Reading Roundup…

Once again, time has slipped away from me, and it has been over two months since I have done a reading roundup post. I guess I will do a random selection of what best sticks out in my mind about what I have read.

Everneath_coverEverneathBrodi Ashton‘s debut book had sat on the TBR pile for quite a while. I was suckered in by the pretty cover, but didn’t expect much from the book after I had been through a string of sub-par YA debut novels. Turns out I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I liked that it was a little different than the usual vamps/weres/dystopian YA fare, since it is somewhat of a retelling of the Greek myth about Hades and Persephone. It was something I hadn’t come across before, so for me it seemed like a fresh idea (but in fact there were a few other retellings done last year by other authors). This didn’t move to the top of my favorites pile or anything, but I definitely liked it enough to order the second book.

predatoryPredatory – This anthology featured stories from Alexandra Ivy, Nina Bangs, Dianne Duvall and Hannah Jayne, but I only read the Alexandra Ivy novella. This short story, called Out of Control, serves as the introduction to her new The Sentinels series. Stepping away from her Guardians of Eternity stories, The Sentinels are warriors who guard – and sometimes hunt – those beings of great power. This was fast paced and interesting, and made me look even more forward to the upcoming first book, Born in Blood, which will be released on December 31st. I do actually plan on going back to read the other novellas in this anthology, since all of them sounded interesting. Speaking of Born in Blood, I will be doing a spotlight post on that upcoming book as my next post, since both the cover and blurb have recently been made public.

edge of dawnEdge of Dawn – I have bored everyone before with my unique relationship with Lara Adrian‘s books. I pretty much always enjoy them when I am reading them, but for some reason they don’t stick with me (with the exception of Darker After Midnight, which definitely stayed with me). I was pretty hyped to get into Edge of Dawn and see the “new” Midnight Breed world…but I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was me, but I kept putting the book down and reading something else shiny that caught my eye. I know it was Lara Adrian’s usual well written and well thought out story, but my attention just kept drifting away. I think all told it took me over two weeks to finish, which doesn’t happen often. The good thing is that some of the new characters did get my notice, and I am still looking forward to their stories.

the sweetest darkThe Sweetest Dark – Talk about a surprise. I actually fought with myself to buy this one. My experience with Shana Abe is at the extreme end of the hit-or-miss spectrum. I go from loving one book, to being bored by the next, to disliking the next and enjoying the next. I figured that since my history was so spotty with her Drakon series, I would maybe just cut my losses and not bother with her YA spin-off series featuring new character Lora Jones. But…but…then my series would not be complete?!? That cannot be allowed – ever. Grudgingly, I ordered The Sweetest Dark…and I was hooked. Completely original, great story, great setting, beautifully written with characters I really enjoyed – and an ending that totally surprised me. I mean, I just didn’t see that coming, at all. This is in my top three favorite YA book so far this year, and I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on The Deepest Night when it is released on August 13th.

I am going to do up a reading round-up post next week to cover a few more of what I read this past couple of months. How about you? What did you read and love recently (or not love so much, for that matter)? Anything stand out for you?


Cover Lover – 7 New Titles

I have been a good girl and doing the updating, and on my quest I have found a couple of new covers over at Goodreads and Amazon.  J.A. London‘s third Darkness Before Dawn book, After Daybreak, will be released on June 25th.

Another one from the young adult isle is Shutdown from Heather Anastasiu.  This is the third book of the Glitch series, due out on July 2nd.

The hardcover re-releasing of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series from J.R. Ward continues on.  This time around it is book four, Lover Revealed.  Look for it on July 2nd.  I like the fact that they kept the same feel for the re-releases, the same art and colors.  I would not have been impressed if there had been a redo, since I do love everything to line up.

The Chicagoland Vampires series from Chloe Neill have great covers, and this next one is no exception.  Biting Bad, book number eight in the series, is due out on August 6th.

Alexandra Ivy, Nina Bangs, Dianne Duvall, and Hannah Jayne will release an anthology, Predatory, next May 7th.  I do know that in this one Alexandra starts her new Sentinels series, and Dianne continues her Immortal Guardians stories.  Sounds good.

