Pick of the Week…

There are a couple of really great books (er, or I think they are probably really great books.  Here’s hoping.) coming out today, but I had no problem choosing my pick of the week.  The busy, busy Jennifer L. Armentrout‘s Deity, the third of her five Covenant books, was a clear winner for me.  They are great young adult that doesn’t read like YA at all.  And I think it is the first series in history that has a love triangle that works for me, since there is no way at this point in the series I could even begin to pick between Seth and Aiden.


History is on repeat, and things didn’t go so well the last time.

Alexandria isn’t sure she’s going to make it to her eighteenth birthday–to her Awakening. A long-forgotten, fanatical order is out to kill her, and if the Council ever discovers what she did in the Catskills, she’s a goner… and so is Aiden.

If that’s not freaky enough, whenever Alex and Seth spend time “training”–which really is just Seth’s code word for some up-close and personal one-on-one time–she ends up with another mark of the Apollyon, which brings her one step closer to Awakening ahead of schedule. Awesome.

But as her birthday draws near, her entire world shatters with a startling revelation and she’s caught between love and Fate. One will do anything to protect her. One has been lying to her since the beginning. Once the gods have revealed themselves, unleashing their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changed… and destroyed.

Those left standing will discover if love is truly greater than Fate…

The Covenant series page is HERE.

And, if you are interested, this is the official trailer for Deity.  There isn’t really much to it, mostly a bunch of singing, but I love trailers so I thought what the hell.


What is your pick of the week?  Are you diving into the last book of Jessica Andersen‘s Final Prophecy series, or the new Allie Beckstrom?  I know I can’t wait to get my hands on Lord’s Fall from Thea Harrison, either, so it is looking like a good week for reading (and not doing much else).


Cover Lover – 3 New Titles

Another three for the list.  I have never actually added any of the Maggie Shayne books, for what reason I can’t really say, so Mark of the Witch is the first.  This one is due out on September 18th.

I stopped reading Jessica Andersen‘s Final Prophecy series a few books back, but I have to say that they have pretty covers.  This one, for the final book, is no exception.  Spellfire is due out on November 6th.  And while I am a straight chick, I think the gal on the cover is one of the prettiest cover models I have come across.

The final cover is from Angela Knight and her Mageverse series.  Master of Darkness is due out on August 7th.

New Release Dates

I do love the first of the month, since I can usually find a bunch of new release dates.

  • Michele Vail‘s first book, Undeadly, has been pushed back to November 20th.  It is the first book of The Reaper Diaries series.
  • Erin  McCarthy and Kathy Love are pairing up on The Fangover, due out on November 6th.
  • What I believe is the last book of Jessica Andersen‘s Final Prophecy series will be called Spellfire, and it should be available on November 6th.
  • October 30th is the release date for the third book of Donna Grant‘s upcoming spin-off series, Midnight’s Seduction.
  • Shadow Rising, part of Yasmine Galenorn‘s Otherworld series, will be available on October 30th.
  • The paperback release date of J.R. Ward‘s Lover Reborn will be October 2nd.
  • Mate Claimed, the next book in Jennifer Ashley‘s Shifters Unbound series, will be available on October 2nd.
  • Erica Hayes starts up a new series this October with the release of Revelation.  It will be followed by Redemption in 2013.
  • The next Wild About You novel from Vicki Lewis Thompson will be called Werewolf in Denver.  It is scheduled for release on October 2nd.
  • The Castle of Dark Dreams series from Nina Bangs will continue this October with the release of the 6th book, Wicked Whispers.
  • Archangel’s Storm, Jason’s Guild Hunter story from Nalini Singh, will be available on September 4th.
  • The next Dark book from Christine Feehan is now officially titled Dark Storm, and it too will be out on September 4th.
  • Dragon’s Moon is the next book in the Children of the Moon series from Lucy Monroe, and it is now available for pre-order on September 4th.
  • Up next for the Broken Heart series from Michele Bardsley is Only Lycans Need Apply, due out on September 4th.
  • Katie Reus has a second book coming for her Moon Shifter series.  Book two will be called Primal Possession and is scheduled for release on September 4th.
  • A Tale of Two Vampires, part of Katie MacAlister‘s Dark Ones series, will be released on September 4th.
  • November 6th is the date for Thea Harrison‘s 5th Elder Races book, Lord’s Fall.
  • Magic for a Price is the name of the next Allie Beckstrom novel from Devon Monk, and it should be out on November 6th.
  • Christina Henry will release Black Lament, part of her Black Wings series, on October 30th.
  • and the next Jane Yellowrock novel, from author Faith Hunter, will be called Death’s Rival.  Look for it on October 2nd.

