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sharpest stingI am still working my way through Patricia Briggs‘ Mercy Thompson world, and I find myself getting way behind on all of the other character guides because I am on a roll with Mercy and I don’t want to take a break. So, please ignore that everything looks unfinished – I will get there at some point. Most likely.

Anyways, as I am doing a quick update of things, I thought I might as well list a few of the things I found here.

  • Alyssa Day‘s next Tiger’s Eye Mystery, Eye of Danger, has been pushed back. Originally, it was due out in March, I think, then early July, then end of July, and now it is listed as an August 29th release.
  • Chloe Neill has sold the next two books of her Heirs of Chicagoland series, which is great news. If you are interested, she has posted the first chapter of the next book, Wicked Hour. You can find it HERE.
  • Not trying to sound bitchy, but I have been hunting for info on upcoming Kresley Cole releases with no luck. Has anyone else heard anything about Munro? Her last Facebook post was in February, and her website doesn’t have any new info, either. Goodreads still lists it as just 2019.
  • Jeaniene Frost has made available the prologue and first three chapters of her next Ian and Veritas book, Wicked Bite. You can find it HERE.
  • Jennifer Estep will release her 18th Elemental Assassin book on October 8th. It will be called Sharpest Sting

That’s about it for today. Do you have any info to share? Any updates or tidbits?


Covers, Delays and a Look Ahead

I haven’t really had enough of any one thing to make a post for the last couple of weeks, so I figured I would just car-pool everything into one messed-up catch-all post instead. Let’s start with the bad news…

  • It looks like Wicked Bite has been pushed back. Jeaniene Frost posted that something wasn’t quite right with the book, and so she had to do extensive re-writes which lead to a new release date of January 28th, 2020. So, we have to wait an extra 6 months for Ian and Veritas, but it isn’t too long extra.
  • Christine Warren‘s next one is a bit of another story. Her next Alphaville book, Your Lion Eyes, was originally scheduled for an end-of-December 2018 release, then it was delayed until June 2019. Right now, though, Amazon is listing it as a December 2020 release. It is unfortunate, because I always seem to just get involved in one of her series, and then the long delays start and throw me off.

Oh, and I have the blurb for the next Black Dagger Legacy book from JR Ward, too. Blood Truth is due out on August 13th…

“As a trainee in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s program, Boone has triumphed as a soldier and now fights side by side with the Brothers. Following his sire’s unexpected death, he is taken off rotation against his protests—and he finds himself working with Butch O’Neal, former homicide cop, to catch a serial killer: Someone is targeting females of the species at a live action role play club. When the Brotherhood is called in to help, Boone insists on being a part of the effort—and the last thing he expects is to meet an enticing, mysterious female…who changes his life forever.

Ever since her sister was murdered at the club, Helaine has been committed to finding the killer, no matter the danger she faces. When she crosses paths with Boone, she doesn’t know whether to trust him or not—and then she has no choice. As she herself becomes a target, and someone close to the Brotherhood is identified as the prime suspect, the two must work to together to solve the mystery…before it’s too late. Will a madman come between the lovers or will true love and goodness triumph over a very mortal evil?”

And now onto the covers. I have four new ones to share, starting with the second Gods of War book from Gena Showalter, Frost and Flame. It has a release date of September 17th, 2019.

frost and flame

This second one is from JD Robb‘s In Death series. Vendetta in Death is the 49th book (yes, 49th), and it has a release date of August 1st.

vendetta in deathSynopsis…

The predator becomes the prey in the newest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series featuring homicide detective Eve Dallas.

She calls herself Lady Justice. And once she has chosen a man as her target, she turns herself into a tall blonde or a curvaceous redhead, makes herself as alluring and seductive as possible to them. Once they are in her grasp, they are powerless.

The first victim is wealthy businessman Nigel McEnroy. His company’s human resources department has already paid out settlements to a couple of his young victims—but they don’t know that his crimes go far beyond workplace harassment. Lady Justice knows. And in one shocking night of brutality, she makes him pay a much steeper price.

Now Eve Dallas and her husband, Roarke, are combing through the evidence of McEnroy’s secret life. His compulsive need to record his misdeeds provides them with a wide range of suspects, but the true identity of Lady Justice remains elusive. It’s a challenging case, made even more difficult by McEnroy’s widow, who reacts to the investigation with fury, denial, and threats. Meanwhile, Lady Justice’s criminal crusade is escalating rapidly, and if Eve can’t stop this vigilante, there’s no telling how much blood may be spilled…

This 3rd one is from Jeffe Kennedy. The Orchid Throne is the first book of the Forgotten Empire series.

the orchid throneSynopsis…

Welcome to the world of Forgotten Empires from award winning author Jeffe Kennedy that begins with The Orchid Throne.