Now, I was not kind about the cover of the first book in the Seven Signs series from Erica Hayes.  Dude had some sort of belly shirt…chain mail…thing…going on, and it was not a good look.  I can handle the Redemption cover a bit better, even though I can’t quite tell what he is wearing.  Except that it looks like it is made of human skin.  Aaand it is still better than the first book.  Look for Redemption on March 5th.

And the final one for today is from Kat Richardson‘s Greywalker series.  Possession is due out on August 6th.

Random Updates…

I have been updating the new release pages over the last week or so, and there were a few things that popped up worth noting…

  • Kate Daniels 6 now officially has a name, and any info on an upcoming Ilona Andrews‘ book is a good thing.  Magic Rises will be released next July.
  • It looks like the next Morganville Vampire book from Rachel Caine will be called Fall of Night, and it will be released in hardcover on May 7th.
  • Jean Johnson will be writing what appears to be a spin-off of her Sons of Destiny series.  This one is called Guardians of Destiny, and the first book is The Tower, which should be released on June 4th.
  • Kady Cross will release the third book of her Steampunk Chronicles series, The Girl With The Iron Touch, on June 1st.
  • Looks like the Zombies are back.  White Trash Zombie Apocalypse, the third book of Diana Rowland‘s White Trash Zombies series, will be released early next year.
  • Book number 22 (if I remember correctly) of Laurell K. Hamilton‘s Anita Blake series will be called Affliction.  Look for it in hardcover on June 4th.
  • The next Yasmine Galenorn Indigo Court book, Night Vision, will be coming out on July 2nd.
  • Book two of Kris DeLake‘s Assassin’s Guild series, Killer Rivals, will be released on July 1st.
  • Donna Grant will have at least four more titles in her Dark Warriors series.  Midnight’s Kiss will be out on June 4th, and Midnight’s Captive will be out June 25th, with two more to follow later in the year.
  • Alexandra Ivy‘s new series, called The Sentinels, will start off with a novella in the anthology Predatory.  It also features Nina Bangs, Dianne Duvall and Hannah Jayne, and it is due out on May 7th.
  • The third book of Jessica Shirvington‘s The Violet Eden Chronicles, Emblaze, will be out on March 1st.
  • Cold Copper is the title of the next Age of Steam novel from Devon Monk, and it will be on the shelves on July 2nd.

I finished my third read of the second Darynda Jones Charley Davidson book, Second Grave on the Left, and I will update the character guide for it by tomorrow night.  I had read both books two and three once for enjoyment, and then once for the guides.  Then I deleted all of the notes I had made, so this is actually round three.  I want to have them updated by the time Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet hits the shelves on October 30th.  Also, the Thea Harrison novella Hunter’s Season (I hate e-books) slipped by me, and that will be added to the Elder Races guide within the next couple of days, as well.  WordPress has been bitchy and not updating properly, so I had to take a bit of a break.  That will hopefully get back to normal tomorrow.

Cover Lover – 8 New Titles

So, last night I decided to take the plunge and buy the new theme for Wicked Scribes I was looking at.  Yeah, didn’t go so well.  The place was a total mess for a while, so that plan went bust.  I will still be keeping my eyes open for something a bit different, but try number one was not a big success…ick.

Anyhow, a few more to add to the cover collection.  There is only one that I am really looking forward to – and the cover is a big spoiler.  I figured that book three of Karin Tabke‘s Blood Moon trilogy, Blood Vow, was going the way of having both brothers as mates to Fallon, and that is the vibe I am getting from this one.  It should be released on December 4th.

Next up is Still Life With Shapeshifter, the November 6th release from Sharon Shinn.  It is part of her Shifting Circle series.

Dakota Cassidy will release the next book in her Accidental Friends series, The Accidental Genie, on December 4th.

The cover for the next Mari Mancusi book, Blood Forever, was just upped in the publisher’s catalogue.  It is part of her Blood Coven series, and will be released on September 4th.

Reaper’s Vow, the October 2nd release from Sarah McCarty, is the third book in her Reapers series.

Not feeling this one, at all.  The Fangover, an anthology from Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love, will be released on November 6th.

Nina Bangs continues her Castle of Dark Dreams series with the October 2nd release of Wicked Whispers.

And finally, I do wish I liked Steampunk, cause they seem to get some really good covers.  Riveted, the next book from Meljean Brooks‘ Iron Seas series, is an example.  This one is due out on September 4th.

New Release Dates

I do love the first of the month, since I can usually find a bunch of new release dates.