Cover Lover – 7 New Titles

I wasn’t expecting to find many covers on today’s hunt, so I was pleasantly surprised to come up with 7.  It seems to have been a bit of a dry spell lately, but hopefully there will be some new release info coming out soon, too.

The cover is out for the next book from Lexi George, Demon Hunting in the Deep South, which is due out on July 31st.

Werewolf in Seattle, the next Wild About You novel from Vicki Lewis Thompson, has a release date of April 3rd.

On June 5th, Amanda Ashley will be releasing a new book called His Dark Embrace.  I am not sure if this is part of a larger series.

J.D. Tyler continues her new Alpha Pack series with the release of Savage Awakening, due out on April 3rd.

Number five is from the almost-finished Final Prophecy series from Jessica AndersenMagic Unchained is the next to last book, and should be available on April 3rd.

Tami Dane recently started a new series featuring profiler Sloan Skye.  Blood of Innocence is the second book, due out on June 5th.

And the last one is on the Young Adult side of things.  Julie Kagawa starts her new Blood of Eden series on April 24th with the release of The Immortal Rules.

Random Updates…

Not a lot this time around, but a few new release dates emerging…edited to add a couple of more after the original post.

  • Next April, Shiloh Walker will release her next Hunters book, this one called Veil of Destruction.
  • Jessica Andersen‘s Nightkeepers series is drawing to a close next year, and one of the last books is going to be called Magic Unchained.  It will also be an April release.
  • Savage Awakening will be the second book from J.D. Tyler‘s upcoming Alpha Pack series.  It is due out next April.
  • The pre-order link for Lora Leigh‘s upcoming Breeds book, Stygian’s Honor, are now up.  This one is due out March 27th.
  • And Lover Reborn now has an official release date.  J.R. Ward‘s next Black Dagger Brotherhood hardcover book, featuring Tohr, will be available on March 27th of next year.
  • Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series will see another installment come out next April, this one called Magic Without Mercy.
  • The Downside Ghosts series from Stacia Kane continues next March with the release of book four, called Sacrificial Magic.

Royal House of Shadows

I have to admit, I am more than a bit excited by this idea.  Four authors.  Four stories.  One world.  Starting this August, from Harlequin Nocturne, Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh will each write a book in what is being called a continuity.  I was waiting to get the covers and info for all four books before I posted, and I found them all today on Gena’s site. Click on covers for larger versions…

The premise – Once upon a time…the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden.  To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with a need for vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal heirs…and time is running out.

The first book, due out on August 23rd, is Lord of the Vampires from Gena Showalter.

Nicolai the Vampire is renowned for his virility, but in a cruel twist of fate “The Dark Seducer” has become a sex slave in the kingdom of Delfina—stripped of his precious timepiece and his memory. All that remains is a primal need for freedom, revenge—and the only woman who can help him.

When the wanton vampire summons Jane Parker, she is helpless to obey.  She’s drawn to his dark sexuality and into his magical realm.  But for this human, all is not a fairy tale.  For saving Nicolai could mean losing the only man she’s ever craved…

Following on September 20th will be Jill Monroe’s Lord of Rage.

Princess Breena had been dreaming of her warrior lover when she was ripped from her Elden castle and thrown into a strange, dangerous realm. Lost and alone, she prayed for survival and vengeance for her stolen kingdom. She found both in a woodland cottage…in a dark bear of a man.

The golden-haired beauty had eaten his food and slept in his bed when Osborn found her. Though he wanted to awaken his virgin princess to carnal pleasures, Breena wanted more—including his warrior skills. Skills the once-legendary mercenary had long buried. Now Osborn had a choice—risk his life or deny his princess her fairy-tale ending.

Coming in late October will be Lord of the Wolfyn from Jessica Andersen.

For practical Rhea Weston, nothing could explain how reading a sexy version of “Little Red Riding Hood” catapulted her into another realm—face-to-fang with the legendary wolf-creature who seduced women.  A wolf who transformed into a dark, virile man . . .

Dayn cursed the Sorcerer that turned him wolfyn and damned him to a lonely fate.  As a beast, he mated with women to gain strength.  Strength he needed to rescue his royal palace.  But as a man, he craved Rhea’s heated, sizzling touch.  With little time left, Dayn had to either embrace his wolf to save his kingdom…or fight to save his woman.