As Queen of the island kingdom of Calanthe, Euthalia will do anything to keep her people
free—and her secrets safe—from the mad tyrant who rules the mainland. Guided by a magic ring of her father’s, Lia plays the political game with the cronies the emperor sends to her island. In her heart, she knows that it’s up to her to save herself from her fate as the emperor’s bride. But in her dreams, she sees a man, one with the power to build a better world—a man whose spirit is as strong, and whose passion is as fierce as her own…


Conrí, former Crown Prince of Oriel, has built an army to overthrow the emperor. But he needs the fabled Abiding Ring to succeed. The ring that Euthalia holds so dear to her heart. When the two banished rulers meet face to face, neither can deny the flames of rebellion that flicker in their eyes—nor the fires of desire that draw them together. But in this broken world of shattered kingdoms, can they ever really trust each other? Can their fiery alliance defeat the shadows of evil that threaten to engulf their hearts and souls?

This final one for today comes from author Maxym Martineau. Kingdom of Exiles is the first book in the new Beast Charmer series.

kingdom of exilesSynopsis…

Fantastic Beasts meets Assassin’s Creed in this epic, gripping fantasy romance from debut author Maxym M. Martineau.

Exiled beast charmer Leena Edenfrell is in deep trouble. Empty pockets forced her to sell her beloved magical beasts on the black market—an offense punishable by death—and now there’s a price on her head. With the realm’s most talented murderer-for-hire nipping at her heels, Leena makes him an offer he can’t refuse: powerful mythical creatures in exchange for her life.

If only it were that simple. Unbeknownst to Leena, the undying ones are bound by magic to complete their contracts, and Noc cannot risk his brotherhood of assassins…not even to save the woman he can no longer live without.

So, this post is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Do you have any tidbits to add?

Site Updates

I have been quiet online, but busy behind the scenes for the last little bit. I recently added a few new releases, and I thought I would mention a couple of notable ones for you here.

And yay! I got the Night Huntress Universe Character guide finished and edited and everything! I loved doing the re-read for this one – it jumped way up in my rankings when I did the marathon, and I got so much more out of it the second time around. So glad that I dove into it, and once I get the latest Charley Davidson book read and info added, I am on to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. That will be a monster, I’m sure.

As always, if you see any errors or omissions in the guide, feel free to let me know. But I should say that I don’t try to add everything about every character. You just can’t. Like for Vlad, I had something like 65 bullet points, and that was just way too much. My goal isn’t to summarize everything that happened to everyone, but I do hope to give you enough to give you a general sense about the who, what, where and why of characters. Hope you like it!

Random Rambling

So, everybody. How is 2019 treating you so far? I have been on vacation since the first, and I am starting to get some of my usual time-off crap done, like cleaning and organizing. Not the most glamorous use of a vacation, but it makes me happy at the end. There is nothing I like more than purging a bunch of stuff that is just laying around getting in the way.

On the book front, I didn’t get rid of much – on the contrary, I have been adding a bit to the collection. I am only a couple of books away from finishing my Night Huntress Universe re-read for the character guide, and it has been going really, really well. When I originally started Jeaniene Frost‘s series, I liked it. I didn’t love it, but it stayed in the middle-of-the-road, solidly entertaining but not favorite category. I didn’t miss a release, but I didn’t do a countdown for the next book, either. Well, things changed.

With my re-reading marathon, I now love them. Love. I have gotten so involved with all parts of the world – Night Huntress, Prince, Rebel, Ian and Mencheres’s stories – that they have climbed up to favorite series status. There is something about doing a back-to-back read that just sucks me in and gets me so involved. I liked it enough to track down what I could in hardcover to add to my permanent collection, too – but the only downside is why oh why would the publisher make the change to hardcover on Vlad’s last book? Seriously? I could get it back at the first Night Prince book, but the fourth of four? That was weird. I still ordered it, along with Ian’s first book, but I would still love to see some of the earlier ones re-released in hardcover, too.

And while in the middle of my re-read, I took a break to read the newest Gena Showalter story, The Darkest Captive. And what I realized is that while Night Huntress went up my list, The Lords have gone down. I guess maybe tastes change, but I have a hard time enjoying her work lately. They aren’t bad, for sure, but the tone of them is rubbing me wrong. Like I said when I tried to finish Shadow and Ice, the constant puns and quips and snark got on my nerves. I like a good laugh, but one liner after one liner gets old, and I realized as well that every character of every book for the last little while sounds just like all the rest. The chicks all “preen” and “fluff their hair” (gag), the guys all grown then grovel. At this point, I am pretty much done – I will pick up William’s story just because, but then throw in the towel. I had originally planned to do a character guide for it at some point, but I just can’t see myself devoting a couple of months to re-reads – at least not the way I am feeling about it now.

