In Death Character Guide

The in Death series of novels, written by Nora Roberts under her pseudonym, J. D. Robb, features NYPSD (“New York City Police and Security Department”) Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke and is set in a mid-21st century New York City.

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character-guide*This is a breakdown of all of the characters in J.D. Robb’s In Death series, complete up to Rapture In Death.  While I have tried to keep things general, this is a reference that may include spoilers.

– Main Characters –

Eve Dallas

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • NYPSD Lieutenant
  • one of the best homicide detectives on the force
  • driven and determined, cares little for social niceties
  • has a single-minded focus on her job, can deal with anything but failure
  • physically and sexually abused by her father as a child
  • found beaten and covered in blood in an alley in Dallas at age 8, with no memory of who she was or what had happened
  • stabbed and killed her father when she was 8
  • had spent her early years always locked in, never allowed to go outside
  • mind blocked the trauma of her abuse for years
  • doesn’t love easily, usually braced for betrayal
  • given the name Eve Dallas by a social worker and placed in foster care
  • always surprised when people care for her
  • has a difficult time expressing emotion, but cares deeply
  • former partner of Ryan Feeney, takes Delia Peabody as her aide
  • strong willed and highly moral
  • around 30 years old
  • 5 foot 9, lean but strong
  • sharp, interesting features
  • triangular face with sharp cheekbones and a slight dent in her chin
  • wide, intense brown eyes and awkwardly raggedly chopped doe brown hair
  • married to Roarke


  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • born in 2023 in Dublin, Ireland
  • rose from poverty to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world
  • father was an abusive criminal who was stabbed and killed in an alley Dublin
  • got his start as a thief and a smuggler
  • as a child, ran cons and gambling rings
  • met and partnered with Summerset when he was 10
  • will destroy anyone who hurts those he cares about
  • very protective of who and what is his, not scared to kill
  • self made and self educated, brilliant with computers
  • worth over 3 billion dollars, has interests all over the world
  • a collector of art, antiques and weapons
  • light Irish lilt
  • 6 foot 2, with broad shoulders
  • striking, masculine features
  • thick black hair and piercing blue eyes
  • married to Eve Dallas


– Featured and Recurring Characters –

Anna Whitney

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • wife of Commander Jack Whitney
  • had been a stay at home mother to their two children, Steven and Linda
  • socially driven, hates solitude
  • friend of Cicely Towers, godmother of her son David Angelini
  • always perfectly groomed
  • attractive, with pale blonde hair


  • assistant of Roarke at Roarke Industries
  • cool, classy and elegant
  • brilliant white hair, always perfectly styled

Charles Monroe

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • licensed companion
  • elegant but flirty
  • friend and neighbor of murder victim Sharon DeBlass
  • brother of Annie Monroe

Charlotte Mira, Dr.

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • a Psychiatrist for the NYPSD
  • highly skilled and dedicated to her job
  • one of the top psychiatrists in the country
  • kind, compassionate and patient
  • always elegant and well put together
  • takes a personal, almost maternal interest in Eve Dallas
  • raped from her stepfather from the ages of 12 to 15
  • around 60 years old
  • daughter a practicing Wiccan
  • has a quiet voice with a faint New England accent
  • kind, pale blue eyes and warm honey-brown hair


  • first appearance in Glory in Death
  • works as a bouncer in a nude club
  • knows what is going on on the streets
  • abnormally tall and unbelievably ugly
  • deep brown skin
  • tattoo on his cheek of a grinning green human skull
  • wears feathers in his hair

Delia Peabody

  • first appearance in Glory in Death
  • police officer with the NYPSD
  • has a sharp eye and good instincts
  • dry, droll sense of humor
  • has both brains and guts, but just needs experience
  • made aide to Eve Dallas
  • has two brothers and a sister, from a family of Free Agers
  • sturdily built
  • earnest, square face

Dickie Berenski

  • first appearance in Immortal in Death
  • nicknamed Dickhead
  • chief tech of the NYPSD crime lab
  • disliked by most
  • meticulous but slow and fussy
  • whiny and complaining

Harrison Tibble

  • first appearance in Glory in Death
  • NYPSD police Commander, takes the office after Chief Simpson’s scandal
  • served on the force for 35 years
  • still has the mind of a street cop, with a spotless record
  • tough and determined
  • has little tolerance for politics, takes care of his people
  • huge and imposing, 6 foot 6 and 260 pounds of solid muscle
  • large, square face and deep onyx skin

Jack Whitney

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • NYPSD Commander, served on the force for over 30 years
  • commanding officer of Eve Dallas
  • refused the position of Chief to stay with his command
  • husband of Anna Whitney, father of Steven and Linda Whitney
  • seems calm and collected, but has a fiery temper
  • big and imposing
  • strong but ordinary features
  • grizzled features and tired eyes
  • cocoa colored skin, dark hair


  • first appearance in Immortal in Death
  • up and coming fashion designer
  • bold and creative
  • heavily in debt from setting up his business
  • around 6 foot 5 and massive, with huge rippling muscles
  • wide face and copper-toned skin, sharp cheekbones and gold eyes
  • boyfriend of Mavis Freestone

Li Morris, Doctor

  • chief medical examiner at the lower Manhattan City morgue
  • has worked with the dead for over 30 years
  • very through and careful
  • has heavy lidded green eyes and a square chin
  • charcoal hair worn slicked back into a long ponytail
  • has a quick, charming smile

Mavis Freestone

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • works as a club singer
  • friends with Eve Dallas since Eve arrested her for petty theft years before
  • used to run cons and scams
  • small and slight, but bold and outlandish
  • usually garishly dressed and flamboyant
  • girlfriend of fashion designer Leonardo

