This and That

sharpest stingI am still working my way through Patricia Briggs‘ Mercy Thompson world, and I find myself getting way behind on all of the other character guides because I am on a roll with Mercy and I don’t want to take a break. So, please ignore that everything looks unfinished – I will get there at some point. Most likely.

Anyways, as I am doing a quick update of things, I thought I might as well list a few of the things I found here.

  • Alyssa Day‘s next Tiger’s Eye Mystery, Eye of Danger, has been pushed back. Originally, it was due out in March, I think, then early July, then end of July, and now it is listed as an August 29th release.
  • Chloe Neill has sold the next two books of her Heirs of Chicagoland series, which is great news. If you are interested, she has posted the first chapter of the next book, Wicked Hour. You can find it HERE.
  • Not trying to sound bitchy, but I have been hunting for info on upcoming Kresley Cole releases with no luck. Has anyone else heard anything about Munro? Her last Facebook post was in February, and her website doesn’t have any new info, either. Goodreads still lists it as just 2019.
  • Jeaniene Frost has made available the prologue and first three chapters of her next Ian and Veritas book, Wicked Bite. You can find it HERE.
  • Jennifer Estep will release her 18th Elemental Assassin book on October 8th. It will be called Sharpest Sting

That’s about it for today. Do you have any info to share? Any updates or tidbits?

So, Not Happening?

I have been diligently keeping an eye out for any info on Munro, the next Immortals After Dark book from Kresley Cole, which had been announced way back in December as a May 28th release. Well, to be fair, it was a tentative release date. A few of you have been emailing me to see if I had news, but there hasn’t been a peep about anything. Cover. Blurb. Pre-order links. Nada.

Well, I did see something change today, and not so much for the better. Goodreads has been listing it as a May 28th release for some time – but that has now changed to just 2019. I had a feeling that we wouldn’t be getting this one on time – I mean, it still could happen, but May 28th is only just a little over three weeks away, so you figure there would be a little hint of something. But nope. Unfortunately, IAD has dropped way, way down my list of favorite series over the years. I mean, for a long, long time it was probably my #1 most loved series, but now I am at the “if it comes, great – if not, that’s ok too” stage. Will I pick it up? Sure. Am I excited? Eh.

So, are you still holding out hope for Munro this month? Have any of you heard anything about it?

Random Rambling

So, everybody. How is 2019 treating you so far? I have been on vacation since the first, and I am starting to get some of my usual time-off crap done, like cleaning and organizing. Not the most glamorous use of a vacation, but it makes me happy at the end. There is nothing I like more than purging a bunch of stuff that is just laying around getting in the way.

On the book front, I didn’t get rid of much – on the contrary, I have been adding a bit to the collection. I am only a couple of books away from finishing my Night Huntress Universe re-read for the character guide, and it has been going really, really well. When I originally started Jeaniene Frost‘s series, I liked it. I didn’t love it, but it stayed in the middle-of-the-road, solidly entertaining but not favorite category. I didn’t miss a release, but I didn’t do a countdown for the next book, either. Well, things changed.

With my re-reading marathon, I now love them. Love. I have gotten so involved with all parts of the world – Night Huntress, Prince, Rebel, Ian and Mencheres’s stories – that they have climbed up to favorite series status. There is something about doing a back-to-back read that just sucks me in and gets me so involved. I liked it enough to track down what I could in hardcover to add to my permanent collection, too – but the only downside is why oh why would the publisher make the change to hardcover on Vlad’s last book? Seriously? I could get it back at the first Night Prince book, but the fourth of four? That was weird. I still ordered it, along with Ian’s first book, but I would still love to see some of the earlier ones re-released in hardcover, too.