And since I already sound completely unhinged, I would like to whine about Kresley Cole. I have seen a couple of times that she is releasing her next IAD book, Munro, in May. Of this year. As in in about 4 months. Yet there is no synopsis, cover, or preorder links. Is this going to an indie-publishing thing, too, because I haven’t seen a traditionally published major series hardcover book ever come out with so little prep-time? And since it will have been over two years since the last book at that point, too, things just seem weird to me. Eh, what do I know?

Have you had any series take a big climb – or fall – on your list of favorites recently? Have you heard anything about the IAD that I have missed?

Cover Lover – Wicked Bite

Spam time – two posts in five minutes. Nice. Anyways, just after I posted my pick of the week, I took an online wander and discovered that Jeaniene Frost had uploaded the cover for her second Night Rebel Book, Wicked Bite. Ah, Ian. How I count down the days until your next story, which will be released on July 30th.

wicked biteSynopsis…

Some promises are meant to be broken…

Veritas spent most of her life as a vampire Law Guardian. Now, she’s about to break every rule by secretly hunting down the dark souls that were freed in order to save Ian. But the risks are high. If she gets caught, she could lose her job. And catching the sinister creatures might cost Veritas her own life.

Some vows are forever…

Ian’s memories might be fragmented, but this master vampire isn’t about to be left behind by the woman who entranced him, bound herself to him, and then disappeared. So what if demons, other Law Guardians, and dangerous, otherworldly forces stand against them? Come hell or high water, Ian intends to remind Veritas of the burning passion between them, because she is the only person seared on his mind—and his soul…

Random Ramblings

Howdy, everyone. How are things going? I thought I would just ramble through a couple of things and see what everyone is up to. Late November/December isn’t a great new release month for me – in fact, I don’t have anything at all ordered for new books until JR Ward‘s Prisoner of Night on January 7th. But my time won’t go to waste, since I will be using it to power through more of the In Death series.


Honestly, I figured at this point I would be getting bored with the In Death books – or at the very least not still excited to get my hands on the next one. But I am on Indulgence in Death – number 31 – and still going strong. I look forward to each new story, to getting back with favorite characters and a favorite world, and it still hasn’t gotten old. I like them enough to pick up not only the e-book versions, but the pretty, pretty UK paperback versions, as well. They look so nice on the shelf. Well, shelves, but who’s counting?

Oh, and I am also using my time to work on the character guide for the Night Huntress Universe. And weirdly enough, I am liking it way more than I did the first time around. I did enjoy the series on my first read through as the books were published, but I am getting way more involved in the world during my marathoning of them. I still have a ways to go – I am only on Destined For an Early Grave – but it has been great rediscovering them so far.

And today, Nalini Singh‘s newsletter came out with a tiny snippet from her upcoming Psy-Changeling book, Wolf Rain, which announced the main couple. The female lead is a new character named Memory, but the male lead? Alexei. Alexei! If you have been around this blog any length of time, you might remember that his story has been on my most-wished for for a long, long time. He and Remi are my top two, so I am a happy, happy gal.

So, what have you been reading? Are you anticipating any new books in the rest of 2018, or are you like me and using the time to play catch-up? Have you rediscovered any old series that have become new favorites?

Reading Wrap Up

It’s been a while since I was around, so I thought I might do up a reading wrap up post to see what you thought on some recent releases from the last month or so.

LionheartI picked up Lionheart from Thea Harrison, and it feels like it has been forever since there was anything new from the Elder Races world. I liked this one way more than I thought I would, which is always a plus. It wasn’t a book I was particularly excited for, for whatever reason, but it was another good, solid story that had a few decent cameos from the original Wyr gang back in New York. I just wish that we knew what was coming next.

shadow and iceAnd then there was Shadow and Ice from Gena Showalter. I mentioned this one before, and sadly things didn’t change. I had to DNF this one, which is something that I might do to a book maybe twice a year. The whole tone of the book rubbed me wrong. Quip quip quip. More quips. Hair flip. Growl. Quip. It was just a big no. What did surprise me when I looked on Goodreads to see if I was just being bitchy about is was how divided people were in their reactions. It seems like it is all either 5 star reviews…or DNF’s. And there are a lot of DNF’s for it, which I haven’t really noticed for a Gena Showalter book before. The sad thing is is that I really wanted to like it, but I guess you can’t win them all.