Nadine Furst

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • a reporter for Channel 75
  • sharp and determined
  • upslanted green eyes

Ryan Feeney

  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • husband of Sheila Feeney
  • NYPSD Captain
  • former partner of Eve Dallas
  • left the street for a desk job and a top level position in the Electronics Detection Division
  • the top E-Detective in New York
  • wide, rumpled hangdog face
  • small and stubby, with wiry rust colored hair and drooping camel colored eyes


  • first appearance in Naked in Death
  • majordomo of Roarke
  • smug and condescending, stiff and proper
  • contentious relationship with Eve Dallas, but completely devoted to Roarke
  • became partners with a very young Roarke, ran cons on the streets of Dublin
  • daughter Marlena raped and killed by street rivals
  • has some medical training
  • faint British/Slavic accent
  • silver hair and a long face


– Book by Book Character List –

Book 1Naked in Death

naked in deathIn a world of danger and deception, she walks the line–between seductive passion and scandalous murder…Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant hunting for a ruthless killer. In over ten years on the force, she’s seen it all–and knows her survival depends on her instincts. And she’s going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire–and a suspect in Eve’s murder investigation. But passion and seduction have rules of their own, and it’s up to Eve to take a chance in the arms of a man she knows nothing about–except the addictive hunger of needing his touch.

Alice Williams

  • see Lola Starr

Anna DeBlass

  • wife of Senator Gerald DeBlass
  • knew her daughter Catherine and granddaughter Sharon, but looked the other way
  • wanted everything to be perfect so she could give her parties and be a Senator’s wife
  • given something by her husband to break her mentally

Annie Monroe

  • sister of licensed companion Charles Monroe
  • lives in Kansas City, Kansas

Banks, Officer

  • female police officer for the NYPSD
  • kind and compassionate


  • a friend of Mavis Freestone
  • an artist
  • does body paint for Mavis Freestone

Catherine DeBlass

  • United States Congresswoman
  • molested by her father, Senator Gerald DeBlass, but kept it secret for years
  • mother Anna DeBlass knew she was being abused, but turned her back
  • lost herself in her work and tried to convince herself it never happened
  • has suffered from years of depression and paranoia
  • admitted what happened to her after her niece Sharon was murdered by her father Gerald
  • painfully thin and rigid
  • wife of Justin Summit, mother of Franklin

Darleen Howe

  • client of licensed companion Charles Monroe


  • a receptionist at the Paradise Beauty Salon
  • black hair coiled like snakes

Derrick Rockman

  • top aide for Senator Gerald DeBlass
  • cold and controlling
  • has no conscience, only ruthless ambition
  • planned on following Gerald DeBlass into the White House
  • formerly a member of a paramilitary group called SafeNet
  • convinced Senator Gerald DeBlass to kill himself rather than face the blame for Sharon DeBlass’s murder
  • in his early 40’s, with attractive, even features
  • nearly 6 foot 5 and lean
  • helped Senator DeBlass cover up the murder of Sharon DeBlass
  • killed companions Lola Starr and Georgie Castle to make Sharon DeBlass look like the victim of a serial killer
  • planned on taking Eve Dallas as his third victim, but beaten by Eve when he breaks into her apartment


  • a flight attendant on Roarke’s private plane

Edward Simpson

  • former NYPSD police chief
  • reeks of power and authority
  • uses his position for his own gain, has been on the take for years
  • has ties to conservative Senator Gerald DeBlass
  • blackmailed by licensed companion and murder victim Sharon DeBlass
  • a political creature who panders to the press
  • an imposing figure, well over six feet tall and in good shape
  • waving brown hair streaked with gray
  • steely blue eyes

Elizabeth Barrister DeBlass

  • wife of Richard DeBlass, daughter-in-law of Senator Gerald DeBlass
  • daughter Sharon DeBlass murdered by her grandfather, Senator DeBlass
  • a wealthy and successful attorney
  • long-time friend of Roarke
  • sleek and chic
  • waving mahogany hair


  • owner of a small New York Deli
  • fled to America from France 40 years ago after political unrest
  • claims to hate America and Americans
  • rude and belligerent to his customers
  • thin, pinched face

Franklin Summit

  • young son of Justin Summit and US Congresswoman Catherine DeBlass
  • grandson of Senator Gerald DeBlass

Georgie Castle

  • divorced her husband, moved to New York to become a writer
  • became a licensed companion to see what else there was in the world
  • fun and adventurous
  • second victim of Derrick Rockman
  • mother of Samantha Bennett
  • 53 years old
  • warm honey eyes, coffee and cream complexion

Gerald DeBlass, Senator

  • father of Richard and Catherine DeBlass, husband of Anna DeBlass
  • United States Senator from Virginia
  • very wealthy and extremely conservative
  • always tries to claim the moral high ground, preachy and self-righteous
  • molested both his daughter Catherine and his granddaughter Sharon
  • murdered his granddaughter Sharon after she blackmailed and threatened to expose him
  • killed himself rather than take the blame for what he had done
  • drugged his wife Anna, pushing her over the edge mentally
  • pompous and arrogant, but powerful
  • a blowhard with a big, booming voice
  • 6 feet tall, 220 pounds
  • sharply cut white hair and nearly black eyes

Hennessy, Mr.

  • former downstairs neighbor of Eve Dallas

Hennessy, Mrs.