And while in the middle of my re-read, I took a break to read the newest Gena Showalter story, The Darkest Captive. And what I realized is that while Night Huntress went up my list, The Lords have gone down. I guess maybe tastes change, but I have a hard time enjoying her work lately. They aren’t bad, for sure, but the tone of them is rubbing me wrong. Like I said when I tried to finish Shadow and Ice, the constant puns and quips and snark got on my nerves. I like a good laugh, but one liner after one liner gets old, and I realized as well that every character of every book for the last little while sounds just like all the rest. The chicks all “preen” and “fluff their hair” (gag), the guys all grown then grovel. At this point, I am pretty much done – I will pick up William’s story just because, but then throw in the towel. I had originally planned to do a character guide for it at some point, but I just can’t see myself devoting a couple of months to re-reads – at least not the way I am feeling about it now.

And since I already sound completely unhinged, I would like to whine about Kresley Cole. I have seen a couple of times that she is releasing her next IAD book, Munro, in May. Of this year. As in in about 4 months. Yet there is no synopsis, cover, or preorder links. Is this going to an indie-publishing thing, too, because I haven’t seen a traditionally published major series hardcover book ever come out with so little prep-time? And since it will have been over two years since the last book at that point, too, things just seem weird to me. Eh, what do I know?

Have you had any series take a big climb – or fall – on your list of favorites recently? Have you heard anything about the IAD that I have missed?

The Sound of Silence

I have a bit of time off, and I am doing a bit more in-depth upcoming releases hunting than I usually get a chance to do. The funny thing I noticed, though, is how many authors seem to be MIA – or at least info on what they are working on is. For example, I figured that after something like 7 years, Stacia Kane would finally have some news on her 6th Downside Ghosts book. But nope. I am holding off starting the series until the next on is in the bag, but it looks like it is going to be staying on the TBR mole-hill indefinitely.

Also, what is up with the IAD series? Kresley Cole was supposed to release Shadow’s Kiss in November, but then there was an announcement that Mina’s story was being pushed back and instead the next release was going to feature Munro and Kereney. Ok. Great. And…nada. No info. Release date. Nothing. I sound whiny, but do you remember the days of two Immortals books a year? I do. Now, it has already been a year and a half since the last book, with the next one coming…sometime.

I have been keeping an eye out for Alyssa Day to get back to her Poseidon’s Warriors series, but I haven’t been able to find out any more info, either. March in Atlantis was due out, well, in March, but then stuff happened and it got pushed back. And back. The last I had heard about it was on a Facebook post in June – which said it would be out by the end of the following week. I will keep looking, but so far, no luck. This is another one that I put on the one-day list because I know that delays are guaranteed, and I don’t want to get into them until the series is rolling again.

The Dragonfury series from Coreene Callahan is another one I was trying to track down info on with absolutely no luck. I really like this one (and the Scottish spin-off books, too), but the last release was late last year. I dug around Facebook a bit and couldn’t find anything, and her official website lists future titles – with no release dates. I do hope there is more to come, though, because I have enjoyed pretty much every story in the series so far and there are quite a few more characters to focus on.

Oh, and since I sound all bitter and gripe-y, does anyone know what is going on with the Fever series? Karen Marie Moning has been pretty quiet about what she has planned, and I haven’t been able to find out any info at all. Goodreads does list another book in the series, but that isn’t something that can really be depended on at all. I thought I had read somewhere that after Dani and Ryodan got their story, things would be changing a bit to focus on other characters like Christian McKeltar and some of the Nine. Did I dream that, or do any of you remember reading it, too?

So, does anyone have any info on some of my MIA book requests? Do you have any of your own that you just can’t seem to pin down the what, where, and when on? Sorry if this sounded all bitchy because I didn’t mean it that way, it was just that I seemed to hit a wall so many times in such a short time and it seemed weird.

IAD Change of Plans

A couple of weeks ago in one of my posts, I said I had a weird feeling about the upcoming Immortals After Dark book, Shadow’s Kiss. It was announced as having a late-November release date, and Kresley Cole had released the blurb, but then there was just…nothing. No promotional posts, no hints as to who Mina’s significant other would be, no cover art. Nada. And the listing showed up weird on Amazon, too, which is usually a good indicator that something is wonky.

