick free her and swapped the coach’s life force with hers as punishment
  • She claimed her heart and her grayish ghost form turned human
  • Caleb brought her back to the past to her home

Justin Portakalian – WH/Katagaria Panthiras

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 6′ 6
  • Bouncer at the Sanctuary
  • Tall and muscular
  • Black hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Father to Duff


Kara Peltier – WH/Ursulan Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 6’
  • Student at St. Richard’s
  • Best friend is Brynna Addams
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Alex’s younger sister

Karma Devereaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • A master sorceress with finely honed powers and extensive esoteric knowledge
  • The vengeful, mean one, mistrustful of those she didn’t know
  • Her house is the most haunted in the city
  • Has a protection spell that prevents ghosts from leaving the house
  • Can mind-travel through the many ethers
  • The vicious Devereaux sister but closest with her sister Tiyana
  • Dark brown and blue eyes

Katra – Greek & Atlantean Goddess

  • First Mentioned in Illusion
  • Parents are Acheron and Artemis

Kell Devora – Greek DH

  • First Mentioned in Invincible
  • 6′ 6
  • Makes weapons for his brethren except not for Roman Dark-Hunters

King Lycaon – Human

  • First Mentioned in Instinct
  • Dagon taught him how to save his cursed sons and create the race of Were-Hunters
  • Imbued them with extreme psychic gifts, and allowed them to live for hundreds of years
  • Cursed by the Greek gods to never find peace between the Katagarian and Arcadian

Kyl Poitiers – Human Squire

  • First Mentioned in Infinity
  • 3rd generation Squire in training
  • High School student at St. Richard’s
  • Dark Blond hair
  • Parents are Phil & Sarah Poitiers

Kyle Peltier – WH/Arcadian Aristos Bear

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • High School Student at St. Richard’s
  • Lean
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Parents are Aubert & Nicolette Peltier

Kyrian Hunter – Greek DH

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 5
  • DOB: 6/24/179 B.C.
  • Ancient Legendary Macedonian General and warrior
  • Acheron had trained him over two thousand years ago and he’d been a master pupil
  • Saved Nick’s life, and hired him to work for him part-time and became his squire
  • Kyrian’s house that was down in the Garden District
  • He rebelliously joined the army against his father’s wishes and met a man who changed his life
  • Kyrian was always thinking of other people
  • Helped Cherise get a job at the Sanctuary
  • Kyrian’s wife, had ruthlessly handed him over to his enemy to be tortured and executed
  • Has a fierce presence
  • Appeared to look in his late twenties
  • Heavy Accent
  • Well-muscled, and with features a cover model would envy
  • Blond hair and black eyes


Laguerre, Wynter – Embodiment of War

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • ‘Ušumgallu’, Adarian’s general
  • 5′ 10
  • Best friends are Grim and Bane
  • Killing people’s aspirations was her specialty
  • Ancient allies with Grim as she fed him a steady diet of victims
  • She hated everyone equally and she killed without hesitation
  • Called for Nick to be judged and removed as Malachai leader
  • So when Nick past his Malachai test, he chose new generals and she wasn’t one of them
  • Vicious, callous, sexy, beautiful and vibrant
  • Her lips were a bright blood red
  • Abundance of dark brown curls that fell to her waist
  • Brown eyes

LaShonda Thibideaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • 5′ 10
  • Student at St. Richard’s
  • One of Brynna’s best friends since second grade
  • Helped Brynna with the ‘Anti-Bully Brigade’
  • Dark brown hair
  • Hazel brown eyes

Lenny – Human Squire

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • Police Officer

Lilliana – Human

  • First Mentioned in Inferno
  • Gentle and kind with a beautiful smile
  • She had turned Caleb from an instrument of absolute destruction into a noble hero
  • She died in his arms, protecting his life
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Married to Caleb

Livia – Demon

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Šarru-Ninim ‘ušumgallu’ for Adarian
  • Bloodthirsty
  • She voted for a judgement against Nick to be removed as Malachai leader
  • Induces envy and conflict into battle and war
  • She was a troublemaker always stirring up jealousy and intrigue
  • She betrayed Nick by trying to kill him so she could become the new Malachai
  • She sacrificed Zavid for a bargain with Noir
  • Beautiful and tall with pale-skin
  • Long black hair

Liza Dunnigan – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Retired Squire/Oracle/Doll Maker
  • Nick helps her move her stock around in the storeroom
  • Gray hair
  • Brown eyes


Madaug St. James – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 11
  • DOB: 5/9/1984
  • From a family of squires
  • Teen Genius with an IQ of 160 and god on the computer
  • High School student at St. Richard’s
  • Invented a video game called Zombie Hunter and anyone who plays it gets turned into a zombie
  • Getting shoved into lockers by Biff who always bullies him
  • The kid knew something about everything
  • He always wore glasses, and preferred hoodies over all other attire
  • His mom’s a neurosurgeon at Tulane and his dad’s a research criminal neurologist
  • Skinny
  • Dark blond curly hair cropped short
  • Large blue eyes
  • Brothers are Eric and Ian
  • Parents are Drs. Barbara and John St. James