  • former downstairs neighbor of Eve Dallas

Hetta Finestein

  • former downstairs neighbor of Eve Dallas
  • owned a bakery with her husband before she retired
  • sweet and kind
  • old fashioned and grandmotherly
  • baked a poison pie to kill her gluttonous husband Joe Finestein
  • tiny and frail, with white hair and a lined face
  • soft blue eyes

Joe Finestein

  • downstairs neighbor of Eve Dallas
  • used to run a bakery
  • became critical and demanding after he retired
  • around 115 years old
  • a glutton who ate a poisoned pie baked by his wife Hetta

Justin Summit

  • husband of US Congresswoman Catherine DeBlass
  • father of Franklin Summit

Lola Starr

  • born Alice Williams, changed her name after she became a licensed companion
  • all her life, wanted to be rich and pampered and desired
  • born in Toledo, but left for the excitement of New York
  • applied to be a companion on her 18th birthday, killed three months later
  • first victim of killer Derrick Rockman
  • looked young and innocent, catered to those who liked young girls
  • had a bedroom full of dolls and stuffed animals
  • elfin looking, with spiky black hair, milky skin, and big brown eyes

Madeline Montmart

  • an actress
  • friends with Roarke
  • a curvy blonde with almond shaped eyes


  • a 3 year old child killed by her father during a domestic dispute
  • father killed by Eve Dallas
  • looked like a doll, with big blue eyes

Prosky, Officer

  • young uniform officer in the NYPSD
  • has difficulty dealing with the Lola Starr crime scene
  • engaged

Richard DeBlass

  • husband of Elizabeth Barrister DeBlass, son of Senator Gerald DeBlass
  • daughter Sharon DeBlass molested and murdered by her grandfather, Senator DeBlass
  • comes from an old money family
  • a successful attorney, but overshadowed by his father
  • a moderate who maintains a low profile despite his family ties
  • specializes in security law
  • intelligent and dedicated
  • long-time friend of Roarke


  • a NYPSD desk Sergeant

Samantha Bennett

  • daughter of murder victim Georgie Castle
  • mother a licensed companion killed by Derrick Rockman
  • married to Tony Bennett, has two children
  • dark red hair and warm honey eyes


  • consultant at the Paradise Beauty Salon
  • friend and stylist of Sharon DeBlass
  • thin and gaunt, with flowing plum colored hair and soft doe eyes

Sharon DeBlass

  • granddaughter of Senator Gerald DeBlass of Virginia
  • became a licensed companion to upset her wealthy family, but discovered she liked the power sex gave her over others
  • kept a diary that documented her lifetime of abuse by her grandfather
  • took her grandfather on like a regular client, threatened to expose him unless he paid her
  • blackmailed her powerful clients, including police Chief Edward Simpson
  • bold and adventurous, liked to take risks
  • feared nothing and no one
  • 24 years old
  • beautiful, with a cameo face, long red hair and emerald eyes
  • shot and killed by her grandfather, Senator DeBlass

Tony Bennett

  • mother-in-law Georgie Castle a licensed companion killed by Derrick Rockman
  • has two children with wife Samantha Bennettline

Book 2Glory in Death

glory in deathEven in the mid-twenty-first century, during a time when genetic testing usually weeds out any violent hereditary traits before they can take over, murder still happens. The first victim is found lying on a sidewalk in the rain. The second is murdered in her own apartment building. Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas has no problem finding connections between the two crimes. Both victims were beautiful and highly successful women. Their glamorous lives and loves were the talk of the city. And their intimate relations with men of great power and wealth provide Eve with a long list of suspects — including her own lover, Roarke.


  • teenaged neighbor of David Angelini
  • keeps his eye on what goes on on his street


  • a NYPSD Crime scene tech
  • once had ambitions to be a detective
  • an older male, with buck teeth

Biggs, Officer

  • uniformed police officer in the NYPSD


  • a second-rate musician
  • girlfriend Louise Kirski killed by C.J. Morse

Carlson Young

  • head of the entertainment division of Channel 75

Carolle Lee

  • born in New Chicago Colony
  • worked as an unlicensed companion in Sector 38
  • committed suicide from a drug overdose
  • died in bed with Randall Slade
  • of mixed heritage, with coffee colored skin, dark hair and eyes

Cicely Towers

  • wealthy and powerful prosecuting attorney
  • strong and successful, a fighter with a streak of arrogance
  • long time family friend of Commander Whitney and his wife Anna
  • throat slashed and body left on the street in a seedy part of town
  • divorced from Marco Angelini, in a relationship with George Hammett
  • devoted to her children Mirina and David Angelini
  • 45 years old
  • lovely, with long golden hair and deep purple eyes

C.J. Morse

  • a reporter at Channel 75
  • began his reporting career in the gossip section, now on the police beat
  • co-worker of Nadine Furst
  • sleazy and opportunistic, all about image
  • has a double major in broadcasting and compuscience
  • craves respect and attention, envies and resents powerful women
  • blames women for his own shortcomings, starting with his mother
  • mother had been the head of computer science at Carnegie Melon
  • killed his mother after years of feeling belittled by her
  • murdered Cicely Towers, Yvonne Metcalf and Louise Kirski
  • takes Nadine Furst hostage, plans to kill both her and Eve Dalls
  • 33 years old, born in Stamford, Connecticut
  • short and squat, with a youthful face
  • killed by Roarke during his attack on Eve Dallas

David Angelini

  • son Marco Angelini, brother of Mirina Angelini
  • mother Cicely Towers murdered by C.J. Morse
  • godson of Commander Whitney and his wife Anna
  • arrogant and self-indulgent, weak willed
  • has a gambling problem, owes money to several dangerous people
  • likes to wheel and deal, but not very good at it
  • blames others for his own mistakes
  • witnessed the death of Louise Kirski
  • a suspect in the murders committed by C.J. Morse
  • 25 years old
  • bright azure eyes and a dark complexion

Deblinsky, Officer

  • homicide detective
  • a good, successful cop

Deborah Kirski

  • wife of James Kirski
  • daughter Louise Kirski killed by C.J. Morse
  • pale haired


