Cover Lover – 5 New Titles

After a bit of what can only be called a dry spell, a few new covers have started trickling out (I imagine things will pick up after Christmas is out of the way). This first one is from Amanda Ashley. Night’s Surrender is part of the Children of the Night series, and it is due out on August 25th.

night's surrenderPurchase at

This second one comes from Lori Handeland. In the Air Tonight is the first book of the new Summer of Witches trilogy, and it is due out on June 2nd.

in the air tonightPurchase at

Yasmine Galenorn is also starting a new series. Flight From Death is the first book of the Fly By Night series, and it is due out on July 7th.

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This next one is Earth Bound by Christine Feehan. It is the 4th book of the Sisters of the Heart series, and it will be released on July 7th.

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And this final one is a Young Adult cover. Sisters of Blood and Spirit is written by author Kady Cross, and it will be released on March 31st.

sisters of blood and spiritPurchase at

There you have it for today. I swear, one day I am going to pick up the Galenorn books just for the pretty covers. Her entire Otherworld series has great artwork, and this spin-off series does, too. I wish all series could look that good.

Cover Lover – 3 New Titles

I have gotten all of the new release pages updated to include the most recent cover art and blurbs, but of course in the process I noticed that yes – there seems to have been a bunch of release date shifts and push backs. Again. Sooo, looks like it is time to do a double check, and hopefully that will be done in the next couple of days. I mean, really, what is the point of setting a release date and then shifting it around by a week or two? That is just annoying.

Rant over. There are three covers for today’s post, and this first one is from the second book in the new Robin D. Owens series, Ghost Seer. Ghost Layer is due out on the popular September 2nd.

ghost layerThis second one is from Dianne Duvall and her Immortal Guardians series. Night Unbound is due out on…yep, September 2nd.

night unboundAnd this last one is from Amanda Ashley. Beauty’s Beast is once again due out on September 2nd.

beauty's beast

Cover Lover – 6 New Titles

I haven’t been posting that many covers lately (at least, compared to what I used to). The thing is, it just seems like the last few months have been blah for cover releases – not much that jumps out at me, no big titles that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. Hopefully that turns around soon, but for this post I did find six newbies to show you.

I am obsessively trying to find the Divergent footage that was shown at Comic Con, or a teaser trailer, or something. But so far, all I found Veronica Roth related was the cover for the first of four e-novellas that will feature Four/Tobias. The Transfer will be released on September 3rd.

the transferC.C. Hunter starts a spin-off of her Shadow Falls series called Shadow Falls: After Dark next April with the release of Reborn.

rebornI admit, I tried a couple of Amanda Ashley books back when I first started to read PNR, and for some reason they just weren’t for me. Her next Children of the Night book, Night’s Promise, will be released on February 4th.

night's promiseAuthor Christine D’Abo will start her new Shadow Guild series this December 3rd with the release of the first book, called Gilded Hearts.

gilded heartsCynthia Eden is a favorite of mine, so anytime I see something new from her I am happy. This one is the cover for the first book in her new Phoenix series, called Phoenix Fire. Burn for Me will be released on January 28th.

burn for meAnd this final one gets my “Oh-crap-back-away-from-the-Photoshop” award for awkward cover of the week (maybe month). The second book in Kate Douglas‘s new Spirit Wolf series, Dark Moon, will be out on February 1st.

dark moonSo, likes or dislikes? Any favorites among this pile? Do you find the Dark Moon cover as oddly put together as I do, or am I just seeing things?

Cover Lover – 3 New Titles

Raiding Goodreads paid off again, and I have three new covers to show for it. I can actually say that I like all three of these, too, which is a rarity. This first one is from the prolific Amanda Ashley, and it appears to be from a new series called Children of the Night. Night’s Mistress is due out on August 6th.

night's mistress

Kris DeLake‘s next Assassin’s Guild book, A Spy to Die For, will be hitting the shelves on July 2nd.

a spy to die for

And this final one is another in a long line of terrific covers for Jennifer Estep‘s Elemental Assassin series.  Heart of Venom will be available on August 27th.

heart of venom

Cover Lover – 9 New Titles

I have been a bit slack on the cover department lately, and I nabbed these first five from All Things Urban Fantasy‘s Cover Post.  The cover for Kady Cross‘s third Steampunk Chronicles book, The Girl with the Iron Touch, just came out.  The book will be available on May 21st.

the girl with the iron touch

This next one is the first book from the Hex Hall Spin-off series from Rachel HawkinsSchool Spirits will be released on May 14th.

school spirits

Still from ATUF comes this third cover.  Star Cursed is the second book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles from Jessica Spotswood, and it will be released on June 18th.

star cursed

Kendare Blake will be starting a new series next September with the release of the first book, Antigoddess.