Shades of Wicked CR: Avon

So, Shades of Wicked from Jeaniene Frost. To say I was excited for Ian’s story would be a bit of an understatement, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sometimes, for me, when a side character I really like gets their own story it can become too much of a good thing, and some of the charm can wear off. Or their character gets watered down. Thankfully, that didn’t happen here at all – Ian was Ian, and it was great. Loved Veritas, too, which is a bonus. Now starting the countdown to Wicked Bite.

USA_Archangels_Prophecy_Cover_-_CopyArchangel’s Prophecy was a bit tricky. I know some were a bit miffed by the cliffhanger ending – that didn’t bother me. And I can’t say that I didn’t like it – but I didn’t love it, either. I can’t put my finger on why, but it felt like there were things going on that I just couldn’t get interested in. Like the Favashi and Harrison arcs – they weren’t bad, but I just wasn’t invested in them. Which meant that I big portion of the book didn’t really grab me. I didn’t skim, but there were times I was tempted. Still a solid book, but just not my favorite from Nalini Singh.

36188722_10157537628422598_9214164022109143040_nI also read the latest Leopard People book from Christine Feehan, Leopard’s Run. Not much to say about this one. It was ok. Maybe I was just in a mood, but there wasn’t much in way of story going on, just lots of mating issues. I did LOL at the cats having names – well, not the cats. Ashe’s cat – Godiva. Godiva? Seriously. I did a serious eye-roll every single time someone referenced Godiva. Lord. It was good for a cringe-laugh, though.

39320167And finally, there is my hands-down winner, Diamond Fire. This is only a novella, but it works so well as a transition from Nevada to Catalina’s story. Ilona Andrews‘ Hidden Legacy series is probably my favorite series going, which is saying something, but even so this was a great story. If this little story is any indication, I might even like Catalina’s character more than Nevada’s…and her powers are awesome. During the first three books, I kind of thought she got the dud magic, but that is a big no. Not at all. My most anticipated book by a long, long way for next year? Catalina’s first full book, Sapphire Flames.

Your turn. What did you think of some of the recent releases? Did anything stand out to you – good or bad?

New Series Alerts

There are a lot of new series to look forward to this week, starting with one from Sherilee Gray. Knight’s Redemption is the first book of the Knights of Hell series.


With one fatal mistake, immortal demon hunter Lazarus started a chain reaction that set him and his five brothers on a collision course straight to Hell.

There’s only one way to save them all—claim his mate, a sweet beauty he doesn’t deserve and will only end up hurting. But immortals fall hard, and walking away from her when it’s over is going to be near-impossible.

When bookstore owner Eve Taylor starts hearing the thoughts of others, she is certain she’s losing her mind. Until the day a wickedly seductive and dangerous warrior appears and introduces her to a terrifying new world—one she has been part of her whole life and never knew.

Now, with a traitor consumed by darkness and driven by revenge hunting them, they have one chance at survival. But they must give into the scorching desire that, if they let it, could destroy them both.

This next one is from Jennifer L. Armentrout. The Darkest Star is from her new Origin series, which is a spin-off of her Lux world.

the darkest starSynopsis…

When seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher is caught up in a raid at a notorious club known as one of the few places where humans and the surviving Luxen can mingle freely, she meets Luc, an unnaturally beautiful guy she initially assumes is a Luxen…but he is in fact something much more powerful. Her growing attraction for Luc will lead her deeper and deeper into a world she’d only heard about, a world where everything she thought she knew will be turned on its head…

I am evilly cackling and rubbing my hands together for this one. Shades of Wicked from Jeaniene Frost is the first book of her new Night Rebel series, featuring Ian. It will be followed by Wicked Promises next July.

Shades of Wicked CR: AvonSynopsis…

The Rule Breaker

Master vampire Ian is unrepentant, shameless…and every shade of wicked. He’s made one too many enemies in his two centuries of existence, including Dagon, a demon who now lays claim to his soul. Ian’s only chance to escape Dagon is to join forces with a Law Guardian, but he’s never been able to abide by the rules for long.

The Law Maker

Veritas’ normal role is police, judge and jury to reprobates like Ian. But she has her own ax to grind with Dagon, so if she can use Ian as bait…well, all’s fair in law and war. As they scour supernatural hotspots to perfect their trap, Veritas soon realizes Ian’s devil-may-care, roguish image hides something much more powerful. And Ian discovers that Veritas has shocking secrets of her own. As they’re drawn to each other with a passion as intense as their peril, either love or justice will prevail. But each will have devastating consequences…

This next one is from author Nichole Wolfe. First Kiss of Freedom is the first book of the Whitemoon Warriors series.