  • a murderer being tried by attorney Cicely Towers
  • accused of killing his girlfriend

George Hammett

  • in a relationship with Cicely Towers, hoped to be married
  • charming and successful
  • extremely wealthy, made his money in transportation
  • devastated when Cicely Towers is murdered by C.J. Morse
  • in his 60’s, with silver gray hair and gray eyes
  • dramatic and bold, with stunning good looks
  • tall and elegantly slim, with hollowed cheeks

James Kirski

  • husband of Deborah Kirski
  • daughter Louise Kirski killed by C.J. Morse

Larinda Mars

  • works the gossip beat at Channel 75
  • cosmetically altered to be almost perfect looking
  • alabaster skin, gold tipped bronze hair
  • throaty voiced, with an affected British accent
  • actually from Queens, New York
  • deep hatred for C.J. Morse

Linda Whitney

  • daughter of Anna and Commander Jack Whitney
  • sister of Steven Whitney
  • a young and sharp-eyed lawyer
  • caramel colored skin and cool eyes

Louise Kirski

  • a Tech at Channel 75
  • originally from Texas, daughter of Deborah and James Kirski
  • worked with Nadine Furst
  • mistakenly killed by C.J. Morse, believing it was Nadine Furst
  • in a relationship with a musician named Bongo
  • happy and easy to get along with
  • pretty, with soft features and bright eyes
  • thick, curly dark hair

Marco Angelini

  • wealthy and successful, an expert negotiator
  • ex-wife Cicely Towers murdered by C.J. Morse
  • father of Mirina and David Angelini
  • cold and reserved, but devoted to his children
  • mindful of keeping up appearances
  • tries to take the blame when his son is a suspect in the murders committed by C.J. Morse
  • breaks off business interests with Roarke after Eve makes his son a murder suspect
  • small, but strongly built with a powerful presence
  • jet black hair with a pronounced widow’s peak
  • pale, dusky gold skin and bright azure eyes

Mirina Angelini

  • daughter of Marco Angelini, sister of David Angelini
  • mother Cicely Towers murdered by C.J. Morse
  • engaged to designer Randall Slade
  • manages a fashion boutique in rome
  • seems fragile and emotionally delicate
  • young and attractive, with a slight build and golden hair
  • dark eyes


  • a criminal investigated by Eve Dallas


  • works for Channel 75
  • camera operator for Nadine Furst


  • has a flirtation with Nadine Furst

Randall Slade

  • engaged to Mirina Angelini
  • future mother-in-law Cicely Towers murdered by C.J. Morse
  • fashion designer
  • young and attractive, but looks more like a laborer than an artist
  • suffered from a gambling problem, but getting help
  • years ago, had been briefly accused of the murder of an unlicensed companion in an off-world casino
  • very tall and fit
  • striking looking, with a large jaw, long nose and hooded eyes


  • junkie street person


  • works at Channel 75
  • an ambitious and polished reporter


  • works for Channel 75
  • camera operator for C.J. Morse

Steven Whitney

  • son of Anna and Commander Jack Whitney
  • brother of Linda Whitney

Suzanna Kimball

  • mutual friend of Cicely Towers and Roarke
  • widow of a good cop killed in the line of duty
  • pretty, with blonde hair

Yvonne Metcalf

  • an Emmy-winning actress
  • throat slashed and body left outside her apartment
  • killed by C.J. Morse
  • started out as a weathergirl, but worked for stardom
  • good-natured and impulsive
  • former lover of Roarke
  • dark hair and skin, with lovely green eyesline

Book 3Immortal in Death

immortal in deathShe’d come to New York to be a cop, because she believed in order. Needed it to survive. She had taken control, had made herself into the person some anonymous social worker had named Eve Dallas’. But in a few weeks she won’t just be Eve Dallas, lieutenant, homicide. She’ll be Roarke’s wife. But Eve’s wedding plans may have to be put on hold as her private and professional lives collide…The victim in her latest murder investigation is one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted – even another woman’s man. And Eve’s chief suspect is the other woman in this fatal love triangle – her best friend Mavis. Putting her job on the line to head the investigation, Eve discovers that the world of high fashion thrives on an all-consuming passion for youth and fame. One that leads from the runway to the dark underworld of New York City where drugs can fulfil any desire – for a price …

Ambrose, Doctor

  • head of chemical rehab at the rehabilitation center
  • a spindly, mixed-race female
  • rust colored hair


  • friend of Mavis Freestone and Leonardo
  • a fabric expert
  • thin and bony
  • bald head covered with a tattoo of a map
  • intense eyes
  • gay


  • a murderer
  • caught and arrested by Eve Dallas


  • real name Carter Johannsen
  • worked as an occasional snitch for Eve Dallas
  • a petty thief and drug dealer, used to wire explosives for street thieves
  • considered himself a ladies man
  • badly beaten body found in the East River
  • murdered by Detective Jake Casto


  • works as a receptionist for producer Paul Redford
  • perfectly chiseled golden good looks


  • works at the morgue

Carter Johannsen

  • see Boomer


  • see Lament Ro

Danny Riley

  • a NYPSD officer
  • an old friend of Ryan Feeney


  • owns the ZigZag Club in New York
  • slightly built, with a pointed red beard and monk’s circle of black hair

Engrave, Dr.