Good Lord…holy crap-awful photoshopping!  This one is from Jaime Rush and her Offspring series, called The End of Darkness.  It is scheduled for release in January, according to Goodreads.  This is not the cover you want to wrap up your series with, that is for sure.

the end of darkness

This next one is from my favorite hit-or-miss author, Christine WarrenHungry Like a Wolf will be the last of her re-written Others books, bringing the series up to date.  Look for this one on June 25th.

hungry like a wilf

This next one from Amanda Ashley reminds me of the old historical romances I used to read years ago.  As Twilight Falls will be released on May 7th.

as twilight falls

Rising Darkness is the tile of the first book in a new series from Thea Harrison.  It will be available on April 2nd.

rising darkness

And this final one is from Shannon K. Butcher‘s Sentinel Wars series.  Falling Blind will be released next April 2nd.

falling blind

My favorite from this batch is Falling Blind.  I was hoping that this would be Grace and…damn, can’t remember his name.  Tor?  Something like that.  Anyways, I was hoping that this was their story, but Shannon is good about building up a story over the course of a couple of books.  Which one are you most looking forward to?

Cover Lover – 11 New Titles

As I said in my last post, there were a couple of covers I came across on my latest updating spree, both for young adult and adult titles.  Some are new, some are just new to me.  The first one is from Sandra Hill and her Deadly Angels series.  Book two, Kiss of Surrender, will be released on September 25th.

Melissa de la Cruz continues her Witches of East End series on June 12th with the release of book two, Serpent’s Kiss.

Starling, the first book of the upcoming Starling series from Lesley Livingston, will be released in hardcover on August 28th.

Next up is Sweet Shadows, the second book in Tera Lynn Childs‘ Medusa Girls series.  This one is due out on September 4th.

The Shadow Shifters series from A.C. Arthur continues with the release of Seduction’s Shift on September 25th.

Amanda Ashley upped the cover for her upcoming release, Desire the Night.  This one is due out on September 1st.

This is one I haven’t heard of before, but author Karen Mahoney will be releasing Falling to Ash, from the Moth series, on August 30th.

I like this one…very eye catching.  Black City is the first book from the Black City Chronicles from Elizabeth Richards, due out on November 13th.

Kept is the next one from Shawntelle Madison, a sequel to Coveted.  This one is due out on November 27th.

Almost done.  This one is from Heather Burch and her Halflings series.  Guardian is due out this October.

The last one from this batch is one I have seen before.  Man, not sure on the dude’s outfit – at all.  Revelation is the first book in a new series from Erica Hayes, due out on October 2nd.

Cover Lover – 7 New Titles

I wasn’t expecting to find many covers on today’s hunt, so I was pleasantly surprised to come up with 7.  It seems to have been a bit of a dry spell lately, but hopefully there will be some new release info coming out soon, too.

The cover is out for the next book from Lexi George, Demon Hunting in the Deep South, which is due out on July 31st.

Werewolf in Seattle, the next Wild About You novel from Vicki Lewis Thompson, has a release date of April 3rd.

On June 5th, Amanda Ashley will be releasing a new book called His Dark Embrace.  I am not sure if this is part of a larger series.

J.D. Tyler continues her new Alpha Pack series with the release of Savage Awakening, due out on April 3rd.

Number five is from the almost-finished Final Prophecy series from Jessica AndersenMagic Unchained is the next to last book, and should be available on April 3rd.

Tami Dane recently started a new series featuring profiler Sloan Skye.  Blood of Innocence is the second book, due out on June 5th.

And the last one is on the Young Adult side of things.  Julie Kagawa starts her new Blood of Eden series on April 24th with the release of The Immortal Rules.

New Additions

I have found a couple of more titles to add to the new release pages, a lot in the Young Adult side of things.