Well, in her recent newsletter, Kresley has said that the next book will feature Munro MacRieve. There weren’t any other details offered, but what surprised me was that there wasn’t any mention of Shadow’s Kiss. At all. I did some snooping around, and I did see some comments that Munro’s book will be up first, then Mina’s, and that Kresley plans on releasing them both next year. That is totally an unconfirmed rumor, but it is all that I found.

This strikes me as a bit odd. IAD is a big-league series, and I don’t remember a (relatively) last-minute change of plans like this before. Especially after the whole official announcement was made, complete with blurb and release date. I don’t mind, but it just seemed strange.

Whose story are you more looking forward to, Munro or Mina’s? I am pretty much evenly divided, but since we have been waiting for Munro’s for longer, I am glad to see his story coming first.

Blind Buys, Second Thoughts, and a DNF

booksRather than a reading wrap up, this post is more like a buying wrap up. Weird, but I am going with it. I have become a bit OCD in my book buying, or maybe I should say that it is getting worse, but I am determined to not build up the monster TBR pile again. The downside of that is that I struggle over every new series purchase like I am trying to decide whether or not to donate a kidney. The struggle is real.

I did realize that I had never read Ilona Andrews‘ Kinsmen books, but since the first story is impossible to find I ended up jumping ahead and buying the second one, Silver Shark. I have heard a lot of good things about it, and I ended up really enjoying it (which is not a surprise – I have never not liked an Ilona Andrews book. Ever). I can see where it might’ve contributed to the idea of the Hidden Legacy series, which is always a good thing. Hopefully Silver Blade will become available again soonish to finish this off.

And I broke down and picked up The Master from Kresley Cole. Not my usual thing, but all in all I quite liked it. Not sure I will be grabbing the other two books in the series right away, but maybe somewhere down the line if I feel like another change of pace. I liked it more than I thought I would, so I guess that counts as a win?

I did read Shadow Keeper from Christine Feehan, too, which all in all I liked. I did enjoy that the heroine was not a complete “oooh, honey, let me cook for you in my ruffled boots” doormat, which was a nice change of pace. She had some backbone, and some pride, which can be somewhat lacking in female leads. But this book did give me some second thoughts on what is still to come for the series. At first, Vittorio was the least interesting of all of the family, but I found he was my favorite part of Shadow Keeper. His story is up next in Shadow Warrior, and I am very excited for it. But as for Emme and Taviano’s stories? Not so interested now. I am over the abused young girl and her dominant but trying not to be older mate thing. And as much as I like Emme and Val, I lost interest in their story, too. I will probably be picking them up, who am I kidding, but my interest in both books has cooled.

There were a few really random blind buys, too, that just sort of saw and grabbed for no particular reason. I picked up Fire Born by Rayanne Haines after I added the info for the second book, Magic Born, to this month’s new releases. The reviews were good (and the cover was pretty), so I thought I would give it a whirl. I am about 15% in, and so far so good. It is pretty standard for me, but I am liking it.

And for something different, I saw an article where Stephenie Meyer had exited the television adaptation of The Rook by Daniel O’Malley that is being made for Starz. Paranormal spy thriller? Sounds interesting, so I picked it up as an impulse buy. Not my usual read, but it did grab my attention. Hopefully I will be getting to that one soon.

My last blind buy didn’t work out as I had planned. On the Alpha Showdown (which is going on now at the Vampire Book Club), I saw one of the contestants was a character named Secret McQueen, who was the main character of Sierra Dean‘s series of the same name. Sounds good, so I picked up the first story right away. Eh, didn’t work out as planned, since further research showed that there is a LOVE TRIANGLE. Nope. No way. Not happening. I deleted that sucker so fast I don’t even remember the name of it. I absolutely cannot handle a love triangle at all anymore, unless I am already involved in a series and one crops up, but I avoid those suckers like the plague if I can. That was a close call.