  • an off-planet plant expert, tops in her field
  • graying hair, hands reddened from working
  • plain, narrow face
  • around 5 feet tall
  • daughter is head beekeeper on Eden

Hetta Moppett

  • dancer and companion at the Down and Dirty Club in the East End
  • good natured and efficient
  • 28 years old
  • about five foot four, with blonde hair
  • murdered by Detective Jake Casto


  • one of the biggest names in the fashion business
  • co-sponsor of Leonardo’s fashion show

Jake T. Casto

  • police detective in Illegals
  • spent time working undercover
  • ambitious, uses charm to get his way
  • seduced Delia Peabody to keep tabs on Eve Dallas’s investigation
  • drugged and tried to kill Eve Dallas at her bachelorette party
  • murdered Pandora, Boomer, Lament Ro, Hetta Moppett and Jerry Fitzgerald
  • used his connections to deal the Immortality drug
  • had an affair with Pandora
  • tall and lanky
  • looks like a sun-bleached cowboy, handsome to the point of being pretty
  • wheat colored hair, tanned skin and bottle green eyes

Jerry Fitzgerald

  • highly successful model
  • in direct competition with murdered model Pandora
  • smart, ambitious and clever
  • lover of actor Justin Young
  • Immortality addict
  • went into business with Paul Redford, but didn’t know the product he gave her was both addictive and deadly
  • beautifully built, tall but lush
  • soft, slumberous face
  • straight ebony hair and blue eyes
  • murdered while in rehab by Detective Jake Casto

Jonathan Heartly

  • New York prosecuting attorney
  • has a high conviction rate
  • known for his charm and manners


  • works for producer Paul Redford

Justin Young

  • highly successful actor
  • became a movie star after starting out on soap operas
  • had a casual sexual relationship with murdered model Pandora
  • lover of model Jerry Fitzgerald
  • beautifully sculpted face, with black eyes and gilt colored hair

Lament Ro

  • nicknamed Coachroach
  • mid-level drug dealer with a long arrest history
  • former police snitch
  • beaten to death by Detective Jake Casto


  • a florist working on Vegas II
  • provides the Immortality blossoms to Jake Casto


  • a model
  • works Leonardo’s fashion show


  • a sweeper for the NYPSD

Mari Dirscolli

  • a NYPSD officer


  • florist for Eve and Roarke’s wedding
  • kindly looking, with silver hair


  • daughter of Summerset
  • grew up on the streets of Dublin with Roarke
  • ran con games with Roarke and her father
  • beautiful and innocent despite the life they lead
  • raped, tortured and killed by street rivals when she was 14


  • one of the most in-demand models in the world
  • incredibly beautiful, but cold and manipulative
  • enjoys inflicting pain on others, vicious and vindictive
  • will do anything to get her own way
  • violent and abusive, with a hellish temper
  • was known to rip the faces of those she was angry at with her knife-like nails
  • didn’t like sharing the spotlight
  • threatens to ruin former lover Leonardo rather than let him go
  • blackmailed producer Paul Redford for hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • always wanted what someone else had, and didn’t care how she got it
  • both user and dealer of the Immortality drug
  • hated by everyone who knew her
  • almost 6 feet tall and slender
  • flame colored hair, emerald eyes
  • murdered by Detective Jake Casto, badly beaten body found in Leonardo’s studio

Paul Redford

  • successful producer
  • composed and genial, but enjoys his power and wealth
  • callous, ruthless and self-interested
  • casual sexual relationship with model Pandora
  • blackmailed by Pandora, bled for hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • created his own version of the Immortality drug
  • imported the off-world plant that was used to make the Immortal drug
  • arrested for fraud, possessing a controlled specimen, intent to manufcture and distribute an illegal substance
  • strong features, honey colored skin
  • well trimmed glossy hair and moustache


  • works in the NYPSD crime lab


  • works for Roarke


  • friend of Mavis Freestone and Leonardo
  • hair stylist
  • thin, pointed chin and nose
  • tattooed and boldly colored, with jewel toned hair and eyebrows
  • electric blue eyes

lineBook 4Rapture in Death

rapture-in-deathThey died with smiles on their faces. Three apparent suicides: a brilliant engineer, an infamous lawyer, and a controversial politician. Three strangers with nothing in common–and no obvious reasons for killing themselves. Police lieutenant Eve Dallas found the deaths suspicious. And her instincts paid off when autopsies revealed small burns on the brains of the victims. Was it a genetic abnormality or a high-tech method of murder? Eve’s investigation turned to the provocative world of virtual reality games–where the same techniques used to create joy and desire could also prompt the mind to become the weapon of its own destruction…


  • a droid
  • works as a maitre’d at the exclusive Village Bistro
  • snooty, with a French accent

Arthur Foxx

  • lives a well-to-do life on Madison Avenue
  • married to defense attorney S.T. Fitzhugh for over 12 years
  • husband committed suicide after being targeted by the virtual reality program of Reeanna Ott
  • works as a consultant for the Nutrition For Life organization
  • has a large collection of antique knives
  • the son of two military people, born in East Washington
  • suffers from bouts of depression and jealousy, has spent time in therapy since childhood
  • feared his husband would leave him for someone else
  • has had brushes with the law for disorderly conduct, assault and disturbing the peace
  • handsome and refined, with a lovely, refined voice
  • pale gold skin and golden hair and eyes
  • has a tattoo of a black swan on his left ankle

Big Mary

  • works at the studio of Jess Barrow
  • a huge, imposing woman with a big, booming laugh
  • around six foot five and heavily muscled
  • covered in tattoos and piercings
  • tightly curled close-cropped black hair and milky blue eyes


  • works at the Tattler tabloid building
  • sprayed in the eyes with anti-mugging spray by suicidal boss Cerise Devane when he tried to stop her from killing herself


  • a famous singer
  • worked with Jess Barrow

Cerise Devane

  • owner and CEO of Tattler, the world’s most popular tabloid
  • wealthy and very successful, but made enemies
  • selfish and vain, but very intelligent and driven
  • beautiful, with sleek black hair and sharp green eyes
  • killed herself after being targeted by the virtual reality program of Reeanna Ott
  • stripped naked and jumped from the roof of her building
  • had one son