And book four will be released in late November.  Lord of the Abyss is the last entry, from Nalini Singh.

As the dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss, Micah is nothing but a feared monster wrapped in impenetrable black armor. He has no idea he is the last heir of Elden, its last hope. Only one woman knows—the daughter of his enemy.

Liliana is nothing like her father, the Blood Sorcerer who’d cursed Micah. She sees past Micah’s armor to the prince inside. A prince whose sinful touch she craves. But first she has to brave his dark, dangerous lair and help him remember. Because they only have till midnight to save Elden.

Cover Lover – Storm Kissed

I have to apologize for the total lack of action around here for the last week, but I just flat-out didn’t find anything to post, even though I did my usual hunting thing.  I got a bit lucky tonight, with some new covers being released today…

This one is Storm Kissed, from Jessica Andersen.  It is part of the Nightkeepers/Final Prophecy series, and is due out on June 7th.


Random Updates

Wow, I found a crap-load of new info today…

  • August 1st is the release date for Kathryne Kennedy‘s next, called The Lady of the Storm.
  • Stephanie Rowe will debut her next paranormal novel on July 1st, 2011, called Touch if you Dare.
  • The next book in Cheryl Brook’s Cat Star Chronicles is called Virgin, and has a release date of June 1st.
  • Warcry is the fouth book in Elizabeth Vaughan‘s Chronicles of the Warlands series, due out on May 3rd.
  • Devyn Quinn appears to be starting a new series next August with Darkness Descending, a Vampire Armageddon novel.
  • Scarlet Vengeance is the title of the next paranormal from Christina Dodd, due out August 2nd.
  • A new one from Patricia Coughlin should be available next August, called Wedding Magic.
  • There isn’t much info yet on Jacquelyn Frank‘s newest series, called Three Worlds, but book two will be called Seduce Me in Flames, and should be out next July 26th.
  • Book two of Yasmine Galenorn‘s Indigo Court series now has a release date.  Night Veil should be out next July 5th.
  • Vampire Instinct is the next book in Joey W. Hill‘s Vampire Queen series, and should be available next July 5th.
  • July 1st will see another Lydia Dare historical paranormal, this one called In the Heat of the Bite.
  • Everdark, book two of Elle Jasper‘s Dark Ink Chronicles, is expected to hit the shelves on June 7th.
  • Looks like another Children of the Sea book from Virginia KantraForgotten Sea is due out on June 7th.
  • Sharon Ashwood‘s The Dark Forgotten series continues next June, with the release of Frostbound.
  • From Shiloh Walker, next June 7th, is Hunter’s Fall.  It is from her Hunters series.
  • Also on June 7th, we can look forward to both Allyson James‘s Shadow Walker, and Jessica Andersen‘s Storm Kissed.
  • Vampire in Atlantis, the next title in the Warriors of Poseidon series from Alyssa Day, now has an official release date of June 7th.
  • June 1st will be the date for Heart of the Highland Wolf, the latest from Terry Spear.
  • The links are up for Kiss of Snow, Hawke’s story in the Psy/Changeling series from Nalini Singh.  Coming out in hardcover, it is scheduled for May 31st.
  • A new one from Lynn Kurland is due out on May 3rd, this one called One Magic Moment.
  • The third book in the Sons of the Zodiac series from Addison Fox is called Warrior Betrayed, and should be available on May 3rd.
  • Hexed, the anthology from Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James and Jeanne C. Stein, should be out on June 7th.

Random Updates

Been a while since I hunted anything new down…

  • The second full book in Meljean Brook‘s Iron Seas series will be called Heart of Steel.  Look for it in November of 2011.
  • Yasmine Galenorn will have three Sisters of the Moon books coming out in 2012 – Courting Darkness in February, Shaded Vision in July, and Shadow Rising in October.
  • Eternal Captive will be the title of the third book in Laura Wright‘s Mark of the Vampire series.  No info on release date, as yet.
  • The seventh Lords of Satyr book from Elizabeth Amber will be called Sevin.
  • August 2011 is the tentative release time for the eighth Guardians of Eternity book from Alexandra Ivy, this one called Bound By Darkness.
  • As I said previously, there will be three more Final Prophecy novels from Jessica Andersen.  June 2011 will bring Storm Kissed, followed by one in January 2012 and one the following October.
  • Rachel Caine‘s tenth Morganville Vampires title will be called Bite Club, and is scheduled for release in April of 2011.