M’Adoc/Adarian – Dream-Hunter

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • Original Oneroi counsel
  • Zeus took away his emotions so his lack of hatred shielded him but, that ban is weakening
  • Has the blood of two gods flowing through him
  • Black hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Adarian Malachai is his father making Nick his half-brother

Mark Fingerman – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 2′
  • DOB: 10/17/1976
  • Zombie Killer/Programmer
  • Nerd and king of computers
  • Duck urine keeps the zombies from thinking he’s human
  • Bubba’s sidekick and believed in all paranormal creatures
  • He wore a lot of camouflage
  • Doesn’t like abusers or bullies
  • Graduated high school at seventeen
  • Played first-string quarterback and went to college on a full-blown scholarship
  • Mark’s older brother was Bubba’s best friend, who died in a car accident
  • Mark don’t like hospitals
  • His build is lean solid muscle, features leaned toward pretty, except for his squared jawline
  • Shaggy, light brown hair
  • Bright green eyes

Marla Divine/Marlon Phelps – Human

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • 6’
  • Lead singer in a band with Alex, Marlon and Duff and Nick
  • Different teams when it came to pursuing prom dates
  • A wispy voice
  • Dark skin
  • Black eyes

Mason – WH/Wolf

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • High School student at St. Richard’s
  • Stone’s best friend
  • Football Jock and another bully

Menyara/Mennie Chartier – Egyptian Goddess of Justice

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Protecting Order/Midwife
  • 5′ 2
  • Nick’s godmother and Cherise’s best friend
  • Took a pregnant Cherise in after her parents had threw her out, delivered Nick and bound his powers
  • Her powers were infinite, second sight and knew things, knew things before they happened
  • Has lot of protection symbols in her home and Nick’s bedroom
  • Menyara hid her real identity from them as Cam, a god of light
  • Beautiful face, petite, and has a creole accent
  • Smooth chocolate-brown skin
  • Dark brown sisterlocks
  • Green eyes
  • Related to Bethany and Kody

Monakribos – First Malachai

  • First Mentioned in Inferno
  • He was the first of the ‘demonic destroyers’
  • Born from Braith, who had an affair with a Sephiroth who, was also a demigod
  • The goddess wanted a baby and she wanted it to be powerful
  • He had a fifty-fifty shot as to which side he’d fall on
  • He was decent until the first war of the gods
  • Unwilling to kill her own son, Braith struck a bargain to spare one Sephiroth and one Malachai
  • Monakribos worshiped his beloved Rubati but refused to end her life
  • He became a tool for evil when he was tricked into killing the woman he loved and his unborn child
  • The guilt and grief drove him mad and poisoned his blood with hatred and venom
  • The god Daraxerxes was Cousin and friend to him
  • Xev was the reason he was defeated, cursed, and enslaved

Mr. & Mrs. Gautier – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • An older couple who volunteered to sponsor Jill and Joey Becker at St. Richard’s High School
  • Mr. Gautier is a banker who oozed of old money and Mrs. Gautier’s a lawyer
  • Cherise’s parents who threw her out over something she couldn’t help

Mr. Peters – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • High School Principal at St. Richard’s
  • The old man hated Nick for the fact that Nick was a scholarship kid and his mother for a dancer
  • Always threw a tirade about how worthless Nick was
  • The coach became a zombie and ate him

Mr. Quattlebaum – Human

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • His daughter, Dina accused Nick of raping her and he almost beat Nick to death
  • A demon shimmer out of his body

Mrs. Richardson – Human

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Nick’s English Teacher at St. Richard’s
  • She hated teaching and her favorite part of her job was embarrassing or belittling her students


  • First Mentioned in Instinct
  • Xevikan fought for the Kalosum
  • They kept their marriage a secret and Xev let her go after only six months, for her protection


Nashira – Ancient Yōkai

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Nick’s new General
  • Female spirit inside Nick’s Grimoire
  • Seth is the one who gave the book to Ambrose after Adarian had left it behind in Azmodea
  • Possessed by a mischievous eastern oracle spirit
  • Adarian had captured her centuries ago and bound her his service against her will
  • The only way to communicate with her was to offer her a blood sacrifice
  • She was similar to a tiny, adorable pixie, and is beautiful in a unique, impish way
  • Nick freed her from the grimoire when he thought he was dying
  • Lavender eyes
  • Long white hair that was fastened with purple flowers bound in flowering ribbons