  • a repeat flasher who targets young girls
  • well known by the NYPSD
  • at least 80 years old
  • looks innocent and kindly
  • sandy blonde hair and blue eyes

Crouch, Detective

  • a NYPSD police detective

Drew Mathias

  • an electronics expert at Roarke’s off-world Olympus Grand Hotel
  • had a specialty in autotronics
  • young and eager, worked hard
  • into fantasy games and electronics
  • shy around women, quiet around most people
  • in his early 20’s
  • red haired and freckled
  • small, thin and pale
  • roommate of Jack Carter
  • killed himself after being targeted by the virtual reality program of Reeanna Ott
  • fell in love with Reeanna Ott, was killed because he knew too much

Dudley, Chief

  • based a the Security Building in Washington, DC
  • considers Washington his city
  • at least six foot seven and nearly 300 pounds
  • weathered and tanned, with a wide, rawboned face
  • closely cropped white hair and onyx eyes
  • a good cop and a strong family man

Frank Rabbit

  • assistant to Tattler tabloid CEO Cerise Devane
  • stylish and high-strung

George Pearly, Senator

  • a well respected liberal U.S. Senator
  • devoted family man and dedicated public servant
  • well respected
  • clean living, with a strong moral base
  • father served in the military, mother a professional parent
  • killed himself after after being targeted in the virtual reality program of Reeanna Ott
  • jumped from the window of the Capitol Building

Hobbs, Sargeant

  • works at the Security Building in Washington, DC
  • stiff and official
  • serves under Chief Dudley

Jack Carter

  • an assistant engineer on Roarke’s off-world Olympus Grand Hotel
  • a genius at design
  • only in his early 20’s, very young to hold the position he does
  • roommate Drew Mathias committed suicide after being targeted in the virtual reality program of Reeanna Ott

Jess Barrow

  • a successful musician and music engineer
  • had a couple hits on his own, now works behind the scenes for other artists
  • produces Mavis Freestone’s first disc
  • only showed interest in Mavis to get close to Roarke
  • developed a highly advanced music console which is able to control individuals through subliminal suggestion
  • as much a technician as an artist
  • used his mind control program to influence Roarke and Eve sexually
  • speculated he could force Eve Dallas to become interested in him romantically
  • has a God complex, but is like an emotionally-stunted child
  • craves success, but also wants to be admired and liked
  • intense and focused
  • trim and fit, with a smooth Southern drawl
  • almost beautiful, with long, shining oak colored hair and nearly silver eyes
  • tanned bronze skin


  • a flight attendant on Roarke’s private transport

Leanore Bastwick

  • a wealthy and successful lawyer
  • a partner in Fitzhugh, Bastwick and Stern law office
  • represented Jess Barrow in questioning by Eve Dallas
  • tried to seduce partner S.T. Fitzhugh away from his husband Arthur Foxx
  • elegant and icy
  • a stunning blonde, perfectly put together

Lilah Monroe

  • a Broadway star
  • acquaintance of Roarke

Lisa Cardeaux

  • a landscape designer on Roarke’s off-world Olympus Grand Hotel
  • dating Jack Carter

Milicent Barrows

  • former wife of defense attorney S.T. Fitzhugh
  • divorced after three years
  • lives in Philadelphia

Reeanna Ott

  • designed the medical center on Roarke’s off-world Olympus Grand Hotel
  • part of the development team that worked on Roarke’s new VR program
  • a medical expert and scientist
  • both a physiologist and electronics specialist
  • works in the labs on Tarus Three
  • studies brain patterns and their connection to personality
  • tweaked the VR system developed by Roarke’s company so that it could be used for mind control
  • targeted Senator George Pearly, Cerise Devane, S.T. Fitzhugh and Drew Mathias and caused them to commit suicide
  • a sociopath and pathological liar with a need for control
  • fascinated with death since her mother committed suicide when she was a child
  • used her mind control to direct William Shaffer and erase his memories
  • a stunning beauty, with deep red hair and vivid green eyes
  • alabaster skin and high cheekbones
  • at one time had a brief fling with Roarke
  • wife of William Shaffer
  • used Eve Dallas to commit suicide rather than be arrested


  • a young and eager attorney
  • was an associate under S.T. Fitzhugh
  • works as the lawyer for Arthur Foxx

Roger Keene

  • a top executive at Be There Records
  • acquaintance of Roarke


  • a crime lab tech for the NYPSD
  • works under Dickie Berenski

S.T. Fitzhugh

  • a highly successful criminal defense attorney
  • partner in Fitzhugh, Bastwick and Stern
  • slick and savvy, works the press for his own ends
  • defends drug lords, murderers and molestors
  • will represent anyone if the money and publicity is right
  • arrogant, pompous, smug and vain
  • defended drug dealer and murderer Vito Salvatori
  • bisexual, divorced from former wife Milicent Barrows after three years
  • husband of Arthur Foxx for over 12 years
  • smooth chocolate skin and a rich, baritone voice
  • trim and in good shape
  • slit his own wrists after after being targeted in the virtual reality program of Reeanna Ott

Vito Salvatori

  • a long-term criminal arrested by Eve Dallas
  • on trial for multiple counts of murder and torture
  • a drug dealer who killed at least three of his rivals
  • burned his victims alive after cutting out their eyes and tongues
  • injured by Eve Dallas while try to kill her during his arrest
  • had his elbow and jaw broken, and several teeth knocked out
  • tries to look old and pathetic so the jury will take pity on him
  • has graying hair and a sagging body
  • defended by criminal lawyer S. T. Fitzhugh