  • Michele Vail‘s first book, Undeadly, has been pushed back to November 20th.  It is the first book of The Reaper Diaries series.
  • Erin  McCarthy and Kathy Love are pairing up on The Fangover, due out on November 6th.
  • What I believe is the last book of Jessica Andersen‘s Final Prophecy series will be called Spellfire, and it should be available on November 6th.
  • October 30th is the release date for the third book of Donna Grant‘s upcoming spin-off series, Midnight’s Seduction.
  • Shadow Rising, part of Yasmine Galenorn‘s Otherworld series, will be available on October 30th.
  • The paperback release date of J.R. Ward‘s Lover Reborn will be October 2nd.
  • Mate Claimed, the next book in Jennifer Ashley‘s Shifters Unbound series, will be available on October 2nd.
  • Erica Hayes starts up a new series this October with the release of Revelation.  It will be followed by Redemption in 2013.
  • The next Wild About You novel from Vicki Lewis Thompson will be called Werewolf in Denver.  It is scheduled for release on October 2nd.
  • The Castle of Dark Dreams series from Nina Bangs will continue this October with the release of the 6th book, Wicked Whispers.
  • Archangel’s Storm, Jason’s Guild Hunter story from Nalini Singh, will be available on September 4th.
  • The next Dark book from Christine Feehan is now officially titled Dark Storm, and it too will be out on September 4th.
  • Dragon’s Moon is the next book in the Children of the Moon series from Lucy Monroe, and it is now available for pre-order on September 4th.
  • Up next for the Broken Heart series from Michele Bardsley is Only Lycans Need Apply, due out on September 4th.
  • Katie Reus has a second book coming for her Moon Shifter series.  Book two will be called Primal Possession and is scheduled for release on September 4th.
  • A Tale of Two Vampires, part of Katie MacAlister‘s Dark Ones series, will be released on September 4th.
  • November 6th is the date for Thea Harrison‘s 5th Elder Races book, Lord’s Fall.
  • Magic for a Price is the name of the next Allie Beckstrom novel from Devon Monk, and it should be out on November 6th.
  • Christina Henry will release Black Lament, part of her Black Wings series, on October 30th.
  • and the next Jane Yellowrock novel, from author Faith Hunter, will be called Death’s Rival.  Look for it on October 2nd.

Random Updates…

I am done!  I finally, finally got the Series reading list section “done” – er, done-ish?  It is at least up to date, including all of the authors listed on the new release pages.  It took longer than I had thought, but I hope it comes in handy.  As always, let me know if anything needs work.

Also, I am doing up a section for Darynda Jones.  It should be up and running within the next couple of days, and I will be doing a character guide for the Charley Davidson series, as well.  I have the first book done, so I think I will just up what info I have and add the second book stuff when I get it done (hopefully before the third book is released at the end of the month).  Right now, I am on a Mercedes Thompson marathon – and loving it – but I will try and take a break to do Second Grave on the Left.

I have a ton of new releases to add to the lists, as well.  I mean a ton.  I will be doing that within the next couple of days, too.  Some of the titles I will be adding are…

  • Aimee Laine – Hide and Seek (March 1st)
  • Nina Bangs – Wicked Edge (March 6th)
  • Jamie Manning – Blood Born (April 24th)
  • Amanda Quick – Crystal Gardens (May 3rd)
  • Carrie Vaughn – Kitty Steals the Show (July 12th)
  • Laurie London – Seduced by Blood (July 24th)
  • Sophie Jordan – Hidden (September)
  • Meljean Brook – Rivited (September)
  • Seanan McGuire – Ashes of Honor (September 6th)
  • Becca Fitzpatrick – Finale (October)
  • Linda Howard/Linda Winstead Jones – Warrior Rising (October 30th)
  • Tahereh Mafi – Shatter Me #2 (November)
  • Kate Douglas – Dream Unchained (November 1st)
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout – Deity (November 6th)
  • Laura Resnick – Polterheist (November 6th)
  • Ally Conde – Matched #3 (November 13th)
  • Larissa Ione – Rogue Rider (December)
  • Jennifer L Armentrout – Opal (December)
  • Beth Reavis – Shades of Earth (January 2013)

Cover Lover – Some Big Ones!

That noise you hear is me screaming like a fan-girl.  I do so, so love finding “the big ones”, and a couple of these are whoppers.