That about sums things up. New stuff from old favorites, blind buys, and a completely not-fair DNF. Have you tried the Secret McQueen series? Was I wrong to tank it before I ever cracked a page? What did you think of The Rook?

Bad Boy Syndrome

iron and magicWe are only days away (DAYS!) from getting our collective hot little hands on Iron and Magic from Ilona Andrews. I did consider threatening/bribing/injuring someone to get an ARC, but I held strong. I might have to call in dead to work on June 26th, because I won’t be any good to anyone knowing that it is waiting for me on my ipad. Like many others, I am hugely excited for Hugh’s story. Weirdly so. And it got me to thinking that there really haven’t been many bad boy/anti-hero/villain books that I have read. In fact, there are only two that I can think of at this point. But those two remain my absolute favorite reads from their respective series, which is saying something.

First up was Lothaire from Kresley Cole. He was one big, bad, manipulative dude, and I couldn’t see how he would be redeemed. At all. What I ended up loving was the fact that he never really was redeemed – we just got to see what made him tick. He was wicked, sexy and fun, and his story is the first one that comes to mind when I think of the Immortals After Dark series.

The only other one I can think of is Heart of Obsidian. Well, Kaleb wasn’t completely a bad guy/villain, but up until his book I didn’t quite know what he was. He came off as the big bad, but once again when you see the world from his perspective things fall into place. Once again, Heart of Obsidian is pretty much the pinnacle of Nalini Singh‘s Psy/Changeling series for me, and it is a hard one to top.

What are your favorite bad-guy based stories? Have you ever read a book where the “hero” pulled as much crap as Hugh has? What does it usually take for you to root for them in the end?

On a related note, there is a feature written by Nalini Singh over on Hypable, where she discusses the power of paranormal romance. I am heading over now to give it a read.

This and That

I have been doing my usual cruise through of my “sources”, but for a while there wasn’t a ton of new info coming out to share. I did find a couple of little tidbits, so here goes…

  • the next book of Anne Bishop‘s The Others series now has a title. Book number seven will be called Wild Country, and it will be released next March. This one will be set in Bennett.
  • Shelly Laurenston‘s second Honey Badger Chronicles book will be called In a Badger Way, and it will be out on March 26th.
  • Yes, the In Death series continues. J.R. Robb‘s 48th Eve and Roarke story will be called Connections in Death, and it has a release date of February 5th.
  • Even though the first book of Jennifer Estep‘s new Crown of Shards hasn’t been released yet, there is already info on the second. Protect the Prince will be a May 15th release.
  • Lara Adrian also has more in store for us. Hour of Darkness is the second book of her Hunter Legacy series, and it is just showing as “coming summer 2018”. Midnight Breed #16 will be called Break the Day, and it will be released this winter.
  • I stumbled across quite a bit of Christine Feehan news, too. She has quite the full schedule, and love her or not she is not an author to not deliver on time. Vengeance Road (January 29th) will be Steele’s story. The next Ghostwalker’s story will be called Toxic Game (March 19th), and it will feature Draden and Shylah. September 3rd of next year will see the release of Dark Illusion (Dark Series), and it will be followed by Leopard’s Wrath (Leopard People) in November.
  • When Alyssa Day said she was going to write one story a month for her Poseidon’s Warriors series, I had my doubts (which sounds awful, but it’s true), but I really hoped she could pull it off. January in Atlantis came out on schedule, but February in Atlantis got pushed back to the middle of March. March, April, and May’s books were pushed back several time and don’t have set release dates as of right now, so I have pulled them off of the New Release pages. I will keep an eye out for them and try to add them as they become available, though.
  • And this last one is pure speculation on my part, but I am getting a weird feeling about Kresley Cole‘s next IAD book. Well, about its release date, I should say. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I am getting the vibe that Shadow’s Kiss might be delayed. Goodreads and the publisher both still show it as having a November release date, but Amazon’s listing for it is a bit wonky. That usually happens when the date is up in the air. Again, it is just a feeling I have, and I hope I am wrong. It has already had a pushback or two, and it will be over a year and a half since the last IAD book. As much as my love for this series has cooled, I still hope things stay on track.