Wang, Doctor

  • a doctor on Roarke’s off-world Olympus Grand Hotel
  • well over 90 years old
  • exotic, clipped accent
  • heavily wrinkled parchment yellow skin and a bald head
  • black, almond shaped eyes

William Shaffer

  • a scientist who specializes in entertainment
  • designed the amusement center on Roarke’s off-world Olympus Grand Hotel
  • part of the development team that worked on Roarke’s new VR program
  • works in the labs of Tarus Three
  • long golden hair and square, handsome features
  • dark brown eyes
  • husband of Reeanna Ott

lineBook 5Ceremony in Death

ceremony-in-deathEven in an age of cutting-edge technology, old beliefs die hard…Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career. Every step she takes makes her question her own beliefs of right and wrong – and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity’s most seductive form of evil…


  • a Satanist and cult member, serves Selina Cross
  • responsible for the deaths of Alice Lingstrom and Frank Wojinski
  • killed several people in cult rituals, including follower Lobar
  • nearly 40 years old, but very little record of his life
  • born in Omaha, Nebraska
  • sophisticated and formal, with a pretty face
  • enjoys the pain and suffering of others
  • tall and golden, rippling with muscle
  • tattoo of a horned goat over his heart
  • deep, soothing voice
  • doesn’t believe in the devil, ran the cult as a con
  • used Selina’s insanity and weaknesses to make money
  • believed to be the follower, but was in control of Selina Cross all along
  • killed Selina Cross when she started to lose control
  • stabbed and killed by Jamie Lingstrom

Alice Lingstrom

  • daughter of Brenda and Jan Lingstrom
  • sister of Jamie Lingstrom
  • granddaughter of Frank and Sally Wojinski
  • Goddaughter of Ryan Feeney
  • smart and curious, studied anthropology at Harvard for two semesters
  • left university after becoming involved with witchcraft
  • worked as a clerk for Isis Paige at the Spirit Quest Wiccan shop
  • drawn to dark magic, drugged and exploited by Selina Cross and Alban
  • saw things that horrified her while under the control of a Satanist cult
  • when she tried to escape the cult, she was hunted and tormented
  • left horrified and scared, ashamed of what she had been a part of
  • blamed herself for the murder of her grandfather Frank Wojinski after he started to investigate the cult
  • murdered by satanists Selina Cross and Alban
  • stunning looking, with straight glossy blonde hair and soft blue eyes

Arthur Simon

  • a Doctor

Brenda Lingstrom

  • daughter of Frank and Sally Wojinski
  • divorced from Jan Lingstrom
  • mother of Jamie and Alice Lingstrom
  • sister of Curtis Wojinski
  • daughter Alice and father Frank both murdered by Selina Cross and Alban
  • short and curvy, with dark hair and eyes

Carlo Mancini

  • member of the Satanic cult, a follower of Selina Cross
  • doctor and cosmetic enhancement guru


  • NYPSD officer
  • works in the Robbery Division
  • puts the moves on anything female, but has a sense of humor


  • a palm reader at The Psychic Deli
  • member of the Wiccan faith
  • very skilled fortune teller, kind and sweet natured
  • light Irish accent
  • barely 20 years old
  • braided blonde hair and clear gray eyes

Charles Forte

  • see Chas


  • real name Charles Conroy, changed it to Charles Forte
  • co-owner of the Spirit Quest Wiccan shop
  • father notorious mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • physically and sexually abused by his father as a boy
  • studied pharmaceuticals, worked in drug cloning and manufacture
  • left his lucrative life to find happiness in the Wiccan community
  • a gifted healer
  • short and somewhat ordinary, with thin, washed out blond hair
  • fragile and almost delicate, with a square, unremarkable face
  • beautiful deep gray eyes and a beautiful baritone voice
  • deeply in love with mate Isis Paige

Curtis Wojinski

  • son of Frank and Sally Wojinski
  • brother of Brenda Lingstrom
  • father of Pete Wojinski
  • niece Alice Lingstrom and father Frank both killed by Selina Cross and Alban
  • slim and soft

Darla Fitz

  • victim of mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • tortured, dismembered and killed at age 23
  • mixed race

David Baines Conroy

  • notorious rapist and mass murderer
  • doing five consecutive life sentences on Penal Station Omega
  • also a suspect in 12 additional murderers
  • tortured, raped and dismembered countless victims
  • believed he was the instrument of a God, traveled the country preaching
  • evil but charismatic
  • father of Charles “Chas” Forte
  • ex-husband of Ellen Forte

Doreen Harden

  • victim of mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • tortured, dismembered and killed at age 23
  • mixed race

Elaine Mathias

  • wife of Jonathan Mathias
  • mother of sacrificed cult member Lobar
  • a Baptist deacon from Kansas City

Ellen Forte

  • ex-wife of convicted mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • mother of Charles “Chas” Forte
  • pale and jumpy

Emma Tanget

  • victim of mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • tortured, dismembered and killed at age 25
  • black hair and skin, dark eyes

Ernest Renfrew

  • a psychiatrist who treated Charles Forte


  • a NYPSD Officer
  • works in the Robbery Division
  • cute

Frank Wojinski

  • well liked and respected detective sergeant of the NYPSD
  • affable and plodding, but a good cop
  • worked in the records department
  • 62 year old father and grandfather
  • a devoted family man, loved by everyone
  • husband of Sally Wojinski, father of Brenda Lingstrom and Curtis Wojinski
  • grandfather of Pete Wojinski, Alice and Jamie Lingstrom
  • trainer and former partner of Ryan Feeney
  • pudgy, with thinning gray hair
  • started his own investigation when his granddaughter Alice was pulled in by a Satanist cult run by Selina Cross and Alban
  • thought to have died from heart failure, but was drugged and killed by Selina Cross