Nekoda “Kody” /Belam – Immortal Demigod

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 5
  • Nick’s New General
  • High School student at St. Richard’s and Nick’s girlfriend
  • Sraosha was her guide, mentor and warden, who she report Nick’s progress to
  • Nick was younger than the other Malachai’s she’d fought
  • Born to the light
  • When she was sent to kill the Malachai, she wasn’t expecting to find Nicholas Gautier
  • Kody seemed to ground Nick
  • Told Nick that he was destined to kill everyone who loves him and everyone he loves
  • Every time she looked into those dark blue eyes of his, she lost a part of herself to him
  • Either she Caleb was with Nick in every class
  • She could feel the bond growing and Nick was fast becoming one of the people she loved most
  • Been raised that you didn’t slaughter the innocent on the chance that they “might” do something wrong
  • A symbol was painted into her wall and it was the symbol of Dexaria Belam, the huntress
  • Was given by her mother, Bathymaas’s bow
  • When Adarian passed his powers to Nick, Caleb and Kody bound his powers
  • Kody had the ability to control and summon any Charonte, from any realm
  • She became a soldier after he killed her father
  • Has a red shield that held a black phoenix in the center of it
  • Nick found out she was a ghost
  • She had just turned nineteen when the Ambrose Malachai killed her
  • Because of the blood of her parents, she was chosen by the Arel to be a ‘nekodi’
  • If she can keep him grounded and human, she could reset the deaths of her family
  • As a child, Thorn would be read her bedtime stories and rock her to sleep
  • Savitar is her godfather who taught her to surf and trained her how to call and command Charonte
  • The Arelim sent her back to the first Malachai to kill him and reset the time sequence
  • Her love and kindness, kept Nick anchored to her
  • Highest level of supernatural abilities, uses astral projection and is a gifted celestial being
  • No one knew who she was, since she won’t be born for another few hundred years
  • Was told that she has become Nick’s weakness
  • Her nekoda form: White light engulfed her as she unfurled her white, iridescent wings that matched her skin and hair. Snow-white armor covered her entire body
  • Light vanilla scent uniquely hers
  • Silky soft brown hair
  • Big green eyes
  • Related to Set, Cam, Acheron and Simi
  • Older brothers are Urian and Ari
  • Parents are Styxx and Bethany