“To win the heart of his mate, he must first set her free.”

For four hundred years, Charlie Matthews has waited for his revenge, becoming the very creature he seeks to destroy. When he finally returns to his Maker’s mansion, he knows the time is close. And only one thing stands between what he wants, and what he never knew he needed.

Celebrating her eighteenth birthday, Nessie Robinson, a lowly vampire’s slave, isn’t expecting much. What she gets is the return of her ex-best friend. Emphasis on “ex.” With his return comes tragedy, and buried feelings she doesn’t want stirring back to life. One bite will set them both down a dangerous path, fighting for survival, freedom, and a chance at a future they never imagined.

And finally we have Werewolves of the Mountain from author Abigail Raines. It is the first book of the Werewolves of St. Neuri series.


Millie has her eyes on the prize: taking her blossoming fashion line and turning it into an empire. Life has other plans, however, and a phone call informing her that her father has passed away brings her back to her hometown of St. Neuri.

St. Neuri has changed, with a fog that settles across the town every night, people vanishing and turning up dead, and rumors of wolves hunting in the surrounding woods. Millie doesn’t recognize her hometown anymore – nor the men that reside in it.

A chance encounter leads to her to meet Liam, a dashing bad boy with a smile that shatters her heart neatly in half. She cannot deny the pull she feels for this mysterious stranger. But as the secrets of St. Neuri pull her in deeper, towards legends of werewolves that could very well be real, Millie realizes that not everything is as it seems, including Liam.

That’s how we are wrapping up October. Which of these are on your TBR?

Archangel’s Prophecy Review

The countdown is on for Archangel’s Prophecy, and to help you get ready Doug Meeks sent over his review. And from what Doug said, it is a pivotal book. Not that I would ever miss a Nalini Singh book, but this one sounds like it packs a punch.

USA_Archangels_Prophecy_Cover_-_CopyWhat Doug said…

This book was hard to rate, much less review. Let me start with the fact there are 3 pretty major plots in this book:

1. – Elana seems to be regressing back to a human

2. – She has to find a killer that threatens her sister and niece

3. – In China, the Archangel Favashi is seemingly showing signs of madness …… or something

This book kept me kind of stressed out the whole way through, you keep telling yourself “Nalini Singh won’t allow this to happen …. will she?” and that sets the mood for most of the book.

I think this may be one of the better books in the series but a LOT is happening and sadly of the 3 plots above, only 2 of them get resolved and so we get a bit of a cliffhanger on the other one which might drive me crazy before the next book comes out sometime in 2019 (I assume).

We do get a bit more insight into the “Legion” but even though we have 3 plots moving along simultaneously and each is handled masterfully the Elana plot overshadows them all and even me, the guy who gives 5 Stars to most of her books had to lower this one to 4 because of the cliffhanger and some really bizarre things close to the end that stretched my ability to accept this reality and the fact that the ending to plot number 2 seemed to be rushed a bit after a ton of buildup.

There are so many great things about this book I hated not to love it to death but when you invest a reader so deeply into a plot and then don’t bring it to a conclusion it grates on me and waiting a year to find out what happens is not my idea of fun.

The fact that after all my above complaints I gave it 4 Stars should give you an idea of how good this book is so buy and enjoy or buy it and wait until the next one but this is one you can’t skip folks.

I still think I am going to be picking up Shades of Wicked first, but honestly I will probably end up reading them both at the same time. A few chapters of one, then a few chapters of the other. It can really play with your mind, but I just don’t have a lot of control.


Which One First?

Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing. One example of this can be found this coming Tuesday. There are a few really good books coming out, but there are two that I am doing a countdown for. The first is Archangel’s Prophecy from Nalini Singh, and anytime there is a Nalini book it is my automatic must-read-it-right-this-minute, stay- up-all-night-until-it-is-finished no brainer choice.

But…but…Ian. Ian! Jeaniene Frost‘s Shades of Wicked also comes out on Tuesday. And it is Ian’s story – raunchy, vulgar, irreverent Ian. How can I not pull a must-read-it-right-this-minute, stay-up-all-night-until-it-is-finished? His story is one that I have wished for since way back at the beginning of the Night Huntress series, and to finally get it is a real treat.

At this point, I am thinking that I am going to have to go for Shades of Wicked as my first read. It is a tough choice, but my raging curiosity and excitement for Ian is edging Raphael and Elena out of first place. Which one will you be tackling first?