There you have it. Anything to add? Any news (good or bad) to share?

Reading Wrap Up

tangled threadsHey all. It’s time to take a look at what we all have been reading lately. I am continuing on my Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin mini-marathon, and I seem to be settling in. The repetition thing that bugged me so much in the first two books seems to be working itself out. I finished up both Venom and Tangled Threads, and it is chugging along pretty well. It isn’t jumping on my favorite series list yet, but it isn’t bad, either. I like the world-building and pretty much all of the supporting cast, but I’m not so sure how I feel about Gin. It isn’t that I dislike her character, I just can’t seem to warm up to her for some reason. Sometimes she comes off as a bit smug and superior, and it throws me off. Not enough to make me stop reading, but enough to get on my nerves once in a while.

something to howl aboutI also dove back into Christine Warren (in a small way). She used to be a must-read for me, and some of the books from her The Others series are among my all-time favorites. But during the course of the series, it seemed like I went from loving them, to being a bit bored, to actively disliking some of the characters, so I stopped reading her a few years back. Fast forward to this week, and I decided to pick up the novella from her new Alphaville series, Something to Howl About. It is sort of a spin-off of The Others, and it seemed to go back to what I enjoyed about the original series. I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised.

And I did a re-read of all three Innkeeper Chronicles books from Ilona Andrews. It was a treat to get back into the world, and it was fun to pull a mini-marathon. It had been a while since I read them, and it made me realize all over again that I don’t think Ilona could ever write anything that I wouldn’t love. It sounds gushy to say that everything they write becomes an instant favorite, but it is true.

wicked abyssIt was also time to do a re-read of Wicked Abyss from Kresley Cole to update the Immortals After Dark character guide. I think I enjoyed this one more on my second read, honestly. I have found my IAD love really taking a down-turn the last couple of years, and for a while that made me sad. I don’t actively count down the days until the next release, I don’t get disappointed if the release date is pushed back, and I don’t actively hunt down any and all tidbits I can find about upcoming stories. It has settled into a solid, mid-range series for me, I guess – I enjoy it for what it is.

So, that’s me. What about you? What have you been reading and enjoying so far in 2018? Anything great (or not so great) to share?

Be My Eyes And Ears?

question-markSo, I was wondering if any of you has heard anything about Lara Adrian? A month or so ago, she was scheduled to release Claimed in Shadows, but the release date for that came…and went…with no word or sign of the book. The only thing I found for it was over on Goodreads, which now just lists the release date as 2018. Lara’s official site just lists it as a summer release – last summer, that is. And I am getting the vibe the same thing is shaping up to happen with the first Hunter Legacy spin-off book, Born of Darkness. It is listed on Goodreads as being scheduled for release this December 1st, but it hasn’t shown up on any Amazon sites, and the official blurb is still missing.

I know Kresley Cole suffered a set-back when she broke her leg earlier this year, but did any of you get any dirt on why the big pushback on Shadow’s Kiss? It took a rather big jump, and now has a release date set for next December…which will mean the best part of two years between IAD releases. Ditto the fifth book of The Arcana Chronicles, The Dark Calling, which now is just showing as TBA. It makes me wonder if maybe she has something else in the works that I didn’t hear about, because it seems like a long time for no releases from a normally quite steady author.

And, have any of you heard anything about what Darynda Jones has in store? I just finished The Trouble with Twelfth Grave, and I am glad she will be wrapping things up with the next book. I would love to see an Osh-and-Beep centric series, or even an Amber-and-Quentin one – after a time jump for both, that is. I have been digging around to see what I can find out, but I haven’t had any luck yet. Have you? Any word of what’s going on?

Any gossip to share? I am not a fan of social media, so I think I might miss some info that you might have access to. Have you heard anything about what is going on with any of these authors? Or any excitement from any other authors?