Nick Ambrosius Aloysius Gautier – Human/Malachai

  • 6’ 4
  • Always wore bright Hawaiian shirts which is his signature
  • He is his mother’s whole life and he loved appreciated everything she did for him
  • His mother was absolutely fearless, especially when it came to protecting him
  • His whole life he felt worthless, despised, and judged for things he couldn’t help
  • Nick is a scholarship kid at an over privileged private high school
  • He could handle insults directed at him but not the ones against his mom’s honor
  • Works for Ms. Liza since age 12
  • Kyrian Hunter saved his life
  • Started working part-time for Kyrian and then became his squire at age 16
  • Found out he was born the most cursed of any creature was destined to destroy the world
  • There’s a big bounty on his head
  • Nick had ten lessons he had to be taught as a Malachai and each one would make him stronger
  • Menyara is his godmother who delivered him when he was born and bound his powers
  • Nick sensed a kinship with Acheron, like they were long lost brothers
  • Found out that Caleb, is enslaved to his father
  • Caleb is preparing him for the real world as his bodyguard and friend
  • Met Ambrose, future him, whose goal is to keep him from making bad mistakes in the future
  • He unlocked Nick’s powers early for his and his mother’s protection
  • Ambrose gave him an ornate gold dagger with the seal of the Malachai and a grimoire
  • Grim “Death” was sent to teach him the art of divination
  • Kyrian was his mentor and the type of man he wanted to be
  • He was born to be his father’s replacement and that explained why the man hated him
  • Because he’s so powerful, preternatural beings are drawn to him
  • Warned to stay away from Azmodea and to avoid Azura and Noir
  • Found out that in less than ten years, he’ll become a Dark-Hunter because his mom dies
  • Nick’s home was set up with protection symbols and sealed off from evil
  • Been a sick baby for the first two years of his life because his human part was fighting his demon part
  • Noir is one of the six primal gods and he’s the one who owns the Malachai
  • He was conceived in violence to do violence
  • No matter how bad a situation was, Nick could find something amusing about it
  • Nick can’t ever take drugs or drink alcohol or his unconscious self ends up in the Nether Realm
  • His father tried to kill him twice
  • He was a creature of hatred nurtured by love
  • At this stage, the Malachai controlled him and not the other way around
  • He summoned Artemis to heal Kody and she’d taken some of his blood as a bargain
  • His powers are growing but not his ability to control them
  • Bubba, was one of Nick’s best friends and the closest thing to a father he had ever known
  • Nick was the king of demons
  • He can use his powers to conceal what he is
  • The four women who have a calming effect on him are, his mom, Kody, Brynna and Simi
  • His anchors are his mom and Kody
  • According to his future self, this was their last shot to save his loved ones and the world
  • His mother and Kody is his weakest link
  • His father passed his powers to Nick before he died
  • He has not only his own powers, but those of his extremely powerful father
  • Only a full-fledged Malachai, command the ušumgallu and he is their leader
  • Found out he killed Kody, who is a ghost, and her entire family in the future
  • His father’s generals wanted him to develop his powers so they can use and control him
  • He healed little Simi in the Alternate Universe but is not supposed to have that power
  • The ‘Mashuani tablet prophecy’ states a Malachai will be born and could become a force for good
  • His confirmation name is Aloysius which means fame and war
  • He is the only one that Death and War and Bane and the other three generals cannot defeat
  • Jared is the last Sephiroth and they are tied together for eternity
  • We are Conquest, ‘Never give up, Never give in, Never surrender’ the true strength of the Malachai
  • He cannot kill the ones who created the malachai
  • Noir and Azura’s symbol formed on his left pec which is the mark of ownership
  • He had no desire to be without Kody or to live in a world where she didn’t exist
  • Caleb had every reason to hate him, instead, he’s the best friend Nick had ever known
  • No one could ever know who or what he really was especially not with the bounty on his head
  • Anyone enslaved to the Malachai, couldn’t physically hurt him
  • Having been misjudged by most everyone around him, he wasn’t real big on doing that to others
  • Nick was much, much stronger than his predecessors
  • He knew how little regard and love Grim and Laguerre had for him
  • Ambrose appeared and told Nick to find the ‘Eye of the Ananke’ and reset their course
  • He’s not just born of the Mavromino, he through his mother, carry the blood of a Sephiroth
  • Found out that Menyara was the goddess Cam
  • A majority his generals and felt he’s unfit to lead them and asked for him to be judged
  • He has the power of the ancient gods and the Source
  • In his Malachai’s body, he was fully in control by using pain and anger and not hatred
  • For the first time, he finally had complete control over his powers
  • He passed his test and picked his new generals. Nashira. Xev. Dagon. Aeron. Kody. Caleb
  • Found out Livia sacrificed Zavid to bring Noir over to this realm
  • With the Eye of Ananke he can see his future in all realms and every mistake he would make
  • Personality: No self-esteem, thick with sarcasm, extremely charismatic, charming, sweet, timid, his smile was infectious, caring, joking, smart-mouthed, streetwise, amusing, endearing, kind giving soul, respectful and gentle, sharp-witted, hated being the center of attention, hated compliments and sharp intelligence
  • Powers: Necromancy, Perspicacity, Visualization, Silkspeech, Scrying, demon glamor, fire blasts, can sense when someone tampers with time, lie detection, can see through someone’s façade, can shield his presence, partial telekinesis and can teleport
  • Jet-black armor covered him and dark gunmetal spikes that glistened from the shoulders
  • Malachai Form: skin was black and red swirled together into a beautiful, ebony wings and his hair became sleek black and eyes were a vibrant reddish yellow
  • Dimples, gorgeous chiseled features and a lean build
  • Dark Brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • M’Adoc is his older half-Brother
  • Parents are Cherise Gautier & Adarian Malachai

Nick Burdette/Nick Two – Human

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • From the Alternate Universe
  • 5’ 8
  • High School Student at St. Richard’s
  • His body was swapped with Nick Gautier’s, from the year 2002 and is fully human
  • Best buddy is Caleb Fingerman
  • Rich kid who lives in a humongous house and drives a red jeep
  • Blond hair
  • Average gray eyes
  • Parents are Michael Burdette and Cherise

Nicolette “Mama Lo” Peltier – WH/Katagaria Ursulan

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Owner of Sanctuary
  • 6′
  • DOB: 5/3/1213
  • Almost a city block in size, Sanctuary was not only huge, but legendary
  • Slogan is HOME OF THE HOWLERS.
  • Through a recommendation from Kyrian she hires Cherise to work for her
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Kids are Alain, Zar, Cherif, Dev, Remi, Quinn, Aimee, Etienne, Griffe, Serre, Cody, Kyle
  • Mated to Aubert/ Papa Bear

Noir – Primary Dark God

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • 6′ 10
  • One of the six primal gods, but he’s a Negative god with Azure and Braith
  • Loves torturing and killing
  • The one who owns the Malachai
  • The Malachai was spawned to serve Noir, Azura, and Braith
  • Without Braith, Azura and Noir lacked the total control they needed for the Malachai
  • Seth, is his primary guardian
  • His powers are dependent on the Malachai which feeds him
  • Every time Nick thinks of him or say his name, gives him a charge
  • Trapped in Azmodea, the Nether Realm and Xevikan was the god who locked him there
  • Noir’s powers are seductive, all-consuming, and irresistible
  • Marked his ownership on Nick’s pec with their symbols which is like a homing beacon
  • Noir had spent countless centuries growing weaker
  • He can be quite charming when he’s not psychotic
  • He killed Dagon’s wife Shala a long time ago after promising him to keep her safe
  • Came to this realm in Zavid’s body
  • Tiamat and Chronus returned him back to his realm to balance the order
  • Black hair
  • Black eyes
  • Related to Xevikan, Paimon, Thorn and Cadegan
  • Dagon is the son of Noir and Hekate