  • Cynthia Eden will be contributing to a new anthology next September called Howl For It.  Not sure yet on the other authors involved.
  • The fourth book of J.R. Ward‘s Fallen Angels series is rumored to be called Rapture.  It will be out at the beginning of next September.
  • Desire the Night is a new one coming from Amanda Ashley.  It should be available on September 4th.
  • Melissa de la Cruz will start her Blue Bloods spin-off series called Wolf Pact next September with the release of book one, also called Wolf Pact.
  • Author Kira Brady will be starting her Deadglass Trilogy next August with the release of the first book, Hearts of Darkness.  This one sounds interesting.
  • Book #11 of the Celta’s Heartmates series from Robin D. Owens will be coming out next August 7th.  It will be called Heart Secret.
  • This one is a bit different.  Michelle Rowen will be returning to her Immortality Bites world with a new series.  The Sarah Dearly books will start up again next October with the release of Blood Bath and Beyond.
  • Lilith Saintcrow will start an adult oriented series next fall called Bannon & Clare.  Book one will be called The Iron Wyrm Affair.
  • The second book of the Anna series from Kendare Blake will be called Girl of Nightmares (great cover, too).  Look for it next August.
  • Even though Andrea Cremer‘s Nightshade trilogy wraps up early next year, there will be at least two more books from that world.  Billed as a prequel series, the Nightshade Companion books will include next August’s Rift, and will be followed by Rise in 2013.
  • And finally the third book of the Halo series from Alexandra Adornetto will be called Heaven, and is scheduled for release on August 21st.

Random Updates…

Looks like a few new pre-order links are up at Amazon..

  • Booo!  Looks like Once Burned, the first book from Jeaniene Frost‘s Night Prince series, has been pushed back three months.  It will now be released on June 26th.
  • Wilder, the fifth and final book from Christina Dodd‘s Chosen ones series, will be released on August 7th.
  • Lynsay Sands will release her 14th Argeneau book, as yet untitled, on July 31st.
  • Karen Marie Moning will be releasing an older story, Into the Dreaming, on hardcover on June 26th.  It was originally a story in the Tapestry anthology.
  • Looks like Karina Cooper will fire up a new series next June.  A London Affair is the first book of the St. Croix Chronicles.
  • His Dark Embrace will be a new one from Amanda Ashley, due out on June 5th.
  • September 4th is the projected release date for the next Christine Feehan Dark book, as yet untitled.  Wonder who this one will be about?

Random Updates

Hard to believe, but there is some concrete info starting to come out about the 2012 releases…man, I am still writing 2010 on everything.  Looks like I need to get caught up.

  • November 1st, Christine Feehan will have a sort of new release.  Darkest at Dawn is a trade-paperback size re-release of two previous Dark series stories – Dark Secret and Dark Hunger (from the Hot Blooded anthology).
  • from what I can gather, Nancy Gideon starts a new series this November with the release of Hunter of Shadows.
  • the second book in Linda Howard and Linda Jones‘ Blood Born series seems to have been pushed back yet again.  Warrior Rising is now looking like an April 2012 release.
  • Lothaire it is.  The preorder links for the Kresley Cole Immortal After Dark release have gone up at Amazon, so it looks like the title is a done deal.  The official release date is now January 10th.
  • Lydia Dare adds to her Regency Vampire series this September 1st with the release of Never Been Bit.  It is the third book in the series.
  • Rachel Caine‘s Morganville Vampires book number 11 will be called Last Breath.  Look for it on November 1st.
  • The third book from Sophie Renwick‘s The Chronicles of Annwyn now has a title.  Velvet Moon will be released on December 6th.
  • A new one from Rachel Vincent will be available on August 23rd.  Blood Bound is an adult release, the first book in her new Unbound series.
  • After a very long delay, it looks like the third book from Elisabeth Naughton‘s Eternal Guardians series will finally be coming out.  Tempted now has a September 1st release date.
  • It’s All Greek To Me is the name of the early December release from Katie MacAlister.
  • Amanda Ashley will follow up August’s Bound by Night with Bound by Blood.  It is scheduled for the end of September.
  • Donna Grant‘s Dark Sword series will be getting a spin-off.  The Dark Warriors series (set in the same world) will have four releases in 2012.  Midnight’s Master will be out in June, followed by Midnight’s Lover in July.  Midnight’s Seduction will be available in November, and Midnight’s Warrior will round things off in December.
  • January 1st is the date for the next Linda Wisdom book, A Demon Does it Better.
  • Stephanie Rowe‘s third Soulfire book, Hold Me if You Can, will be out January 1st, 2012.
  • December 1st will be the release date for the next Terry Spear Wolf series book, this one called Dreaming of the Wolf.
  • The second Forgotten Goddesses series book from Stephanie Julian will be called How to Worship a Goddess.  It should be out on December 1st.
  • Sidney Ayers will follow up Demons Prefer Blondes with Icing on the Demon, available on December 1st.
  • Shadow City will be the title of the third Horngate Witches series from Diana Pharaoh Francis, due out on December 27th.
  • December 27th will also be the date for the next Persephone Alcmedi book, Wicked Circle, from Linda Robertson.
  • Virtual Virgin is the title of the next Delilah Street book from Carole Nelson Douglas, due out on November 29th.
  • and finally, it looks like Kim Harrison will be releasing a reference book, The Hollows Insider, at the end of October.