Isis Paige

  • co-owner of the Spirit Quest Wiccan shop and consultation center
  • a Wiccan High Priestess with documented psychic abilities
  • partner and mate of Charles “Chas” Forte
  • took in and cared for Alice Lingstrom after her cult experiences
  • softly accented voice
  • just over 6 feet tall and curvy
  • exotic looking, with flaming red curly hair and black eyes
  • soft gold skin and bold features
  • deeply in love with mate Chas

Jamie Lingstrom

  • son of Brenda and Jan Lingstrom
  • grandson of Frank and Sally Wojinski
  • both sister Alice Lingstrom and grandfather Frank murdered by Selina Cross and Alban
  • brilliant and inventive, able to circumvent almost any security system with his homemade devices
  • determined to get even with those who killed his family
  • tall and handsome
  • about 16 years old
  • stabbed and killed Alban

Jan Lingstrom

  • ex-husband of Brenda Lingstrom
  • father of Alice and Jamie Lingstrom
  • daughter Alice killed by Selina Cross and Alban


  • member of the Wiccan faith
  • works at Spirit Quest for Isis Paige


  • a member of the Wiccan faith
  • a lawyer
  • looks barely old enough to have passed the bar exam
  • represents Chas when he is brought in for questioning

Jonathan Mathias

  • husband of Elaine Mathias
  • father of sacrificed cult member Lobar
  • a Baptist deacon from Kansas City


  • born Robert Allen Mathias in Kansas City
  • son of Baptist deacons Jonathan and Elaine Mathias
  • had a history of problems, with a juvenile rap sheet
  • attempted the rape of one of his teachers, has sociopathic tendencies
  • an initiate in the Satanic cult lead by Selina Cross and Alban
  • works at the Athame club
  • looks like an overgrown child dressed for Halloween
  • has a dangerous sense of self-importance
  • like a vampire wannabe, but sulky and childish
  • just turned 18, with a thin, hairless chest and slim arms
  • has his incisors sharpened to fangs
  • long black hair tipped in red, red-tinted demonic eyes
  • sacrificed in a satanic ritual by Selina Cross and Lobar, had his throat slit and his heart removed
  • body left staked out in front of Roarke’s house

Louis Trivane

  • a celebrity lawyer
  • member of the cult run by Selina Cross and Lobar
  • represents Selina Cross when she is brought in by the police
  • drugged and used by the cult
  • saw Lobar killed by Selina Cross and Alban
  • horrified by what he saw, planned to turn against the cult
  • stabbed and killed by Miriam

Lowell McBride

  • victim of mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • tortured, dismembered and killed at age 18

Marianna Bingsley

  • member of the Satanic cult, a follower of Selina Cross
  • department store heiress

Marion Burns

  • third generation NYPSD Officer
  • a solid officer
  • a Detective working undercover as a Bartender at the Club Athame
  • mother a Captain in the Bunko Department

Martin Savoy

  • victim of mass murderer David Baines Conroy
  • tortured, dismembered and killed at age 20
  • mixed race

Miriam Hopkins

  • a new initiate into the Wiccan group lead by Isis Paige
  • first degree witch
  • drugged and used by Selina Cross and Alban to murder Louis Trivane
  • examined by Dr. Mira, found to be delusional, sociopathic, and to have an addictive personality
  • not smart, but has a vast capacity for violence
  • pretty and harmless looking
  • small and dark skinned, with dark eyes

Pete Wojinski

  • son of Curtis Wojinski
  • grandson of Frank and Sally Wojinski
  • cousin Alice Lingstrom and grandfather Frank both killed by Selina Cross and Alban
  • around 8 years old
  • pug-nosed, with freckles


  • a translator droid who works for Roarke
  • slim and attractive, made to look like a trusty middle-aged man

Robert Allen Mathias

  • see Lobar

Sally Wojinski

  • wife of murdered NYPSD officer Frank Wojinski
  • mother of Brenda Lingstrom and Curtis Wojinski
  • grandmother of Pete Wojinski and Jamie Lingstrom
  • granddaughter Alice Lingstrom killed by Selina Cross and Alban
  • small and delicate, kind and soft spoken


  • works at the prosecutor’s office

Selina Cross

  • a Satanist and cult leader, calls herself High Priestess of The Dark Lord
  • has a long wrap sheet for soliciting, assault, bunko and the distribution of illegal substances
  • skilled with drugs and chemicals
  • owner of the Club Athame
  • responsible for the deaths of Alice Lingstrom and Frank Wojinski
  • impulsive and arrogant, lacks control
  • enjoys the pain of others, has no conscience or morals
  • able to read and take advantage of the weaknesses of others
  • killed several people in cult rituals, including follower Lobar
  • kidnaps and plans to kill Eve Dallas
  • insane after too many years of drug abuse
  • grew to believe she actually had power
  • spooky looking, with a sharp, narrow face and full lips
  • not beautiful, but compelling
  • cold, jet black eyes and vampire white skin
  • feline green eyes and waist length black h air
  • small tattoo over her left eyebrow of an inverted pentagram
  • killed by Alban

Sheila Feeney

  • wife of Ryan Feeney


  • camera operator for Nadine Furst

Thomas Wineburg

  • wealthy fifth generation banker from Wineburg Financial
  • given a position in his family firm to keep him out of the way
  • bland and boring
  • white skin and black hair, with a wan complexion
  • joins the satanic cult run by Selina Cross and Alban, likes the sex and the dangerous
  • stabbed and killed by Selina Cross and Alban


  • owner of ScanAir
  • retiring after his failing company taken over by Roarke Industries
  • based in Rotterdam

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