Pain – Grimm’s Companion

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • A tattoo at the base of his neck of angry bird
  • Giant brute, extremely tall and bald, with dark eyes

Papa Bear Peltier – WH/Arcadian Ursulan Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Owner of Sanctuary
  • 7′ 3
  • DOB: 7/22/1692
  • A huge bear of a man
  • Very lovable, playful and fiercely protective of his family
  • Muscular and weighing probably around 300 lbs.
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Kids are Alain, Zar, Cherif, Dev, Remi, Quinn, Aimee, Etienne, Griffe, Serre, Cody, Kyle
  • Mated to Nicolette

Phil Poitiers – Human Archigos Squire

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Chief of New Orleans Squire Council and Blood Rites-Dorean Squire
  • 6’
  • DOB: 3/3/1959
  • Spiderweb tattoo on Phil’s hand
  • Extremely clean cut and has some serious money
  • He is the one who approved Nick for membership as a squire
  • Mid to late thirties
  • Dark blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Son is Kyl


Quinn Peltier – WH/Arcadian Ursulan

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Carpenter/Bouncer
  • Quinn is the one who wrestles the tourists on the Wrestle a Bear for a Free Drink nights
  • A Quad to Cherif, Dev and Remi
  • The bashful one
  • Long curly blond hair
  • Very gentle blue eyes
  • Parents are Aubert & Nicolette Peltier


Rémi Peltier – WH/Arcadian Ursulan Bear

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Dishwasher at the Sanctuary
  • A Quad to Cherif, Dev and Quinn
  • Better known as the grump of the bunch
  • Long curly blond hair and
  • Blue eyes
  • Parents are Aubert & Nicolette Peltier

Rezar – Primary Light God

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • 6′ 6
  • He was the God of Fire and Passion
  • A Positive god with Cam and Verlyn
  • He is also Set, Egyptian god
  • One of the heroes who fought in Primus Bellum
  • The desert is his domain
  • Made the Magus Stone into a sun medallion necklace as a peace offer for Braith
  • Powers, include his ability to create chaos, split the dimensions and remove the soul from a body
  • Divine guardians of humanity and the ones who created the Chthonians and Sephirii
  • Black hair
  • Green eyes

Richard Head – Human

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • New principal at St. Richard’s, transferred from Baton Rouge
  • A middle-aged man with a bald head and wears brown glasses
  • Another to pick on Nick for being a scholarship kid

Rogue/Christopher Boughy – Dark-Hunter

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • 6′ 3
  • DOB: 5/10/1743
  • Stationed in New Orleans
  • Black hair

Rosa Garcia – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 2
  • DOB: 10/15/1952
  • Kyrian’s Housekeeper and Nick’s supervisor
  • Like another mother to Nick
  • In her early forties
  • Hispanic with heavy Spanish accent
  • Black hair tinged with gray
  • Bright brown eyes
  • Her son is Miguel

Russel Jordan – Human Squire in training

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Multi-Generation Squire Family
  • High School Senior at St. Richard’s


Savitar – Ancient Chthonian

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 6′ 8
  • Closest friend is and mentor to Acheron
  • He lives on a vanishing island, where he spent the better part of his days surfing
  • Omnipotent powers
  • Almost destroyed the world while Ambrose was actually trying to save it
  • Warned Ambrose about meddling with the past
  • Can foresee the future once it starts to happen
  • He is terrifying and lethal and fears nothing
  • Nick spent two years on his island when he first became a Dark-Hunter as a favor to Acheron
  • Known as Mr. Hostile or very sarcastic
  • Kody/Belam’s godfather but more like a grandfather to her
  • Taught her on how to call and command the Charonte and how to surf
  • Savitar knew a lot more about Nick’s ancestors than he was willing to freely admit
  • Muscular
  • Dark hair and goatee
  • Eyes are Lavender but varies with his mood and can turn deep red

Selena Devereaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Tarot Reader/Psychic
  • Brown frizzy curly hair
  • Blue eyes

Set – Egyptian god of Chaos, Storms, Foreigners & Darkness

  • First Mentioned in Illusion
  • 7′
  • He is also Rezar, a primary light god
  • Red or Dark hair
  • Gold and Blue eyes
  • Grandfather to Kody/Belam
  • Children are Bathymaas/Bethany and Seth

Seth – Demigod

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • 6′ 6
  • DOB: 2735 B.C.
  • Primary Guardian and slave for Noir
  • Helped free Adarian from Noir but was betrayed by him and left to be brutally tortured for centuries
  • Dark Auburn but made up of many shades with a widows peak
  • Steel blue eyes
  • Son of Set