What can I say?  I love Tohrment, so word that his book is up next from J.R. Ward made my day.  March 27th is the release date  for this one, Lover Reborn.  I will admit that the dude on the front doesn’t match my version of Tohr, but I will take what I can get.

Aaaand, squealing again.  Patricia Briggs writes one book a year, and Fair Game is up next.  The third book in the Alpha and Omega series is due out on February 7th.

MaryJanice Davidson will debut a new trilogy next February 7th with the release of Underwater Love.  No details yet on the following books.

Number four is from Nina Bangs and her Castle of Dark Dreams series.  Wicked Edge is a March 6th release.

Flashfire is part of Deborah Cooke‘s Dragonfire series, scheduled to be released on January 3rd.

And finally, the cover for the new Jory Strong book, Inked Magic, was released.  This one is a February 7th release.

New Release Dates

Quite a few to share this time around…

  • J.D. Robb‘s next In Death book will be called Celebrity in Death.  It is the 34th title in the series, and should be available on February 1st.
  • On March 6th, Jessa Slade will release her 4th Marked Souls book with the release of Darkness Undone.  A bit of a name change for this one, stepping away from the “in Shadows” of the first three.
  • Stephanie Tyler will debut a new series with the release of Dire Needs on March 6th.  No word on the series name, as yet
  • The third book from the Dark Ink Chronicles from Elle Jasper now has a release date.  Eventide will be available on March 6th.
  • Now or Never is the title of the third book in Michele Bardsley‘s Wizards of Nevermore series.  This one is scheduled for release on March 6th.
  • Yay!  We will get the fourth book of Thea Harrison‘s new Elder Races series next March 6th.  The title is Oracle’s Moon.
  • Nina Bangs returns to her Castle of Dark Dreams series with the release of Wicked Edge, due out next March 6th.
  • I am looking forward to this one.  Nalini Singh‘s Guild Hunter compilation book, Angels’ Flight, is looking like a February 28th release.
  • On February 7th, the 11th book from Yasmine Galenorn‘s Sisters of the Moon series will be coming out.  That one is called Shaded Vision.
  • Hm.  Interesting.  Usually Joey W. Hill‘s books are all “Vampire”, but looks like her next one will be a bit different.  Something About Witches is due out on February 7th.
  • The fourth book from the Ascension series by Caris Roane will be called Born of Ashes.  This one should be available on January 3rd.
  • Adrian Phoenix‘s fifth Maker’s Song book will be called On Midnight Wings, and should be available on January 31st.
  • And finally, the fifth book from Jennifer Estep‘s Elemental Assassin series will be called By A Thread.  It is due out on January 31st.

Cover Lover – Eternal Prey

Well, not really sure how much love I have for this…I see it and I think Godzilla, for some reason.  But the cover for Nina BangsEternal Prey is a definite step up from the first two in her Gods of the Night series.  Those actually had elements recycled from some of her previous books.  This one will be out on December 28th, and will feature Utah.

Random Updates

Quite a bit of new info this week…

  • April 5th is the release date for Blood Sin, book two of Marie Treanor‘s Awakened by Blood series.
  • Anya Bast‘s third book from her Dark Magick series, called Dark Enchantment, will be released on April 5th, 2011.
  • The Demon and the Succubus is the title of Cassie Ryan‘s second book from her Sisters of Darkness series.  It also has a release date of April 5th.
  • Annette Blair‘s Vampire Dragon, from her Works Like Magic series, is due April 5th.
  • There is a TBA release from Kerrelyn Sparks, due out on March 29th.
  • The next Feral Warriors book from Pamela Palmer will be called Hunger Untamed, and should be out at the end of February.
  • Jeaniene Frost‘s next Night Huntress series now has a title and a release date.  This Side of the Grave continues the story of Cat and Bones, and will be out on February 22nd.
  • Book three of the Guild Hunter’s series from Nalini Singh, called Archangel’s Consort, is due out on February 22nd.
  • January 25th is the date for Jaime Rush‘s next book from her Offspring series, called Burning Darkness.
  • The third book of Janet Chapman‘s Midnight Bay series is called Mystical Warrior, and is due out on January 25th.
  • and finally, Nina Bang‘s next book from her Gods of the Night series will be called Eternal Prey, and should be out on December 28th.