Shala – Goddess of Compassion

  • First Mentioned in Instinct
  • Sister to king Lycaon
  • Dagon taught king Lycaon how to save his cursed sons by creating the race of Were-Hunters
  • She changed everything about Dagon and gave him a heart and a soul
  • Noir killed her long ago but a part of her essence still exists in Eleos
  • Significant Other is Dagon

Simi Parthenopaeus – Charonte Demon

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6’ in human form
  • She is a Tattoo on Acheron’s skin
  • Looks to be age seventeen or eighteen in human years
  • Has a strange singsongy voice that was endearing and adorable
  • Goth in appearance
  • Helps Nick out when she is around
  • Simi belonged to an ancient race of demons who were created to protect the Atlantean gods
  • A unique being that is never wrong and never lies
  • Nick is her favorite blue-eyed demon boy
  • She seldom made sense to others and she was always good for a laugh
  • Impressive psychic powers and amnesia being one of them and she can time travel
  • Ferocious appetite which always includes Bar-B-Cue Sauce
  • In the distant, both Simi and her husband had died while protecting Kody from the Malachai
  • Her demon skin is red and black and her horns often glow red
  • Slender figure
  • Hair color always matches akri’s
  • Eyes are red unless in human form
  • Her daddy is Acheron

Simi, Little – Demigod

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Alternate Reality
  • High School student at St. Richard’s
  • She was injured and almost killed because of Nick’s presence and he heals her
  • Her parents were killed
  • Short Ash and Simi are alternate Acheron’s grandkids

Sraosha – Nasaru/Arelim

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Guarding Time and Order
  • 6’6
  • Nekoda’s guide and mentor but he was more like a warden who she reported to
  • His powers great and has an aura that illuminates his skin with a bright yellow glow
  • He wanted Nick’s throat and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from getting it
  • Sraosha was a thing of absolute beauty
  • Tall, lithe, and extremely graceful, a body that was pure perfection
  • Every feature appeared to be carved that rendered him angelic and breathtaking
  • Massive girth and height
  • Long blond hair flowed around his shoulders
  • His eyes were an eerie, iridescent green

Stone Blakemore – WH/Arcadian Wolf

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • High School Student at St. Richard’s
  • Bullies Nick and insults his mom all of the time
  • Physically appeared to be fifteen, but he is in his late twenties
  • Stone wasn’t any more mature than a human teen
  • Because of his father’s money, he played on the football, basketball, and baseball teams
  • Arrogant, thinks he’s above everyone, and all should bow down to him
  • Uses his superhuman strength and psychic powers to push others around
  • Best friend is Mason
  • Muscular
  • Dark hair
  • Girlfriend is Casey Woods

Styxx Anaxkolasi – Chthonian

  • First Mentioned in Illusion
  • 6′ 8
  • DOB: 9548 B.C., June 23
  • One of the greatest ancient generals to ever lead an army
  • A legend and one of the strongest of the Chthonians to ever live
  • For centuries, he and Bethany were imprisoned by different gods
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Acheron’s identical twin brother and tied to his life force
  • Kids are Urian, Ari and Belam
  • Wife is Bethany


  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Grimm’s Companion
  • Around 6’ tall
  • He’s mute
  • Short brown hair

Suriyel – Nasaru/Arelim

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • 6′ 6
  • Guarding Time and Order
  • Mankind’s most virulent defender
  • Now in a civil war against Sraosha and Ameretat over the destiny of the young Malachai
  • His skin was a deep caramel
  • Short dark hair
  • Vibrant gold eyes


Tabitha Devereaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Vampire Slayer
  • 5’10
  • Goth Appearance
  • Carries around steel stakes
  • Distant future is killed by Ambrose Malachai’s demon army
  • A fierce warrior
  • Hair cut short into a black bob
  • Blue eyes
  • Amanda’s identical twin sister
  • Younger Tabitha, Boyfriend is Eric St. James
  • Future Tabitha, husband was a Roman General, Valerius Magnus

Tad/Thaddeus Addams – Human Squire in training

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 5′ 7
  • 8th Gen Dorean Squire in training
  • DOB: 5/16/1981
  • Alex Peltier is his close friend
  • Graduated early and went to college up in Baton Rouge
  • Web Guru who set up and runs the Dark-Hunter web site with Carl J. Samuel
  • Dark hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Brynna’s older brother
  • Parents are Patricia & Ed Addams

Talon of the Morrigantes – Ancient Celtic DH

  • First Mentioned in Infinity
  • 6′ 5
  • DOB: AD 532
  • Friend of Kyrian’s and also stationed in New Orleans
  • Blond wavy hair with two braids

Tate Bennett – Human Squire

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Multi-Generational Squire
  • Young African-American

The Echrichta – Atlantean Goddess

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • Causes War & Destruction
  • Children of Pali, the god of strife, and Diafonia, the goddess of discord
  • Their grandfather was Misos, the Atlantean god of war and death
  • Before wars broke out, the Atlantean gods would unleash the Echrichta to stir up emotions
  • They’d go in and tell someone’s secrets and claim they’d heard them from someone else
  • They’d just make things up to break apart friendships and homes
  • Playing off fears of others is what they lived for

The Fates – Greek/Atlantean Fates

  • First Mentioned in Instinct
  • Decides what happens in your life
  • Atropos determines when someone dies… even the gods
  • Clotho the spinner of our lives and decides how they unfold as they unfold
  • Lachesis measures the life and is known as the ‘Apportioner’
  • Parents are Atlantean god Archon and Greek goddess Themis

The Morrigan – Celtic Goddess of Battle, Strife & Fertility

  • First Mentioned in Instinct
  • 5′ 2
  • Related to Cadegan
  • Aeron is the son of the Morrigan and the Dagda

Thorn/Akantheus Leucious Fonus – Leader of Hellchasers

  • First Appearance in Infamous
  • 6’ -2
  • Dresses elegant in designer suits
  • Lives in Azmodea in the Nether Realm
  • Thorn was covered in scaly armor that had spikes protruding from his shoulders and elbows
  • Nick was under Thorn’s protection in Azmodea, learning how to sword fight
  • Thorn hated everyone, and only trusted others to screw him over
  • Viciously unpredictable, acerbic and sarcastic
  • A fierce, powerful demon lord
  • Cadegan was once Thorn’s right hand and together had been an invincible team
  • Thorn would read Belam bedtime stories and rocking her to sleep
  • He and his Hellchasers are against Noir and Azura
  • Tall and stunning
  • Dark blond hair was slicked back from his handsome face
  • His eyes a frigid green and gave the illusion of glowing
  • Has a history with Aeron
  • Related to Noir, Paimon, Dagon, Cadegan, and Xevikan

Tiamat – Ancient Goddess of Chaos

  • First Appearance in Instinct
  • The amount of power that emanated from her said she’s from an unparalleled Source power
  • One of the most dangerous of the chaos gods
  • Was summoned with Chronus to test and judge whether Nick was fit to be the Malachai
  • Appears as a beautiful teenaged girl
  • Rich caramel skin
  • Dark hair that fell in intricate braids around a perfect face

Tiyana Devereaux – Human

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • A Voodoo Priestess
  • 5′ 8
  • Works at Erzulie’s Voodoo shop
  • Nick saw an image of them in the future, having dinner and laughing
  • Brown hair
  • Big blue eyes
  • Sister to Amanda and Tabitha

Topher/Christopher Burdette, IV – Human

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • 5′ 11
  • Hunting- First cousin of Bubba
  • DOB: January 21, 1967
  • From Knoxville, TN
  • Athletic build
  • Dark brown hair
  • Hazel brown eyes
  • Bubba’s Cousin

Tristan “Archer” de Vaen – Bounty Hunter

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • 6′ 2
  • DOB: 9/4/1046
  • He wore brown armguards with gold embroidery that starts glowing when a demon approaches
  • Lacks a sense of humor
  • Tried to get Zavid to surrender himself to him
  • Short brown hair
  • Greenish brown eyes

Trys – Demon

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Coach Devus fed him souls and was his master
  • It has the body of a horse, face of a lion, and the tail of a goat

Tyree – Human

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • Nick’s childhood “friend” who had claimed to be his brother
  • Scammed locals and tourists
  • Beat Nick and tried to killed him


Urian Peters – Spathi Demon

  • First Mentioned in Illusion
  • 6′ 6
  • DOB: June 1, 9527 B.C.
  • As an infant, he was taken from his parents
  • The head general of the Spathi Daimons
  • Killed in the future by the Ambrose Malachai
  • His and Ari’s souls imprisoned by a creature who lived to torment them
  • Long pale blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Older Brother to Ari and Belam
  • Parents are Styxx and Bethany


Vahista – Nasaru/Arelim

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Guarding Time and Order
  • The elite Arelim
  • Born to his position and helped select the nekodi from the fallen

Verlyn – Primary God of Light

  • First Mentioned in Infamous
  • Earth’s protector, in charge of vegetation, fertility and an earth god who fed everyone
  • Positive god with Cam and Rezar
  • The divine guardians of humanity and the ones who created the Chthonians and Sephirii
  • Caleb personally carried the banner for Verlyn in Primus Bellam
  • Azura seduced Verlyn, in an attempt to control and manipulate him
  • Azura keeps him sterile for fear he will father a child who can kill or enslave her
  • Imprisoned and currently Noir’s right hand
  • Betrayed Caleb and his own people
  • Muscular
  • Black hair
  • Sons are Caleb and Xevikan

Virgil Ward – Vampire

  • First Appearance in Infinity
  • 6′ 2
  • Lawyer for the Damned
  • DOB: 2/26/1736
  • He is physically 16 years old, but looks older when he uses his powers
  • Those around him saw Virgil as someone in his mid-thirties
  • Can tell if someone was telling him the truth
  • Business partner’s William and Bill Laurens
  • Lean, solid muscle
  • Dark hair was short slightly shaggy
  • Eye color varies


Wren Tigarian – WH/Tigard

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • 6′ 2
  • Busboy at the Sanctuary
  • He is half-white tiger, half-snow leopard
  • Has a pet monkey, Marvin
  • He has no personal life or outside interests so he basically works all the time
  • A complete loner, extremely antisocial and he seldom spoke to anyone
  • Does his job without comment or complaint
  • Sole heir to Tigarian Industries and a gruff billionaire
  • Blond matted dreads that obscures his features
  • Turquoise eyes


Xander – DH

  • First Mentioned in Inferno
  • Another Dark-Hunter stationed in New Orleans
  • Ed Addams is his squire

Xenon – Necromancer

  • First Appearance in Invincible
  • Very powerful and power emanates from him
  • He’s covered with scars, burn marks and tattoos
  • More lean in build and his voice was deep and gravelly
  • Appears to be a typical man in his late twenties to early thirties
  • His hair was long and shaggy waves with the blond highlights

Xevikan “Xev” – Daraxerxes Ancient god

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • 6′ 6
  • ‘Ušumgallu’ for Adarian and Nick’s New General
  • Lightning sizzled over his entire body and intensified and danced around him
  • The Šarru-Dara, who reigns over blood and fire
  • Xevikan is the oldest and the first šarru
  • Cousin and friend to the firstborn Malachai, Monakribos and the first of his generals
  • During the first war of the gods he fought against the Malachai, his army and Azura & Braith
  • He was the one accused of betraying Caleb, and his family even though he was the one that was betrayed
  • Caleb was one of the judges who had his powers and wings stripped
  • For thousands of years, he had been imprisoned in the Nemed with Aeron
  • He was the reason the Malachai was defeated, cursed, and enslaved
  • His mother personally saw to it that no one would ever put him at their back again
  • His conscious spirit can leave his body and traverse through realms
  • He was the most dangerous ancient god of all time and has extremely frightening powers
  • Shape-shifting form is an ancient large white Egyptian Mau
  • The god who ended the war by making sure the Mavromino were cut off from this world
  • His blood was used to seal those original gates to Azmodea and continues to hold them
  • He’s the only ancient god born who could kill a Chthonian
  • The gate he controls is the ‘prison realms’ of the cursed gods, both good and bad
  • Kept his marriage a secret and let her go after six months, to protect her from his enemies
  • He had a child too
  • Extremely gun-shy, doesn’t play well with others, had severe PTSD mixed, low on patience or tolerance
  • Thick, heavy accent
  • Deep, vicious scars cover his body, two that marked where his wings been savagely ripped off his back
  • Ancient words bearing his cursed fate that were branded into the flesh of his torso
  • Hair is black, red and yellow hair that represents the six primal gods, short in back and longer in the front
  • Arctic blue eyebrows
  • Searing hazel eyes like a kaleidoscope of reddish earth browns and greens
  • Half-brother to Caleb
  • Son of Verlyn and Azura

Xirena – Charonte Demon

  • First Appearance in Illusion
  • Guardian for little Ash and Simi in Alternate Universe
  • She is a beautiful full-grown Charonte
  • Xirena had blond hair
  • Red eyes


Yrre – One of the Riders of the Apocalypse

  • First Appearance in Instinct
  • ‘Ušumgallu’ for Adarian
  • Has the blood and fury needed to pull the ancient gods into this world and unleash them
  • Called for a judgment against Nick, as unfit to lead his generals
  • The souls of the dead are controlled by her


Zarelda – Demonkyn/Aamon

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • Possessed Casey Woods body for a deal with Grim to free her brother back from Hel
  • Warned Nick about his generals wanting to claim his powers so they could use and control him
  • In ghost form
  • Brother is Zavid

Zavid Frost – Demonkyn/Aamon

  • First Appearance in Inferno
  • 6′ 2′
  • Been trapped in Helheim for several hundred years
  • Made a bargain with Hel to keep his sister, Zarelda safe
  • Helped Nick escape from Helheim
  • Became enslaved to Nick by saving him
  • The Norse gods had used Zavid for gladiatorial matches where they’d bled him to the brink of death
  • Livia sacrificed him to bring Noir over to this realm
  • His other form is a huge black wolf
  • Appears to look in his late teens
  • Covered with tattoos
  • Scars marred almost every inch of him and most were from a whip
  • Deep, heavily accented voice, muscular and incredibly handsome with the unearthly beauty
  • Thick dark wavy shoulder length hair
  • Purple eyes that sometimes glow
  • Brother to Zarelda

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